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  1. Draft Miro Heiskanen at 5 and trade Tanev for a top 10 pick + and draft us a center (remainder of Vilardi/Glass/Necas/Petersson/Middlesadt). A combo of a 1st pairing D man and a 1/2 center and you win the draft.
  2. Can confirm, this kid plays like me. No pressure kid!
  3. Right, because all draft winners and losers are determined 24 hours after the draft.
  4. Regardless what happens at the TDL, we need him to come back. He is a leader, a mentor, and a great community local guy. He and the Sedins are the epitome of what it means to be a Canuck. We need these guys to instill this mindset as Naslund, Morrison, Bertuzzi, and Ohlund before them. And since then, we have made the playoffs a lot more and farther this past decade then we have since our conception.
  5. They won a cup instead
  6. Maybe he's aboard the Tank Train and is riding Vey to a top 3 pick
  7. Make the playoffs, first round loss...
  8. Hamhuis + Vrbata for Hamonic, 3rd
  9. 3-2 Canucks in OT Horvat D. Sedin Hutton Little Wheeler
  10. Good price for a vet. He has it all if ya really think about it. Playoff experience (including a cup run), multiple 30 point seasons, fights and hits consistently throughout his career, known mean streak around the NHL (say what you want, but intimidation is still a factor). Even if he doesn't skate particularly well, he does stay relatively well positioned (so long as it's not on the rush) and is a big net presence on defence. He'll slot in nicely on that Ducks team. And our time isn't now anymore and likely won't be while Bieksa is in the NHL. This trade is fair for both sides. He may make questionable trade calls, but we hired Mr. Jim Benning for his drafting, and this is going to be a long term project to make the Canucks successful for years. We've enjoyed a few years of success, which most teams don't even get aside from a select elite (see Chicago). We now need to build a foundation that will continue to be fruitful for hopefully decades (see Detroit).
  11. remember when we got David Booth and CDC blew up calling GM MG a genius for trading two pending UFA's (Samuelsson and Sturm). We all know how that turned out. Although I must say I feel the return would have been higher at the 2015 draft and in the 2016 deadline. Hopefully it works out, Go Canucks Go
  12. Line-up I want to see next year Sedin-Sedin-Shinkaruk (can you imagine the Sedins feeding this kid) Kesler-Horvat-Burrows (Grit, 2 way game and can score. Time to put Kes on the wing and have Horvat feed him like Sundin did) Kassian-Schroeder/Gaunce-Hansen Richardson-Santorelli-Higgins Edler-Garrison Hamhuis-Corrado Bieksa-Tanev
  13. Brilliantly said. It's not like I'm not disappointed, I would have enjoyed watching him play in a 'nuck uniform, but I respect his choice and hope he made the right one for himself.