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  1. Have you ever forgiven your bullies from the past or been forgiven by your victims of bullying? 

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    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Yeah, I know their lives sucked which is why they were bullies in the first place.  I remember my bully came out of nowhere after school and put me in a headlock one day.  Well bad timing as my cousin was driving by(he was easily the biggest kid in school and would later play on national team for rugby) so he got out and grab the bully and was ready to knock his ass out on my command.  I told him no though as I kind of feared retaliation since my cousin would be gone after that year.  It was the smart move however, I never got picked on after that.  My bullies reaction to my cousin was priceless, it was in front of about a dozen kids too. 

    3. Wilbur


      I've moved on.  Not going to wait for an apology or need one.  Maturity has told me it wasn't personal, they were lashing out from stresses in their lives.  Meh, it's all in the past.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i've never been bullied but as kids i bullied my young brother, i never appologized but as adults those kid things were forgotten. i lost him last year. everything i did to my young brother, my older brother did back to me. he would say, now you know what that feels like. lost him 1999. 

  2. Parallel Disasters..Mtl, Ottawa

    Marc Begevin has just traded you out of Montreal
  3. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    Benning Cam: Hughes Benning Cam: Woo
  4. Jim Benning Mic'd Up at the Draft

    Your wish is my command Lord Qwags.
  5. If Hughes signs and goes to Young Stars, then WOW. Roster would include: Dahlen, Pettersson, Juolevi, Lind, Dipietro, Hughes, Gadjovich, Gaudette. :frantic::frantic:

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    2. Baer.
    3. Odd.


      jesus, no excuses for not going 3-0

    4. J-23


      Bruh it's too far away. I can't wait.

  6. [ Trade ] - Arizona and Columbus

    So you're saying you had this, but you chose not to disclose it first
  7. Random thought: Kadri for Tanev and Sutter?

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    2. NHL'er


      @Fateless sure, doesn't change how your other arguments were poorly thought out. Also your dismissive and idiotic comment about weed not being legal. 


      Loui Eriksson was 31 when he signed his contract and his slower style of game wasn't a fit. That's not a good analogy. That and being 6 million bucks a year for 6 years knowing you can't be moved. Kadri is no Eriksson so I just don't get why you're pushing that so hard to crap on him. Kadri is a decent player who has wheels and Christ, as I pointed out, Kadri isn't scoring only because of his line mates. Nor am I suggesting we ship out Dahlen for Kadri. How does it help? Grit, toughness, scoring? All three things everyone was complaining about last year. Oh man. 


      I'm not even that invested in the idea, I'm just completely baffled by how blind and biased some Canuck fans are. 


      Not even going to comment on Pettersson. If you watched the World Championships you'd know he's a player. Already creative than Backlund. Won't be a super star next season, but he'll be a heck of a player. 



    3. chon derry

      chon derry

      one step further , gudbranson gets a suspension  for uttering threats after a game which is as bad as kadri's on ice stuff , but do you really think there would be any cohesion , sign matt martin well were at it...…...

    4. Fateless


      @NHL'er - The pot comment was clearly a joke. I apologize for your feelings getting hurt.


      Its not about being biased towards Kadri. He's a good player. He just doesn't fit on this team (in relation to how much we'd be giving up to acquire him). He's going to be a productive player for another 3-5 years. The problem is that by the time our team is contending for a cup, he won't be productive anymore. 27 isn't old, but its too old for the core that our team is building. By the time Pettersson is in his prime (24 years old), Kadri will be 32(?) and well past his prime. Then Kadri is just taking up roster space and likely on an overpaid contract (assuming he plays as well as you think he will for the next few years and Benning hands out his usual bloated contract extension) while we're trying to load up the team with complementary pieces. 


      I stand by my Eriksson example. No one thought he was going to regress the way he has. He'd just come off his best scoring season in his career. He met the criteria you're claiming we want Kadri for (grit, toughness, and scoring). Yes I know that he was further along in his aging curve and had a higher risk of regression, but my point is that the aging curve isn't an exact science and the further Kadri gets along that curve, the more likely the bottom falls out of his career.


      Not to mention he's like to have a career ending injury over the next season or two considering how much he's disliked - particularly if he puts on a Vancouver Canucks jersey. Then we REALLY wasted Tanev and Sutter.

  8. Olli Juolevi | D

    Oh I agree. And you know what? I don't think the agent needs to say anything. I think Olli's play will make everyone shut the pucks up soon enough. If not this season, I am almost sure the following.
  9. Olli Juolevi | D

    Sure. I guess we’re talking about different things. I was thinking more of players saying how they’ve had the best summers of their lives etc because that’s really the thing that’s expected
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Looks a bit like Paul Kariya in this photo. Anyone else? Love it. Paul was a good looking guy.
  11. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    By definition a generational player comes once a generation so once every 25 years. So yes, it's been quite overused.
  12. Feel like you'd appreciate my new signature ;) 

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    2. SabreFan1


      Is that a picture of the nosy neighbor and her husband who thought she was nuts?  I haven't watched that show in a long time.

    3. NHL'er


      Yep the Ochmoneks 

    4. chon derry

      chon derry

      alf will be pleased that the ochmoneks are back together  , no more sneakin into the basement to listen to them . 

  13. Olli Juolevi | D

    Glad to hear but I guess what else could the agent say?
  14. Interesting and similar question, who do you give the C to in Toronto? Tavares or Matthews?