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  1. Oh and...
  2. Kid I can tell you your future. It's true. I'll make you rich as hell! Just send money to me and I'll tell you the future.
  3. As much as it's disappointing for the people involved it was always a temporary program. And if we're really going to address it, they have had a negative affect on our economy. Being that we're supposed to be a market driven economy, the market has said that people won't work these low skilled jobs for the wages offered thus come in the TFW's who will. When wages should have gone up they actually went down. If no one will work at McDonalds for less than $20 an hour then so be it. That's the way the economy works. As for the TFW's who got stuck in the middle, that's unfortunate but you knew the risk when you came here.
  4. Rumour

    The Eatery is one of the worse restaurants in the city. It's a complete joke and insult to Japanese cuisine.
  5. As previously stated you're in for such a rude awaking it's not even funny. Here's a news flash for you, we're in a recession. 5 years ago I could quit my job today and find a job tomorrow. Now it'll take me a week (and trust me I can network like no other). You want to know what your degree means? It means you might be better than the person without a degree and no experience. That other guy sitting next to you though, yeah the guy with no degree and 5 years of experience, he just used your degree as toilet paper. Welcome to the real world. Accept the job that gives you an opportunity to learn In your chosen field and accept the dog shit wage they offer you because right now you're not worth a whole lot to an employer.
  6. After watching the finale (I don't get to watch the show until thursday so I can watch it with my wife) I have to say it was very disappointing. There just wasn't the big cliffhanger that show have occurred. I mean if thats the events they wanted to end with why not just end with the Red Wedding? That leaves more for people to talk about. Also, why state that it was Ramsay Snow torturing Theon? I preferred how in the books you didn't even know WHO Reek was until later. The least they could do is allow viewers to guess about it all until next season. Overall I was a bit disappointed with the season however next season should be awesome since there are some pretty big events coming. Really looking forward to where whores go.
  7. Seriously give it a rest already. Your son should have known better. And even still, lets say you're this transit police officer. I'm going to take a wild guess your son is between the ages of 16 - 19. Now you have this kid who says "Sorry officer the ticket machine was down". How many times do you think he's heard that one? That is even to say, *gasp* that your son told you the truth that the machine was down. He should have validated his ticket, end of story. Just because a machine isn't working doesn't mean a service becomes free.
  8. He shouldn't be scheduling his trip for an interview in perfect conditions crap happens its best to prepare for it. And the current CEO has absolutely NOTHING to do with turnstiles not being installed from the time the skytrain was built since that was well over 20 years ago. He is however building them now. And its a crock that your son couldn't find a bus to validate his fare at Surrey Central. At any time there is 3 or 4 buses waiting to load before they leave, he could have easily had it done. While translink is far from perfect we have a great system. Try going somewhere where they don't have a good system and try calling Vancouver's bad. I mean we could trade places with Calgary I'm sure they'd love our system.
  9. I haven't addressed the CEO wages because frankly I don't care. They're not THAT outrageous. A quick google search will tell you the average doctor makes about $307,000 (yes expenses do come out of that) but the end of the day that's an average and top end is going to be much much higher. So is $400,000 for a CEO of a public transportation system really out of line? Not overly. And as for your son and this bus loop being SO far away. Its the skytrain, every bloody station has a loop and if its Surrey Central then there isn't a time in the day that transit runs in which a quick run down the steps won't turn into a bus sitting at the loop. If he was going to be late for his interview thats his fault for not allowing time in case of anything occurring that would cause him to be late.
  10. By your logic one could go into a restaurant, eat, then leave and call it an honest mistake. Give me a break. The people who don't validate their fare know full well what they're doing. As for your son, yes its an irritant but its not hard to fix. Its called walk to the bus loop which is at every skytrain stop step on the bus, validate and get off. Just because the system is easy to cheat doesn't make it OK to steal from it. Its a pretty low level of morals if thats the way you view it. Also whenever anyone steals from Translink it costs you money. Unless of course you like translink going after your property taxes and increasing gas taxes and so forth. Relatively shortly we will have turnstiles at every station. I'll be very happy when all these freeloaders are kept off the trains and realize that public transit isn't free.
  11. So you believe that $173 fine for stealing a service is too much. I say its not enough. If it were too much people wouldn't steal the service regularly because they'd be worried about getting the fine but clearly they're not. You seem to feel its fine that this individual and others have stolen. I don't. If I don't have the money for something I don't get that product or service. It's a fine. It's not a criminal record, it's not jail time. It's a fine meant as a deterrent and penalty for using a service without paying for it. Learn to act like an adult and pay for the goods and services you use or accept the fines.
  12. I can't believe how many of you complain after getting a ticket. "I only went over one stop" "I didn't know to validate my fare" Give me a break. You stole a service. Its pretty black and white. If you went to a store and bought a candy bar but took two is that not stealing too then? Can you buy one litre of milk and take four? Grow up, pay the correct fare or pay the bloody fine.
  13. Seriously I want the book series to be finished more than the TV series. There is far too much left unanswered!
  14. Banned for appearing to be contemplating smoking his mustache.