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    Will put my collecting on hold until people stop profiting from his sad death with greed in jacking the prices up

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  1. Great post about the fakes and so so true I replied on page 14 and sure I'll get negatives too, you were on -7 but gave you a +1 so now only a -6, fans that buy fakes directly hurt the team in lost revunue and put the prices up for all those that support the team by buying legit items, but people are so fickle :(

  2. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    Cool whose jersey? I'm eyeing up and pretty much got a done deal on what could be my 2nd Rypien Moose this time from 04-05, only thing is for my sins there is Leafs gamer I'm also eyeing up of one of their tough guys Colton Orr, I'm a fan of enforcers and scrappers and Orr is a pretty decent one at that.
  3. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    You can get them various ways on CDC under shop there is a link for buying a game worn direct from the Canucks, beware though quite pricey for what it is and only used for just the one game. The other way for Canucks jerseys is via MeiGray the Canucks official game jersey seller, they also cover about 15 to 20 NHL teams. If a Moose jersey then go to the Moose site and look under shop or merchandise. As for how do you know they are legit this will be a bit long winded but worth the read... With MeiGray begining of the season the teams that are apart of the MeiGray program send their jerseys to them for tagging, inside each jersey is a game worn tag with serial number, these numbers are then kept on file, then MeiGray send out all the jerseys to their respected team, each time something of note happens to that jersey say Burrows got his 500th NHL carer goal that would be noted, say Rypien got into a fight and had his jersey ripped after the game this would be documented on to that file that matces that jersey. Most teams have 3 sets of home jerseys and 3 sets of road and 2 sets of thirds, 1st set home and away is pre season and first part of regular season usually worn until about November, then set 2 comes into use and is used until about March, then set 3 comes in from March and into the playoffs if a team makes it that far, then if the team reaches the cup final then a cup final set is produced and orn then. Third sets get about equal use each of about 8 games per set. Now when it comes to purchasing one of those sets you get a LOA that comes from the team / MeiGray and the LOA numbering matches that of the tagging in the jersey. Also if your jersey has a nice team repair or board burn, puck mark blood stains etc. for example my Rypien 08-09 has a huge 8" + rip in it that has been repaird then you can photo match it to specific games which is what I did to the Chicago playoff series via places like Gettyimages for extra verification to its authenticity. Some jerseys via MeiGray work out cheaper than buying a pro jersey off of the rack at the team store! my Rypien home and away game worn cost about $50 less than shop retail I just don't get that, I can own a little bit of team history worn by an actual player or pay more for just a shop bought. Also you can get team issued meaning it was made for the player but he never wore it due to being injured, sent down, traded or what ever they also can work out cheaper than retail unless talking Burrows, Sedins, Luo, Kesler, Bieksa, Edler etc. Sometimes MeiGray have specials on such as 2 for 1 or from 10 to 50% for previous seasons so you can get a great deal, also they are really polite and helpful and if something is not on offer they still might be able to save you a little $'s if you haggle with them. Hope that helps you out.
  4. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    I have the following all with LOA's from MeiGray, The Teams and or the NHLPA For Kevin Bieksa... 2006-07 White Set 3 Regular Season & Playoffs (Currently for sale) 2007-08 White Set 3 Regular Season 2007-08 Blue Set 3 Regular Season 2007-08 Game Used & Signed TPS R8 Stick I won This From The NHLPA Luc Bourdon Memorial Fund Auction, Paid well over the odds for it but the money was going to a great cause so didn't care that much to be honest. For Rick Rypien... All have been customised by Rypien they have 3 fight straps in side, usual one lower rear, one added to inside rear of name plate and one on inside front of main logo, guess this is why you never see Rypien's jersey getting pulled over his head anymore 2008-09 White Set 3 Regular Season & Playoffs Huge 8" Team Repair On Rear Of Jersey (Photo matched to the Chicago series) 2008-09 Third Set 1 Regular Season 2009-10 Blue Set 1 Pre Season Hockeyville etc. & 1st Part Regular Season (Photo matched) Not Canucks but related Rick Rypien Game Worn Moose... 2007-08 Manitoba Moose White Set With Assistants "A" Huge Team Repair On Rear Of Jersey By 1st #1 of Rypien's #11 (Unlike Messier Rypien has class and didn't demand #11 on the Canucks, instead settled for 15 & now 37) For Alex Burrows... 2008-09 Blue Set 3 Regular Season & Playoffs (Photo matched to 2009 Playoffs) Previously Owned... Bieksa 2004-5 Moose Black Set 2 Mitchell 2006-07 Third Set 1 Cooke 2003-04 Vintage Set 1 Have some feelers and pre orders for stuff for this coming season and previos seasons As always looking for Rick Rypien's
  5. D.Sedin edge 2.0

