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  1. I remember when I was younger and collecting cards. I saw that rookie card for sale for $900. I think I was around 9 at the time and definitely didn't have that kind of money. I've got a few Jagr rookie cards. Wonder what they'll be worth in 20 years time.
  2. For those wanting the Jovo/ Deadmarsh fight. I found a clip in Swedish.
  3. This is something I have discussed with friends and family for a very long time. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made when it comes to fan favorites and also loyal Canuck players. Unfortunately this is a business and winning equals success. Old parts need to be replaced on a regular basis. Unfortunately for the most part the Canucks organization has been known to hold onto their old players that still have value, and in return get nothing when they leave as free agents ala naslund.
  4. Even through bieksa's play has gone a little south, I do still love him on our team. However, in regards to team management, this is the best possible time to trade him. He would garnish a big return as a lot of teams would love to have him. I'd hate to see him go, but if it was for the better of the team, I'd do it. When Trevor got traded I nearly quit on the canucks, but in hindsight, it was one of the best trades we've done. I've since learned that sometimes you need to move on. That being said, I would only do the trade if it really helped the canucks. Otherwise Bieksa brings something to the Canucks that not a lot do.
  5. This is why cloutier:
  6. Loved seeing Miller doing the same!
  7. Bring in Pedan for one game. Let him go Red Army on his as$
  8. never had a problem with it being blacked out. the games are on at 4am here. I can start the game any time after it has begun, or even watch it live. it works just like a pvr
  9. best way is gamecentre. I live in Norway and can watch any game all season long on demand. It's perfect!
  10. No answer was given to my question. And I was being completely serious, I really am curious to know what you gained out of your original post. But fair enough, you don't want to talk to me. I hope you have a pleasant day
  11. Tell me exactly the purpose of writing your original comment? Did it make you feel smart? Possibly even better about yourself that you put down someone who wanted to start a conversation? I'm really curious to what you got out of it? And I would gladly say the same thing to you if we were sitting across from each other with others having a conversation about hockey. Really what's the point of being an a$$?
  12. I personally think our faceoffs are going to hurt us if we make a run deeper into the playoffs. Possession is a big part of the game. It might just be our breaking point come key offensive and defensive zone situations.
  13. And yet another useless comment. Like the aforementioned "expert analysts" you provide no constructive argument or opinion. Save yourself the time and keep quiet. The OP has a subject he would like to discuss with those who wish to engage. I'm tired of all you arrogant, behind the computer screen, tough guys. Say something constructive and add to the conversation; otherwise read and be quiet. Do you behave this way in public? It's really sad to see what the Internet has made of people.
  14. I always talk about the finals at this time. Given my situation I need to plan the "what ifs". But thank you for defending a moronic response.
  15. Not rich. Just prioritize. When they made the finals in 2011 the only reason I was glad I didn't make it to vancouver was because of the riots. Ip that was just embarrassing. Otherwise I would have I would have regretted it big time. Won't make the same mistake again.