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  1. Damien Cox has made a career out of ripping people. It's a pretty wise career choice living in Toronto ripping the local sports teams. But it becomes great sport ripping the western team you know nothing about. All those locals who hate you already then jump on board when he focuses his hate elsewhere. He's also the perfect example of why it was so unpleasant watching the 2011 Canucks in the Stanley Cup finals. It was like all these beat down, downtrodden, jaded, sick of losing Toronto sports media decided that they would rise up and unite in their desire to make the Canucks out to be a dirty team of finger biting, not Canadian enough, divers and embellishers who don't deserve the Stanley Cup. Bros before hoes... original six before another Canadian team. Ron Mclean and Don Cherry may as well put on bruins bandanas and flash 'eaaast side' gang symbols with their hands.
  2. The eastern media know very little about the Canucks. They don't watch their games, they just repeat whatever the local papers are talking about. They literally just echo whatever is printed locally, like an average lazy student who just copied someone else's homework. Like it's a great magic trick now that newspapers are now published on websites, and they never need to leave the studio in Toronto to become an expert on the Canucks. Next time the Canucks are on hockey night in canada, just listen to all the talking points. Then check the Province sports section from that morning's paper. They'll literally repeat anything that was printed there as newsworthy. Province could print an article attributing the Canucks early season success to the hard work of Canucks dot com forum poster 'Smacken' and they'll repeat it on the telecast like it's a well know fact across the league.
  3. The Canucks should have picked Sophia Jurksztowicz.
  4. Winning can make anything look good. Honestly you could change the team's name to the Vancouver Happy Faces, put a happy face as the team logo, and it will be the coolest thing in the world in a team picture with the Stanley Cup. A few years later you change the logo and people would get nostalgic for the Happy Face logo.. you know.. the one that won the cup. What we're struggling here with isnt the colors or the logo. We're trying to erase the past. 1982 finals - V uniforms..lost to Islanders classic look 1994 finals - cool colors.. lost to Rangers classic look 2011 finals - whale logo.. lost to Bruins classic look Each of those Canucks uniforms would have looked pretty good in a team photo with the Cup. But it didn't happen so now we want to erase the past. No logo change is going to work, there's just too much baggage. The best idea I've heard in this thread was changing the team name. There are infinite possibilities there. Choose a new name, a new color scheme, and a killer uniform. It's the closest thing we can do to erasing the past without actually doing it. The Vancouver Millionaires won a stanley cup and we were ok with not using that name. The Vancouver Canucks never won a stanley cup. It should be perfectly fine to choose a new name and start a new legacy. Maybe we'll leave the curse behind too.
  5. I'm ok with Toronto getting Auston Mattews. At least we'll learn every detail about him on a daily basis, including how he feels about the Blue Jays. Seriously, there's roughly a 20% chance that he'll go insane before that team wins anything anyways. I'm ok with Winnipeg getting a top 3 pick. They have great fans and they were the original home for Selanne. Their team didn't tank this year and if a stud Fin is going anywhere, why not there? It's a Canadian team, and their fans are much less annoying than Flames or Oilers fans. I'm ok with Columbus getting the other Fin. They are bad and they try to win. They really do need some help to rebuild. And it will be fun seeing nightly video clips of Torts explaining how amazing the kid is, the same way a New York cabbie would. There's a very good probability (better than 11.5%) that we'll end up with a better two way player and leader at 5 than we would at 2 or 3. Did you guys even see the interview with Laine? He came across as a complete flake.
  6. Canucks management, being as progressiveas they are, and in touch with events around the league... was overheard after the third period ordering defibrillators for the entire team.
  7. Wow so many sensitive people here ready to beat themselves up. Grow a pair and step back and look at situation. Two meatheads go to a greasy bar on a Saturday night. An altercation breaks out. They threaten each other. One has nothing to lose. The other is a famous hockey player who has everything to lose. So he goes to the media and says he's done defending Vancouver. What??? What about you being out at a bar at 2am. Doesn't your team have a curfew? This story isn't about his church or his family. it's also not about all the beers and well wishes all the other fans from here have given Lucic over the years, while simultaneously shaking his hand and posing for pictures. Or chatting on these forums about how awesome it would be if Lucic played for Vancouver. Forgot that when you were drunk too? There is good and bad in any city, any fanbase, and any hockey player. All are demonstrated here. Lucic just sold out his hometown to escape judgement. Who's lacking class now?