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  1. Where do you people find these hats? I can't find them anywhere online. Or is it only at the team store? I'm specifically looking for the Hutton hat.
  2. I remember when I was younger and collecting cards. I saw that rookie card for sale for $900. I think I was around 9 at the time and definitely didn't have that kind of money. I've got a few Jagr rookie cards. Wonder what they'll be worth in 20 years time.
  3. For those wanting the Jovo/ Deadmarsh fight. I found a clip in Swedish.
  4. This is something I have discussed with friends and family for a very long time. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made when it comes to fan favorites and also loyal Canuck players. Unfortunately this is a business and winning equals success. Old parts need to be replaced on a regular basis. Unfortunately for the most part the Canucks organization has been known to hold onto their old players that still have value, and in return get nothing when they leave as free agents ala naslund.
  5. hi norway....i have ancestors that came from there...what got you interested in the canucks?

    there are a few places in the world that don't have canuck fans, but boy there a lot who do...

    how do you watch the games?...cheers...

  6. unfortunately no pics...

  7. continued- towel. is that wrong?

  8. Hey Sharp. Last year I got some Norwegians interested in the Canucks at the start of the season saying that we were favoured to win. Had quite few interested by the time we made it to the finals. Unfortunately I have moved from that city to a new one further down south. As of now it's just me watching them at 4am but that'll change with time. Work at a bar and my bar towel is a playoff...

  9. What's this all about?

  10. Hi NIN!

    Tell me what you are doing to represent The Canucks in Norway!

    Do you have pictures??

    If not....I want to see pictures!!

  11. Where in Norway are you?

  12. ahem... look at the date when the op was posted...