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  1. Sick? Haha, most people I know are sick right now! : I know, just somehow lost interest in CDC! The classic posters are no longer around, but I guess it happens. Haha. I'm alright, I'm not sick at least. : )

  2. Hey! how's it going?

  3. Same here... 2nd last year for me haha. I can't believe it went by so fast. : \ I'm just slacking off, still getting grades though haha. Guess I'm just lucky. Nothing much really, just got back into posting sourta. : D

  4. Oh yeah. Haha, what's up?! Been awhile.

  5. Nothing really, haven't been active in awhile. : \

  6. Who did Federer face?
  7. Why do you care?

  8. Yes. What's wrong? : \

  9. Yes I did, haha. Zomg Leet was to leet for me. : \ I've been browsing the board and the usual posters aren't around anymore... what the hell happened to this place?

  10. Nothing. It's been awhile. How are you doing? : )

  11. TKO for Feds.
  12. You're surprised?
  13. Who needs a fan when you've got one of these...