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  1. The first goal of Flames was from the turn-over. We must not play sloppy even 1 minute against this young Flames or else this will be a short playoff run. We need to score and create traffic infront of the net. We got good chances last night but did not convert. Hiller got good looks on the puck.
  2. Game was great except the result, 2-1 in favor of the Flames. They played exceptionally well in the 3rd period. The 1st goal of the Flames was from a turn-over on our end, that should not happen. Otherwise, we played well. To secure the win in the series, we need to score! I dont care about line ups but build traffic in front and score. There were great opportunities for us but not materialize.
  3. thanks
  4. What do you think....should Lack be in the last game, since he's hot and we still need to win to get Home advantage (granting Calgary will win vs Jets), or should we play Miller (if he's ready) or Marky?
  5. Although I am so glad Canucks is in the playoffs....but I was hoping because they win the next game. I hope they don't relax on the next 2 games.
  6. The race is still tight to call Canucks vs Flames. If we won vs Columbus, Colorado and Dallas, sure you could say that.....but as of now, we play game after game. DONT JINX IT!
  7. As of now (playing vs Nashville), the standings loos like this: Canucks 76 GP - 93 pts Flames 77 GP - 91 pts Kings 76 GP - 88 pts Next 2 games: Canucks - Chicago and Winnipeg - both games we play as visiting team Flames - St. Louis and Oilers - both games they play as visiting team Kings - Oilers and Colorado - both games they play as home team It is so critical to win in the next succeeding games, including vs Nashville (at the moment its Preds 3 - Canucks 2 going 3rd), before talking about Stanley Cup contenders. WE NEED TO WIN AND QUALIFY FIRST TO THE PLAYOFFS. After that, all teams are qualified for the SC.
  8. :towel: :frantic: Burrows played his best so far... hopefully he'll inspire the sedins and the rest with this performance!!!!
  9. uggghhhh!!!! we could have won this game, many missed opportunities (like that one in PP where Kes missed and hit the upper bar). if we won, will this thread come to existence? yea for sure coz Bieksa played under Average, as 1st line D, HORRIBLE. i wish we were able to trade him and used the $$$ for Mitchell. when we traded SOB i think most of us somehow had the idea that we will be stuck with KB plus AV and MG seems to kinda like this guy.