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  1. oh man I'm terrible with computers too. I'm sure more experienced cdc members could help you out better then I could.

  2. I am trying to post my pictures that I got of Erhoff, Boluc and Michael Ryder...but its saying that my pictures are too big. Then when I tried to save them off facebook, it came up in a wierd format. I am so computer dumb its not even funny!

  3. hmm do you mean like post a picture in a thread? or use it as your sig?

  4. Hey do you know how to put pictures up? I keep getting broken links

  5. 0 posts. This has to change.

  6. THE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  7. Mister Chow-Time! Start doing THE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dude you need to keep up your 0.01 post per day average. 1 post every 122ish days. Its been that long.

  9. Hello, Peter, Pee Tear Chow? Is that you :o

  10. Ah yeah, the stuff im doing now is on Simon T hockey simulator. I do like hockey pools though.

  11. Yeah, Al doesn't do NHL 10 sim leagues, he does like NHL 2000 sim leagues, more fun, team CDC, and pools, that stuff

  12. yeah I can see that now. For me now I'm more interested in actually having the teams play in a sim, but not in like NHL 10 or anything like that. I might try and join a league on CDC if the opportunity was right. I really like what Al has done with the GM game. Hes put alot of effort into it and its paid off.

  13. no thx, I ten not being active on other sites, and games here on CDC aren't that bad anymore, there are alot of solid GM's now

  14. oh I know your joking. I've been in GM games on CDC before, people always quit so I went to other sites and have had fun there. You should join some other sites.

  15. ah i see, i just see you viewin the threads, nothin wrong with that, and i was just jokin bout my posts lol