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  1. I can't believe the amount of people dragging Brock in this thread while hes at home with a sick father. Ever think that maybe this negotiation is to ensure some financial stability for his family more than anything?
  2. Wow. This green bashing is really out of left field. I think hes done a great job with our young guys.
  3. Bure was disgruntled and had been with the team for his whole career Linden was winding down in effectiveness The only reason teams trade a premium player in their prime is if they get a kings ransom back. Boeser is good but with his current injury history no team is going to take that kind of risk especially on a winger who has yet to crack 30
  4. Why would Queeneville come out of retirement to coach a bunch of kids that are 2 or 3 years out of being a good team
  5. Jahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah
  6. I thought this was supposed to be the most important game of the year?
  7. Come to think of it ..anytime a call up has arrived since cull took over I cant think of an instance where a call up has been bad. Spot duty sure but none have looked like they shouldn't be there. The guys that get called up get called up for a reason...with the exception of dipietro of course.
  8. Coulda fooled me. Let's ask Gaudette who has been quite positive about his time in Utica.
  9. sick of it being the usual suspects in the final 4 every year almost. Where's the cinderellas? OR the underdogs?

    1. thejazz97


      The clock struck midnight and the overdogs got the better of them.

    2. Caboose


      Anaheim and Tampa haven't been there in a while.

    3. Blackberries


      Both have still won it all.

      Would have liked to seen washington

  10. I know Ottawa is upset about what Subban did, but how they're dealing with it is wrong.

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    2. Carl's Jn

      Carl's Jn

      by him i mean steve more obviously

    3. The Magician

      The Magician

      TBH Once Patches is back i'd like to see someone break his or Subban's wrist

    4. :D


      Subban knew the risks he'd take when he decided to be black.


  12. im at my new job and its so fun weeeeee

  13. Does anyone know anything about older model BMWs got a 1990 525i and its running a bit hot, meanwhile the coolant light came on, I filled up the coolant, which was not that low and its still on. Its temp is at running right in the middle of hot and cold. Is that ok ?

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I'm not familiar with BMWs, but it sounds as though it may be a thermostat issue. They just wear out over time. In many cars they are very easy to change. Just remove one of the big coolant lines (when cold of course, with the battery disconnected) pull the old one out of the hose, disconnect some wires, put the new one in, reconnect wires.

    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Also, stock engine temp gauges aren't incredibly accurate. They are "narrow band" in that they really measure just hot/cold as in on/off. In the middle doesn't really describe much (just gives the driver a warm fuzzy feeling), but should be ok. Usually its when the needle is 3/4 or above that something has gone wrong, and it is usually too late to respond.

  14. wow Dustin Brown has 4 kids?

    1. KFBR392


      His wife needs something to do when he goes on road trips doesn't she?

  15. Today was a good day. Happy with Benning.

  16. so i was looking to get a custom player hoodie with the name and number on the back, I googled custom kassian hoodie, and this came up...*enter at your own risk*

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    2. Go Faulk Yourself

      Go Faulk Yourself

      Get a custom Booth hoodie tbh.

    3. BananaMash


      I'm feeling really frisky here now boys

    4. Blackberries
  17. Carey Price is such a champ.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      So he snaps! He loses it!



      quick, delete your update and we can pretend nobody saw it

    3. Dr.Strangelove