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  1. Good game everyone. Excellent work Falcon. Hogs is always bang on with his reads.
  2. I hope the scum win. Town is too big and incapable of listening to reason. Good job you idiots.
  3. Do you see Hogs making this kinda bad read off the hop? And pushing so hard to offer himself up in a mod kill? Doesn’t fit his m.o.
  4. To see if Hogs push was legit or bs. Either way we’ll get a huge read on Hogs based on PL’s flip.
  5. Dumbfounded by a few people here actually.
  6. So 6 of us think Hogs has great reads in the last few games and decided to go with him and see what happens, is all of a sudden a bad look?? Again, if PL is flipped green then Hogs owns it. If PL flips red, then Hogs is done. I think Hogs decided that he needed to move away from that plan at the last minute and came up with a random list and focused votes on me. Total deflection.
  7. I don’t think PL would allow himself to be used as a pawn unless he’s working with Hogs via PM. That sounds far fetched to me.
  8. Yeah. Like I said a few posts up. I think Hogs saw that his PL push may actually come to fruition and then decided to abandon ship because he also claimed that he’d mod kill himself if PL flipped green. I posted all the claims made by everyone in one of my posts earlier today.
  9. Yes! If Hogs’ initial assessment of PL is right, then PL is scum and not the Sherriff he role claimed right out of the gate. If PL isn’t then we know that Hogs was either muddying waters or bs’ing because he’s actual scum. I’ve never seen Hogs do this kinda 180 in such a short time. It’s beyond suspect. Either way we’ll know if Hogs or PL were speaking the truth and which one wasn’t.
  10. If you would spend as much time reading as you do beaking off, you’d know that by seeing PL’s flip will give us certainty on Hogs. Town still gets info either way.
  11. Why not? PL could very well be Sherrif. No one has yet to counter him, aside from bs PM’s which have been found out to be lies. Who’s talking about alignment cop, you crazy lush?
  12. To see how PL flips now to confirm Hoggers’ bs.
  13. I don’t get Hogs either. It’s like 6’5 took over his account. Like I said, he went from Savante to full retard in the span of a couple hours. I think he got scared about his push on PL. If PL is town and a cop, then Hogs is going to look really bad. I think once Hogs saw that this might come to fruition, he took a hard left to save himself. All that bravado, right in the toilet.