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  1. Jannik Hansen

    This is laughable. You're telling me that you would dress Volpatti over Hansen? I'm sorry this is just a fail. I'd rather have Hansen than Torres, younger hits more and all in all is harder to play against. The reason why Hansen is so valuable is that his giveaway/takeaway stats throughout his young career so far have been great. This is why he gets a lot of PK time. like others have mentioned, he lacks finish but he's a good passer, he has a good sense. Despite the finishing department, the guy has second line qualities in some areas, makes him a great 3rd line option. The whole team hasn't had a great start, Ballard and Bieksa are a -7, want to start a thread about it? I'd tell you to start a luongo thread, but do we really need that? When Raymond comes back, this team should be rolling by then, I'll bet they won't want to mess with that second line if it's producing. I do agree with you that Raymond gets slotted into the 3rd line, but that doesn't take Hansen out of the lineup or even the 3rd line. *Edit* Also I'd like to add that Hodgson is on the bubble right now, if anything. He hasn't played well on the wing, it'll take awhile to adjust and it looks like AV wants to put him back into playing center. Malhotra isn't as valuable playing wing. I'd look for Lapierre maybe to move over and play on the 3rd line, his play has good.
  2. cmccomb....... lol for a min there i thought you were a guy i grew up with named chad mccomb lol had to check the pro to see if you were in alberta

  3. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    ...Did we resign Johnson, he's a UFA this summer too, we only have 2 centers on contract. With that said though Hodgson and Schroeder won't play 4th line so if they both make the team one of them will have to play wing. Considering Schroeder has a history of being able to switch to the wing, it'll probably be him. Drafting smaller players is always a gamble. I'm fully aware of the ones that make it but the reality is most of them don't. The upside for Schroeder is that he's built well so I'll have some confidence, plus his success in the AHL is a good sign.
  4. Thanks for the info, getting tired of some of these trolls.

  5. You sir are a clown. I would be great if we could get rid of idiots like you off of this site, go watch Basketball or something.

    But I'm sure you'll post again about something retarded that makes little to no sense because you're a trollin' fool who doesn't grasp the concept of hockey. Go away.

  6. ppfff, buddy you should try watching a few games this season before you start making 'opinions'. Also if you want to throw statistical data at me, do some actual @#%^ing research before you do.

    If anyone is a clown it's you.

  7. Demitra's New Role

    I'm sorry but at the end of the day if we go back to the last half of last season to now, Wellwood is beyond under producing. Bernier is too valuable with his physicality and net presence to give 4th line minutes. Grabner is back and he's still playing in Manitoba, he's not coming right now. AV is also know for tinkering lines when he needs too. With the deadline approaching we need to know where Demitra fits in, they're going to have to put him on both the 2nd and 3rd lines if they want to figure it out. Placing Samuelsson on the 3rd line for a few games isn't going to just break the chemistry of that 2nd line, lets not forget the outcry we had when we broke up Kesler and Burrows and looked how well that worked out. Personally I think Wellwood is gone or at least he should sit a few games and lets see a 3rd line of Bernier Demitra Samuelsson and either call Grabner back up or give Hansen that 2nd line wing spot. I'd like to see what Wellwood can do as a winger maybe he gets a shot at 2nd line wing. These line combinations would give us the ability to roll 3 solid lines that would be hard to check and a threat to score. The fact is Wellwood is too small to center a 3rd line and if we don't change that we will loose in the post season much like we did last season. While we are excellent in many areas, physicality is an area we don't excel at. This is why we would be incredibly stupid in placing a bang and crash guy like Bernier on the 4th line.
  8. Ending the Skid against Sid

    Well we are going to have to back it up with some wins, but yeah good to break the streak. With the skills competition and a win and with some rest, we should be pretty loose going into Edmonton, hopefully that's what we need to get back on track. I'm not surprised we beat an Eastern team, they've been awful against the West all year.