    How did you get an RBK 2.0? is it a team issue? or retail? I thought 2.0's were team issues and not retail.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    That's too bad only a signed one! I'll raise your showmanship mines not signed but mines game worn
  7. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I've been wearing my Burrows jersey game days and non game days but I like to mix it up and wear my Rypien's also. I'll still be wearing it after the cup, I'm a Canucks fan I don't just hang my jerseys up come end of season, I wear and show Canucks pride almost 365 days a year.
  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    LoL 2 more points it keeps on going, how many pages will this thread ever end up with?
  9. the "british" in British Columbia's Olympics

    You are so welcome and if you need any extra input to conteract what the idiotic journalist said just let me know, becasue as I say he doesn't represent the masses! but people are so easily worked up even the Team1040 had some critisism but no one tears in to them from what I have seen. Peace out.
  10. the "british" in British Columbia's Olympics

    I'm of mixed blood British and Canadian living in Blighty (Britain), people really need to learn what the media is not just in Britain but in Canada too you guys are renowned for being highly educated so start acting like it and learn to turn the other cheek, they the media love to pick out the negatives and run with it it's what sells papers and it's what people get sucked into just like this debate, no he doesn't repsresent the British public but yes there have been some glitches at Vancouver, just as there has been at past Olympics, nothing in life can be glitch free, even Britain will suffer a glitch or 2 in 2012, I personally am loving this Olympic's so far even stayed up to watch the opening ceremony which ended like 6am British time, watching the Canada vs Norway until like 3am having to be up and out by 6am to head to work. Please don't think this guy represents Britain he doesn't, and for the Canadian's out there now slagging of Britain and it's citizens give you head/s a shake this is mainly aimed at some poster at CDC with Tank as his name because you have just been sucked into the story just like the guy at the guardian wanted you have fueled his fire, if you have disgust take it to the person doing the reporting don't blame the nation, Should I blame Canada and not CBC / MacLean for slagging off Burrows as he's part British, no you blast MaClean / CBC for the stupid comments. Britain and Canada have so many common bonds, beliefs, and trusts we shouldn't slag one another off, we should embrace and learn to ignore the idiots out there together, it would be a shame to loose all of this over one moron's comments!
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Poor Clutch must be getting a load of topic reply emails tonight! Great game by the top line and Burrr does it again with another short hander and an empty netter and 1st star! Wooooooooooooooooo
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Spot on 100%, I got a little blasted in a another thread when I said Burrows is countable for some of the Sedins success as they are his, he seems to have been pre programmed with Sedins radar and thought control, he knows most of the time where they are or where they will be and will make the play what ever it takes to get it to them and vice a versa.
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Love the Auger / Mr. Bean wink images Goes from smug to a transformation to Mr. Bean then ends up looking like like Robert Barone from Everyone Loves Raymond.
  14. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Pinned again classic but I'm sure not to poke fun at the OP this time probably more of a flipping the bird to the league and Ron "I Have No Class" MacLean maybe?
  15. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Pictures Thread - 09/10

    Has anyone got any Burrows HQ photos in the home jersey ideally from last season playoffs that they could give me links to or email to me please? Thanks.