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  1. Got mine up and running now. If anyone wants to play some Battlefield 4 add rozzy12233.
  2. Nice, hope I'm as lucky today. Gotta get all the playing time I can in before GTA comes, haha.
  3. You guys get your copies yet? Still waiting on mine to show up.
  4. So.. the other day I had precisely 20 emeralds in my chest. Now there are 10 in there.. interesting.
  5. Indeed
  6. Followed the tunnels and made my way over to your place for the first time. Your mountain-top compound is craziness, haha. Any space for me to build a place somewhere up there?
  7. I have yet to see a horse, although I haven't really looked too hard.
  8. Been mining a lot the past few days, got a couple stacks worth of diamond out of my strip mine. Set up an auto cobble smelter today, fun st00f.
  9. Queens of the Stone Age's "...Like Clockwork" has leaked. Great album.
  10. Period to you too.
  11. The last three Rockstar games (Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire and Max Payne 3) all came out on the third Tuesday of May so I'd put my money on May 21st for GTA V.
  12. Wow, amazing trailer.