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  1. Canucks Amazing intro "We are all Canucks"

    Overall, it was nice. But it would've been much better with: A. Narrator with a better voice B. No cheesy theme song
  2. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    Except Fabian Brunnstrom had no pedigree. He was just an undrafted guy who started playing really well in the SEL. At 18 Schultz already had the pedigree of an early 2nd round draft pick (many actually thought he could go in the 1st round), and since then he has just gotten bigger and better in every way. He's gonna be a top 4 d-man in this league for years to come.
  3. [Signing] Justin Schultz to Oilers

    It's hilarious how everyone in this thread throws the kid under the bus just because he didn't sign with us. Just reading the first page, apparently Schultz is now a diva and a future bust for having the audacity to not sign with the Canucks. I really hate this place sometimes. So many babies.
  4. Was Brian Burke drunk?

    What a terribly biased article supported by no logic whatsoever. All you did was give us a bunch of hair-brained assumptions. (BTW, Franzen and Edler were not second round picks)