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  1. This year, when we have injuries, we call up players who would have been on the team as regulars last year. This alone is an improvement of great importance. We are going to have more injuries for sure, but we are also going to get some key players back soon. I don't really like the look of the team right now because last year's regulars are back in the lineup. Once Goldie and Baer and Louie are sent back down and Ferk and Beegs, Rouss and Sutts are back, we will win more games. Next year, the prospects will push from the bottom with new, better, and underpaid talent and we will be a "contendah". I think we will make the playoffs and might even win the first round, especially if Tryamkin returns in time. Next year we will be seriously good.
  2. If this is what you say, you might be advised not to say it here. (Maybe it's a typo; otherwise...)
  3. Waaaaa...?? (Watching 2 Canadian juniors and 1 Russian on the ice in the same game made me really, really appreciate JB; I don't think we have ever had even 3 Canucks prospects in the junior tournaments before, let alone 3 in one game: Podkolzin, Woo, and Focht. Thank you Jim Benning.)
  4. I agree with you (but Miller at 6'1" 220 lbs and Horvat at 6' and 215 lbs have good size and skill themselves). Not having 'softies' on the roster (Ericksson, Goldie, Leipsic, etc.) is addition by subtraction as well. Coming soon: Motter and Rouss; later Tryamkin. Then we will have a team built for the playoffs.
  5. That would be good. Graovac looked good in preseason; lots of skill and size. Also, I do not think Baer has shown that well. His speed is ok but he is mishandling passes and his shot is off. Sutter is probably out and Louie could go back to the press box (imo). The more this year's team looks like last year's, the less I like it.
  6. Lines may change before game time. Wasn't Beagle just given the practise off? When he suits up for the game, all lines may change from the 4th to the 1st.
  7. So much better depth this season it is actually quite pleasant to call players up. Looking forward to seeing the fanman replace the tanman. Tanev was a really good fit for Hughes though.
  8. I really don't know what to think about Brown, he's been hired and fired a few times but seems to land on his feet; he must be somewhat appreciated in the league. And like many on here said, most teams (not just NHL) use some variant of the drop pass on the power play at least some of the time. Most leagues (that I have watched anyway) seem to use it as well, whether it be KHL, AHL, SHL, CHL, whatever; there is a purpose to the drop pass. Maybe we just didn't have the horses before Quinn; there is no doubt almost everything Canuck is better with Quinn Hughes in the lineup. Baumgartner only played one full NHL season (and that one was with the Canucks) and spent most of his time in the AHL. His career was a bit like Biega's in that he was in and out of several different teams and had his most success with Vancouver. He was a 10th overall pick like Quinn but obviously Quinn is a much better player and there is no doubt Hughes will play in the NHL as long as he wants to and as long as he is healthy. Baumer did not have what it takes to stick with one team and secure a lengthy career in The Show. It makes me wonder if he is really capable of coaching the defense of a "great team like" the Canucks; can he take us to the Promised Land (and keep us there? I know there are lots of coaches out there with varying degrees of success as players that still do great jobs; but I am only concerned with Baumgartner here. As always, I don't know squat, but that's how I think I feel about these two coachs' extensions; probably ok with Newel and still wondering about Nolan. Management is forging a pretty decent track record of rewarding success and staying loyal to the players and coachs they employ. I have no problem with these extensions and even if things change and management wants a change, it can be accommodated without too much angst. It's Frankie's money after all and there ain't no salary cap except on players' remuneration.
  9. You get to play with Bo, and then you get to play with Bo, and you get to play with Bo.. That is a good looking line though, I'll bet they put up some points.
  10. Podz has worn a bunch of numbers that I have seen watching video this year alone. 91 92 19 21 11 I think those are the ones I saw. I think we should just honor jersey numbers and not retire them; I think Montreal does it this way. Also, I don't think 99 should be permanently retired; again, just honored, but I guess we'll not see that rescinded. If the NHL was going to retire 99, they should have also retired 4, 9, 66, 21, and so on. Same with that "greatest leader of all time" bs and naming a trophy after that pos that took Maki's number.