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  1. I think my love for kesler is back. Its easy to hate him after how everything ended, but seeing that game I'm reminded of what he meant for us, and what he gave for us. Also, we need more "playoff" type players. Our top six is looking good, our bottom six needs more of what Mackewen has shown, and hopefully continue... whenever that may be.
  2. As mentioned in the Sedin week thread, can someone post the ceremony? I'm guessing I won't get it. I've pvr'd the game and the habs game before (on the same channel over here) in hopes that I'll get it but I doubt it will be shown.
  3. I second this! I doubt I'll get any of the pre game coverage
  4. Iceland was the one that started that, so anyone after took it from them.
  5. I placed a bet on this game.. Under 8.5 goals. Hahaha... The weird thing was, I said to a friend that I could see tampa doing exactly what they did. Even at 1-1 halfway through the game, I felt it could happen. Lesson learned, always listen to your gut feeling.
  6. Messing up the tweet but Blake price is saying brenning says it's not a concussion. Believe or not?
  7. Classy... This one gets to me every time
  8. I enjoyed when the shots were around 24-10 and they were saying that it was misleading... Then they eventually came around and saw how the game really was being played.
  9. Unfortunately I had the displeasure of having to listen to the King's broadcast. As painful as they are, they fully admitted that the canucks dominated in every aspect of the game. It was beautiful.
  10. Just 24 hours ago we were planning the parade, and now the sky is falling. I'd say I'm surprised, but this is vancouver fans in a nutshell. We are not going to win every game, and some losses are going to be ones we should have won. Let it be. If this happens several games in a row then we can start panicking. These are growing pains, and hopefully; they will learn from it.
  11. I didn't actually take it, but it's the view I have from my home