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  1. exactly dirty dives and cant back it up the turtle man!
  2. He is an idiot in my eyes and I don't understand how some one like that takes runs at players but not very many seek him out and do the same...especially the canucks.. I think later on I just did not like his pompus / errogant attitude!
  3. Virtanen Two games in Utica and he has done nothing no goals and thats where he should remain until he can do the thing s he was drafted for. Very sad that so many people think they know what they are talking about. I bet you if we left him down there in Utica he would not fair any better than with the Canucks ... He does not have the it factor ... until he can proove it down in the AHL. I am not saying he will never work in the NHL but he is going thru the sense of entitlement...You have to ask your self why isnt the almighty McDavid in the AHL ... Laine.. on and on and on well because they are producing doing the things that they were predicted they would do... Two games in UTICA its a laugh that s like sitting on a nice cushy chair in the corner when you have not done the things required to be that good person or hockey player... Funny well I sure hope he plays in vancouver and does well now but unless he does well in the ahl what makes you think he will do well in the NHL maybe to just appease the media and fans. Which nobody should do in the canucks management we have stability lets keep it and everything will turn out... Consider on moving baerchi he is not a difference maker and thats what we need. coaches and Management should stay no more brash decisions...enough said.
  4. Erickson seems very slow..Baerchi really this guy has done nothing ..Edler does bone head plays on a continuous bases. I would like Baerchi, Edler and Grandlund gone.. We need a spark plug type of player that infuses his will on teams which in turn generates excitement in the team. We have too many soft swedes we need more push back players plus speed. A Sniper would be nice too! Maybe for Christmas!!!
  5. will see or he can be a bust ...maybe if everyone just lowered there expectations no one would get hurt if he doesn't pan out...
  6. Everyone is so hung up on Brock Besser really he has not even played at the NHL level and he is the second coming of CROSBY... He is nothing until he proves himself if he was.... he would be here and on the team right now... Believe me I hope he makes it and turns out as good as everyone saying he is ...
  7. Think a little...Lucic I guarantee he will be head hunting our skilled players we have no one that will or can stick up for themselves. Now if we had a tough skilled and willing to fight Lucic will have kick back ...which will tame the beast. Goes both ways Mc david its funny Lucid wants to play with a boy called McDavid... that's why we need someone that will discourage Lucic from getting to crazy out there... anyways we need someone or we will be dead last for another year.
  8. He would scew with culture .. of the team... We need a big tough winger but not Kane he will always be him....
  9. Its not about the money heh Dan? Its all about the Family at least we thought ! See he hog tied us good ridence ....
  10. I don't disagree with the fine I do disagree with the amount, that's where the BS gets to me and I am sure a lot of others.. Bettmen and his cronies still suck!
  11. I have to concur with your statement. If anything can go wrong for the Canucks and it s fans it will. If your thinking of netting a big fish.. how many more let downs do we need. I want none, so I set my self up thinking the worst because you know it s Vancouver. Like I see Stamkos going to the leafs everything is going right for them, they tanked with great precision last year and you can see it...stars are aligning for a reason. Oilers will get Lucic just because that's how it is just to piss off the Vancouver Fan... Louie Erickson probably wont come here and then will get other teams sloppy seconds thus will be mediocre in vancouver. I mean Torts screwed us and took the big centre we so badly needed plus they did not give us the second pick in 2016 so will have to wait longer because Vancouver got this pic they changed the rules and when Vancouver was going to pick 3rd the league previously changed the rule so you can drop from 3rd to maybe 5th can it happen to us you bet it can.. Wow very disappointing watching all of this unfold. Then Benning did not get a 25000 dollar fine they rammed him with a 50,000 dollar fine can this happen to Vancouver you bet it can and it will unfortunately continue sorry folks that's the way it is in Vancouver would I want to come to Vancouver NOPE!
  12. Everyone wanted to get younger deal with it until they have enough experience behind them. coaching staff are just fine. Its totally on the players .. we need a better defense bartowski has to go .. hate to say it but Hamuise has to go we need three big tough defense..Edler I think has to go also.. he is a ham...soft same with hamuse, I like biegga he plays big for a smaller player.
  13. yeah and he seem to get hurt very easy right before the trade deadline..nice
  14. wrong answer thats his reason really dumb ass
  15. the twins and Burrows