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  1. Thanks for your considered response. I was just ranting a bit because there seems to be a resurgence of support for Luongo and I feel balance is required. Very little action on CDC these days; I guess we're all a little bit heartbroken. Saw a clip of JB sitting by himself up near the cheap(er) seats looking despondent. Feel for the guy; he's done so much good work to get the team ready for the playoffs. Sad days; stay well.
  2. Seven signs of the Apocalypse: Locusts Fires Floods Hurricanes Droughts Pandemics Phuh King With The Puck
  3. Gotta love all Green in the top 6 ratings for the Canucks. Miller #7 LW Petey #14 C Toffee #25 RW Adequate.
  4. I stand corrected. (But TBF, they were/are both head cases.)
  5. Grrrrrr Hate being reminded of that clusterbfuglin. Still think it was a deliberate attempt to injure Brock by steering him into the door jam. Glad Brock's back. Jake deserves to stay in the lineup. We went from a dark hole at RW to pretty well set up w/Brock, Tofu, Jake, and Double Big Mac. We got Brock back. Marky's skating. And the Big 'Friendly' Guy just played his last game in the KHL. It's happening..
  6. kneeing penalty Avto 3 min left Sib powerplay
  7. Funny moment: big scrum in front of Sib net whistle blows; players milling around pushing Big Nik skates out of the corner towards the front of the net All Sibs look like they're checking their phones while floating away from it all.