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  1. Pokemon Go - Android / iOS

    For those on BlackBerry 10 like me: 1. Install Cobalt 2. Get the updated G+ whitelist 3. Install patched APK 4. Play! AFAIK, it won't work on the Classic, Q5 or Q10, but it should for the other devices.
  2. HQ pictures of Whitecaps players

    Sorry I don't have much, JJC (more of a hockey gal than soccer) but here's what I have. Hope something works for you (I tried to find full body shots rather than cutoffs).
  3. HQ pictures of Whitecaps players

    Which players are you interested in making wallpapers out of, JJC?

    Finally got my Passport today! So far it's really slick and I love the keyboard (though it'll take some getting used to).

    The original. I can get it for $150 from Telus with my current plan. They've put in a special request for me, but that was 2 weeks ago.

    Seems like a fairly decent deal. I think the question is, is there a super must have that you can't get with a Classic? I know you had trouble with some apps, but it seems like you've figured it out? Does anyone know when Telus usually re-stocks their phones? I'm still waiting for the Passport =(

    Looking at the specs for the Q10 and Classic, it just seems you get bigger screen real estate (though not by much) and a bigger battery, plus the tool belt. IMO, it's not a huge upgrade. I was also not too happy without the microHDMI port on the Passport but since I already own a Miracast device, it isn't a huge deal. I will probably be getting a Slimport to HDMI adapter later on though. Still impatiently waiting for Telus to get the Passport back in stock...

    So that was you on /r/blackberry! Glad you got it working, even though it was sort of a hassle. Anyway, I'm getting a Passport very soon (would have gotten it earlier, but the entire province was out of stock for Telus) and I'm beyond excited. I really wanted the Priv form factor but Android was a deal breaker for me.
  9. Baertschi, Hutton, McCann

    I think I'd try to blend them a bit better, or use a border between the three (if you aren't going to blend them).

    Free NHL sticker packs for BBM! http://crackberry.com/score-yourself-some-free-nhl-bbm-stickers-bbm-shop
  11. The collector thread

    I collected Luc Bourdon rookie cards for a while. I still have them in a box. I can't make myself sell them.
  12. Jared McCann

    A simple one. Tried some fonts, didn't really like them. Suggestions?
  13. Bo

    I would probably blur out Richardson (at least I think it's him) a little bit more.

    The Z30 is cheaper than the Leap right now on ShopBlackBerry, and has way better specs. I'd go for that, if you can't wait. IIRC, the size is about the same. http://shop.blackberry.com/store/bbrryus/en_CA/DisplayCategoryProductListPage/ThemeID.39123800/categoryID.70217600/sort.displayName%20ascending I personally really hope the Slider will have a version that runs BlackBerry 10. Then I can have my screen space and my keyboard.
  15. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    At work: Luongo, Hamhuis, Bieksa, Edler, Henrik, Daniel, Burrows, Malhotra, Kesler, Samuelsson At signings/events: Pyatt, Bernier, Wellwood, Babych, McIlhargey, Monahan (Garry, not Sean of the Flames), McLean, Horvat, Corrado, Jim Robson At school: Lucic