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  1. Thanks for visiting my page. :o

  2. Not in COD4.
  3. so they're banning people for boosting now?
  4. How exactly do you find out is someone is glitching..
  5. In headquarters right?? on the PS3?
  6. What your guys's highest number of kills in a game?? Mine is 96 and 38 deaths in Favela while playing demolition.
  7. Like: Terminal Rust Karachi Favela Highrise Derail Quarry Don't Care: Rust Underpass Scrapyard Estate Invasion Dislike: Afghan Rundown Sub Base Wasteland
  8. Add my PSN: UndisputedACE
  9. LOL, I had the "Pushin Daisies" title and emblem too. For me, I don't really have a favorite.
  10. I don't care, I was just wondering what they fix.
  11. Why do they update the game every single day? What do they fix?
  12. Damn, I pre-ordered the normal edition> The cover looks like crap. Is there anyway, I could change it to "hardened edition" at EB Games?
  13. You are a god. Represent the Desi's all over the universe.

  14. Lyoto Machida probably could, but then again i'm not sure anyone can beat him up in the middleweight division.