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  1. The turn around can happen fast

    Great drafting and decision making by management. You can make a pretty good nhl team out of the players that they had to jettison away due to cap complications.
  2. Not a fan. Only team that can pull off the diagonal lettering like this is the Rangers - and that is because they have used it that style since the beginning of time. I am also not a fan on incorporating black into our main jerseys. Red and white is how it should be. Black third jerseys are better for Canada anyways.
  3. Good. Lack is not a terrible goalie, just got thrusted into the position. Signing Hiller or Miller to a 2-year deal and have Lack learn the ropes would be a good thing for every party involved.
  4. 2014 Free Agency Team

    Not a single mention of Ales Hemsky? lol
  5. King Lundqvist, second best?

    Gotta put Quick up there soon enough. 2 cups and potentially 2 conn smythe trophies, that is hard to top.
  6. Oates would like to coach Canucks

    You speak as if Boudreau is the next Scotty Bowman lol.
  7. No kidding. Despite Seguin's strong numbers and great chemistry with Benn this season that trade looks to favour the Bruins both short-term and long-term.
  8. CDCGML 2013-14

    I think I am going to try and become a regular on CDC again before I throw my hat in the ring for a GM position (If there are even any positions open atm).
  9. Leon Draisaitl

    Saw this guy play a few times this season when the Raiders were in Saskatoon. The stats don't lie - he is easily one of the best players in the WHL. If the Canucks manage to draft this guy I will be very, very happy and excited
  10. Why I hate Milan Lucic

    That empty net celebration was more pathetic than the handshake line fiasco imo. I'd rather have Nazzy's cool, calm, and poised 'celebrations' over a caveman pounding his chest and drifting in from the red line just to jump into the boards for an empty net goal. My 4 year old nephew even knows better than to do something like that.
  11. CDCGML 2013-14

    It still amazes me that this league is still going on. Good work boys!
  12. Luongo had an impossible contract to get a fair deal from with the NMC and the length. While I do wish we had received more for him I can live with the return we got. I think Bo Horvat will become a Toews/Bergeron/Kesler/Backes type player which is great. I am not too worried at the moment, but I am not holding my breath for making the playoffs this year
  13. Kootenay Ice player in critical condition

    I was at his game in Saskatoon. Good player, very good offensive skills. Scored a goal and then didn't see very much of him and I was wondering why. Guess he must have not felt very well. More to life than hockey however, and I wish him a full recovery.