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  1. South Park

    Butters is awesome. The one with him as 'Margarine' was one of my favorite all time episodes.
  2. South Park

  3. What are you listening to?

    live version:
  4. What are you listening to?

  5. OMG Earthquake?

    Yep, anytime between now and after now.
  6. South Park

    Which was the great point that the episode raised. The episode itself 'raised the bar' by lowering the bar by pointing out the symptoms of a sick society that allows for crap like Honey-Boo-Boo to be put on The Knowledge Network of all effing places, with the insertion of Fatty Doo-Doo. It's true though, I look around on tv and see PawnStars on the History Channel, and wonder wtf that crap has to do with history. I remember when the History Channel had brilliant documentaries and specials that taught some actual history. Now it's filled with shows like Ancient Aliens......aliens ffs! Anyways, it was a solid episode, with an 'on the mark' social commentary. We should all be James Cameron.
  7. South Park

    That was pretty funny. It was a pretty good episode. Much better than the previous one.
  8. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    I was meaning to address that part too, in a similar way. I think actually seeing him play, at least on television, but live for a more 'big picture' understanding of his play, would help someone who critiques his play based on radio knowledge, actually see what KB's doing out there, with their own eyes, as a play develops. Often even viewers at home can't see what's going on as a play is developing, offencively or defencively that affects the decision a dman has to make, and quickly. Similarly they can't appreciate, through the medium of radio or even television most of the time, what's occurring on the ice during a line change, which in itself a very minor thing can have an impact as to why a dman will hold onto a puck a bit longer, or skate back into his own zone when he has the chance to rush the puck, or why he doesn't make a particular play, or why he simply dumps a puck into the offencive zone, and so on and so on. Being there helps one understand and appreciate the game and the plays, and the mistakes a player makes much better. I always get a kick out of guys who say they've played the game of hockey but are the loudest critics. They seem to forget how tough the game actually is, even for veteran elite players, let alone for rookies, or for other members of their favourite team. There's nothing wrong is critiquing mind you, i'm not suggesting that, but the level of critique or volume from some people who won't cut a player any slack is always an adventure. I mean it's not like KB's Mason Raymond.
  9. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    That was it....thanks man. He was my favourite local yokel.
  10. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    I didn't realize that I had publicly disgraced you by asking you in earnest about which 'elite' level of hockey that you played at in order to give your opinion more weight while passing judgement on Bieksa. I also don't disagree with you that he had a couple of years in Vancouver where he played marginally. However, I also understand that there is also validity to the reason he was marginal in those years were due to injury, which is an unfortunate thing for any calibre of player to have to deal with. I also didn't realize that the consensus of reality meant that your version of reality was the consensus. How fortunate.
  11. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    lol Baggins, do you remember that Tom guy? What was his username? Tominator or something right? He had one of the best rants at us that I ever read, before it was deleted and he was banned, but man, they don't make Bieksa trolls like him anymore.
  12. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    So you base your assertions that Bieksa sucked because there were rumours that he might be traded and because some fans belly-ached about him? If you based your opinion of a player based on the fickle Vancouver fan base you'd be flip-flopping more than Mitt Romney. CDC is a perfect example of fickle bandwagon fans who back a player when things are good and then crap on him when things aren't. There are a few guys in this thread who have witnessed both sides of it with Bieksa. We've seen the piling on him and then the tail between the legs contrition for doubting his play and ability. We've had plenty of haters like you as well...Canucklelion, hank&dan, Barry_Wilkins, and Tom-something-or-other, who was my personal favorite hater. So, it's cool. No one's stating that Bieksa is an elite dman, i don't think. By the way, you didn't answer me.....which level did you play "elite" level hockey?
  13. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    So are you saying you played at the NHL level? He's also been given the green light from the coaching staff to pinch and join the rush. It's Hammer's job actually to play back when KB does so, in case he gets caught, or there's a quick turn over. It's an expected possibility and an acceptable one that's built into the pairing by the coaching staff. You'd think as an elite player you'd know this. His skating is a weakness?? The evidence suggests the opposite: Seems to me his skating is just fine. Plenty of straight line speed and plenty of control with the puck as well. I'll give you that he's not an 'elite' dman in any sense. That doesn't mean he isn't better than average. He's most certainly a better than average top 4 dman on pretty much any team in the league, imo.
  14. Mars Rover 'Curiosity' makes huge find confirming liquid water was once present on Mars, and increasing the probability that life could also have been present!