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  1. lol, indeed I am :P

  2. thats hodgson for ya..known sig ripper to cdc, biggest cheater in the sotw, and render ripper aswell? jeez kid, grow up
  3. vogue youre a girl? wow never knew :P

  4. WHO DIS? and yeah its tutty :D nope, stopped playing in like end of august?

  5. LOL tutty!? hahaha still playing kiekko or what?

  6. ohh haha:P Yeahh alot of Bieksa lovers out there:P But im his biggest lover:P:P .. and that will never change:P:P

  7. No I actually go to Fraser Heights Secondary.. How about you?

  8. Ahahah ohh yeah=] So wuts up??

  9. ahah no problem=] I just find him really attractive<3=p

  10. Lest We Forget
  11. OH crap ITS SEDIN ?