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  1. [GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes @ 6:30 PM PT on SN1

    I'm torn. I want to add to the nice accumulation  of skilled youngsters and I think we could do well at trade deadline if we sell off. .but I get the pride aspect of never acknowledging defeat.   Also I love Bartkowskis Mom She's the new Cherry
  2. [GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes @ 6:30 PM PT on SN1

    Pp has sucked for years.  
  3. [GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes @ 6:30 PM PT on SN1

    4 good kids Let's get Shinkaruk and Gaunce up to play with these guys
  4. Beth Bartkowski on TSN1040

    I'd love a weekly team mom feature
  5. Beth Bartkowski on TSN1040

    This is so cool
  6. [GDT] Canucks @ Avalanche

    Omg Barts mom so sweet 
  7. [GDT] Canucks @ Avalanche

    Someone forgot to tell Markstrom about Tank Nation
  8. wish we would just give shinkaruk his job already.
  9. can edler be waived next. so incredibly useless
  10. wow ferlund leaving his feet to make a hit again shocking. 
  11. [PGT] Blue Jackets 2 vs Canucks 1

    Vrbata says hi
  12. Ocean acidity rising. Forrest Fires throughout BC....250000 dead salmon on the Columbia River ...entire ice sheets in the arctic disappearing.   Yeah who needs in depth analysis from NASA who monitors CO2 levels in the atmosphere..those rocket scientists know nothing.   Its so funny to me that we accept whether change predictons from small rodents but deny climate change evidence from scientists 
  13. Energy East pipeline (Nenshi vs Coderre)

    Of course you would quote a link from "the rebel" A website run by extreme ring wing oil shill/ Evangelical Ezra Levant. But whatever   your right, I'm wrong. Keep telling yourself that. Seriously where do you get off? Yay money Yay resource based economy. Being concerned about the environmental effects of pipelines has nothing to do with being a hypocrite. No one is saying don't use oil and gas. The issue is with the safety record of certain oil and gas companies and how that will effect environments. KinderMorgan has already failed massively in Michigan whats going to happen here when it occurs again and destroys an entire generation of a keystone species like salmon? Theres no whoops my bad. Tell that to every other creature that depends on salmon in that trophic chain.    my opinion is based on living in northern Alberta for 5 years versus living here on vancouver island now. Call me a hippy but I would really like successive generations to be able to  see Salmon/Bears and Eagles instead of just reading about them in books because they have died off.  Or to enjoy a place like  Tofino without having to live in a bubble because they can't breath the air. But let's dig and drill some more because clearly that's all our feeble minds have the capacity to do. Point I'm trying to make is one day we are going to realize some things were worth more than money and it will be too late. Don't bother replying because I'm done with this thread.