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  1. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    Gonna take you 3 hours to do so haha!
  2. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    Thanks man, I'll be sure to try it out. Hopefully it improves my offence haha.
  3. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    Thanks man, I've quickly realized this myself. Was under some pressure from the board and firing Willie seemed to save my ass. Only problem I am having is my lack of scoring, I signed Steven Stamkos in the off-season after he lead the league in points and goals, now he is very much under scoring on my team while playing 1st line and 1st pp mins with other high quality players. I have messed around with the tactics to try and fix this but to no avail. any tips on what I need to do to get my guys scoring on a comparable rate with the rest of the league's players?
  4. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015/Early Access Edition

    Is there anyway to turn the setting off so I don't get fired? I am trying to fix this god awful Vancouver roster and despite the trades I make being fair, Desjardins and the board get upset lol.
  5. CDCGML 2013-14

    I think I am going to try and become a regular on CDC again before I throw my hat in the ring for a GM position (If there are even any positions open atm).
  6. CDCGML 2013-14

    It still amazes me that this league is still going on. Good work boys!
  7. CDC Franchise Hockey League [POSTPONED]

    Anyone looking for an associate GM? I used to be a regular in these fantasy leagues about a year ago and am looking to be apart of one again and help out with advice on potential trades and team direction- sort of like Scotty Bowman in Chicago Inbox me if you are at all interested.
  8. Funny Pics

    Honestly did not find any of those to be funny.
  9. Anyone know the song used in game 2 Rags-Caps intro?

    1. Venom52


      CBC. It was a pretty slick song

  10. Calm down. It was one game.

  11. looking forward to a good playoffs this spring. may the best team win the cup!

  12. Funny Pics

    ^HAHAHAHA that was a good one