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  1. Oh and...
  2. Kid I can tell you your future. It's true. I'll make you rich as hell! Just send money to me and I'll tell you the future.
  3. As much as it's disappointing for the people involved it was always a temporary program. And if we're really going to address it, they have had a negative affect on our economy. Being that we're supposed to be a market driven economy, the market has said that people won't work these low skilled jobs for the wages offered thus come in the TFW's who will. When wages should have gone up they actually went down. If no one will work at McDonalds for less than $20 an hour then so be it. That's the way the economy works. As for the TFW's who got stuck in the middle, that's unfortunate but you knew the risk when you came here.
  4. Rumour

    The Eatery is one of the worse restaurants in the city. It's a complete joke and insult to Japanese cuisine.
  5. Stating a different use for your vehicle than what its being used for is called fraud and the insurance company then has a right to deny claims/proceed with legal action against you. I really wouldn't recommend lying in a legal contract.
  6. Also I'm not super knowledgeable on Auto Insurance out that way but I believe a lot of your coverage in Quebec is provided by the government with only property damage being provided by the private industry whereas Ontario is fully private thus rates are different.
  7. Where's the ICBC haters now?
  8. Ok let's say you DO have 200K to buy a condo just south of 1M. Why are you buying a condo rather than a house? Yes, you will live in a hovel of a house in the Cambie area but you own land. Also you can create a basement suite to help with mortgage. Then after your 10 year plan, you tear down and rebuild. Land will always be worth more than a condo. And if you have 1M available for property yes you can find a house in Vancouver.
  9. It isn't scaremongering it's fact. That's WHY ICBC was created. Plain and simple. And the basis of insurance is for the masses to pay for the few. You get surcharges if you're a bad driver with ICBC but at the end of the day ICBC is mandated to provide insurance to everyone. And as ICBC is mandatory coverage wouldn't it make them the best and worse provider by their own customers? Yes, with private insurers at certain times in your lifetime you will likely pay less but you will also pay much higher at other times. For instance when I was young I remember paying like $150 a month on a much nicer vehicle than my Albertan friends who paid over double for theirs. ICBC is a pretty damn fair system, making the industry privatized won't magically make auto insurance amazingly cheap.
  10. Because the people of BC felt that they were being treated unfairly by private insurers so the government of the day said "to hell with this" and created ICBC to provide insurance to everyone. ICBC is actually a really good system when you compare it to what's out there. If you have a spotty driving record you could go through hell getting insurance. With private insurers they can rate you based on age, sex and many other things. ICBC isn't allowed to. Is ICBC perfect? God no but it's not nearly as bad as what people make it out to be.
  11. Am I the only one who loathes scalpers and wish they would all be banned and face torture and imprisonment should they be caught operating?
  12. This isn't ICBC proposing this. This is the government. Be upset but make sure you're blaming the right people.
  13. Seriously people like you need to quit watching so many sports movies. You don't need some guy yelling at you to install passion in order to win. It's an attitude that's brought to the ice. A work ethic that continues even when the game is done. The Sedin's brought us a game away from the Cup or did you forget that already? We could have Sidney Crosby and Malkin on our team and we'd still be where we're at. Want to know why? Because past our star two players only Vrbata is playing at a level to be in our top 6.
  14. As previously stated you're in for such a rude awaking it's not even funny. Here's a news flash for you, we're in a recession. 5 years ago I could quit my job today and find a job tomorrow. Now it'll take me a week (and trust me I can network like no other). You want to know what your degree means? It means you might be better than the person without a degree and no experience. That other guy sitting next to you though, yeah the guy with no degree and 5 years of experience, he just used your degree as toilet paper. Welcome to the real world. Accept the job that gives you an opportunity to learn In your chosen field and accept the dog shit wage they offer you because right now you're not worth a whole lot to an employer.
  15. After watching the finale (I don't get to watch the show until thursday so I can watch it with my wife) I have to say it was very disappointing. There just wasn't the big cliffhanger that show have occurred. I mean if thats the events they wanted to end with why not just end with the Red Wedding? That leaves more for people to talk about. Also, why state that it was Ramsay Snow torturing Theon? I preferred how in the books you didn't even know WHO Reek was until later. The least they could do is allow viewers to guess about it all until next season. Overall I was a bit disappointed with the season however next season should be awesome since there are some pretty big events coming. Really looking forward to where whores go.