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  1. I don't how they would be able to manage it but the Canucks should have a section reserved for fans that are extra enthusiastic a la whitecaps southsiders. I realize soccer and hockey are different sports but having a section of enthusiastic fans in Rogers Arena would be awesome. Plus the energy they would bring would be contagious, eventually all of Rogers Arena would be a little louder and that would make for an exciting experience.
  2. Finally came home. Had a lot of beer and shots at friends place, I'm going to pass out. May call in sick to work tomorrow, good night fellow CDC posters
  3. I needed a thread like this, everyone I meet avoids me like the plague
  4. Burrows can still be a useful player but his days of scoring 25+ goals in a season are finished. All he needs to do is play with an edge and contribute every now and then on the scoresheet.
  5. They should keep Torts for at least one more year to see what he can do. If they let him go now, who are they gonna hire? Barry Trotz? They should see what else he can do with this core. Injuries decimated this team this year so we didn't really get to see what he could do.
  6. The window has now officially closed. We need some youth to reinvigorate the franchise.
  7. Naslund rox as well :)

  8. I was biking on Barnston Island when the downpour started, me and my friend were soaked by the time the ferry carried us back to the mainland
  9. naslund does rule all.

  10. I wonder if Clutch will come up with another thread like this next season