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  1. Mars Rover 'Curiosity' makes huge find confirming liquid water was once present on Mars, and increasing the probability that life could also have been present!

  2. I now declare the 2012 Summer Birthday Boozefest officially open. Let the games begin!

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    2. debluvscanucks


      (and it's not my bday, but this song just works)

    3. Sharpshooter


      Thank you ladies, much appreciated. Nice tunage Deb! Shift, already working on it, cause it's 5pm somewhere in the world. ;)

    4. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Forget the troubles of the world for one day, sit back and do absolutely nothing :)

  3. Touchdown! Well done NASA!

  4. What sort of bonehead reads an article in which the first line contains the word "melting" then asks a stupid question like "Is it melting"? That'd be like someone saying "It's raining outside" and some idiot asking "Well is it raining or is there potential for rain?" :P

  5. You have one choice in return for Lui.... Bjugstad? Gudbranson? Weiss? Versteeg?

  6. Hey man, good to have you back.

    1. Sharpshooter


      Thanks for saying so SE. Good to be back.

  7. So....what did I miss?

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    2. Kazmanian Devil

      Kazmanian Devil

      I've never interacted with you.

    3. ChenWei91


      Off-Topic forums really missed you.

    4. Super19


      holy sheet, just found out you're back and i marked out hard lol. wb.

  8. Bliadhna Mhath Ùr, Sharp! Meet you under the palm tree third from the left for the fireworks and we'll raise a toast for the New Year! ;-)

  9. Facepalm me, the quote, the sig or Ehrhoff?

  10. I always see your Ehrhoff quote in your sig and I just want to facepalm so hard.

  11. You are such a troll :P

  12. Thank you kindly wp. I went to AIT. Al-Queda Institute of Thread-Jacking. Online courses of course.

  13. Canucks Talk is a cesspool of stupidity and ignorance. Should be renamed Canucks Whine.

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      I am considering a request to IP ban myself from this board.

    3. Sharpshooter


      Heretic, you could always 'pray' for me to. ;)

    4. Slaytanic Wehrmacht

      Slaytanic Wehrmacht

      "Whiner Line" is already taken Sharpie. :P

  14. You sir are the greatest thread hijacker ever.