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  1. If we get a top three, will he be on the team next year? Thoughts?
  2. I got a really good feeling guys. We are due for some good luck.
  3. We need to sign Caggiula to play with him
  4. You honestly think we have anyone better that deserves their spots ?
  5. I lost my wallet in El Segundo?
  6. I can't believe he referred to Senator Warren as "the Indian" today in an interview Pretty classless even for him
  7. Id caution him against a high thc sativa.. if he is prone to anxiety
  8. Tilray is a licensed Producer. They have undergone all the necessary requirements from health Canada to provide medical cannabis under the MMPR.
  9. The thing is we knew McCann would hit a wall on account of him not being as developed as Jake and yet people are calling him out for it. That's the only issue I really saw other than the same mistakes kids make in general. He needs to be in the gym all summer
  10. Tell that to the cancer patients I talk to daily that need it to actually not feel like they're dying throughout the day. Or the kids that have no seizures now because they got CBD oil. I get that cannabis is demonized because of the recreational user but unlike tobacco and alcohol it actually has a purpose medically
  11. That's rich considering your avatar. Having a dad as prime minister gives him more cred than "I make great deals" Trump
  12. Honestly there has been many nights were the kids carried the team and the vets were invisible. Poor form by Daniel.
  13. Why did Horvat and Baertschi get separated. I thought they were great together
  14. Yeah no. &^@# that guy.
  15. Banhammer