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  1. I agree
  2. the new kendrick feels like sitting in a nice warm hot tub, with a nice smoke and drink, very smooth and chill.
  3. man if boeser scores tonight.
  4. Is Brock playing did he get his Visa ?
  5. Honestly how their treating Rodin is a bit unprofessional. Have fears WD is going to do the same thing to Boeser unless he turns into a 2 way mucker/ grinder
  6. edler is the new mitchell of one timers
  7. enjoyed stechers offensive enthusiasm. Hes passed every guy on the depth chart in terms of thinking the offensive game.
  8. edler can get off the ice any time now
  9. I'd like to see Joe Labate. Also gnite Sweet Willy
  10. Honestly I see Virtanens ceiling as Raffi Torres ...Although Kane is about done in this league I think. All around poor idea
  11. Grenier is a plug
  12. Honestly I don't know how to fix this. and I fear those greasy owners will sell the team oUT from under us