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  1. Received my mail-in voting package today. It’s a write in ballot; no biggie. However, the full slate of candidates haven’t been posted yet and may not be done so until Oct. 2, as per Elections BC. It was super easy to register, request and receive. I highly encourage people to get their ballots mailed to them. It’ll save time and keep you out of the crowds around the height of the second wave.
  2. Good times are a’comin Squeak! Great to see you again and the rest of the real OG’s that are still around. Lots of new names but glad the core is still here.
  3. No worries. Even I can’t root for myself. I make me sick.
  4. This debate will be must see tv after the reporting from the NY times. This is Biden’s chance to mercilessly ground and pound Trump.
  5. Sad to see Greensie’s leaving just as I got back. I’ll try to build off the great work he’s done with the team.
  6. Fellas, let me know if there are GM positions available. Cheers.
  7. I would pay to see those ‘seamen’ go up against the Secret Service. One side would be shooting blanks, the other shooting fish in a barrel.
  8. The repair side is certainly a cost driver as well. No fault isn’t perfect. It won’t be the be all end all of solutions either. It has its warts without a doubt but if we can curb costs, get back to surpluses, then I’d like to see those surpluses used to lower insurance rates as had been done before. We will see.
  9. I’m ok with no fault insurance for minor injuries or minor damage. The payouts prior to it were ridiculous and driving up costs. For major injuries I’m not opposed to larger settlements through the legal system.
  10. A good chunk of them are probably dead or dying. Thanks to Trump.
  11. Radical Socialist. Everything Republicans purport to despise.