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  1. you're a legend.

  2. i really love your johnny canuck logo.

    it would be PERFECT!!

  3. you made really good points on my recent thread. +1 for you.


  4. thanks for posting on my thread. you made really good points. +1 for you.


  6. Black or White

    Let's not forget Zetterberg was also a High Draft Pick too and so were quite a lot of other players too, one's who weren't even in the DRAFT! but signed as a free agent from college or the CHL etc. so we cant say its good or bad. just wait until these prospects play on NHL ICE.
  7. yeah..who do u think we should draft? or trade for our draft?

  8. anytime. im pumped for this draft!

    hopefully mike makes some significant trades too.

  9. thanks again! CHEERS

  10. oh yeah no prob. haha

  11. it was the Dustin Byfuglien trade...and i said canucks win this trade! and you gave me a +1 for it...i believe

  12. not a problem.

    but which thread/post was it for again.

    refresh my memory please.

  13. climbing up the ladder..slowly because as you know..who else is that significant in our core of D Prospects.

  14. who's connaughton and why the hell would be be stepping up? He only JUST finished WHL......................................................................