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  1. Thanks for posting. Laplante show good hands (seems to score at will), good speed, physical presence, strong net presence, and sticks up for his teammates by not just getting in fights but winning them too. Looking forward to his development in Utica; hope he earns a call up.
  2. Canada and Sweden look stacked, weird though to not see Lidstrom on Team Sweden's roster. I like the Canada jersey; too bad they're gonna muck them up with advertising. I think it is going to be fun, even though there is a lot of baloney, and we're gonna get a sneak preview of the twins with Eriksson.
  3. Just because we have a "hole" on LW doesn't mean we have to acquire Hudler; no thanks imo. We're pretty well good-to-go but of course we could use a top 2 LW. JB may be adding pressure for the youth to take the 2LW spot just by saying he wants one. But, if the right player became available, at the right price, I believe he would close the deal. This basket of left-over, over-priced, small, soft free agents holds nothing of interest. The problem children of other teams, e.g. Kane (what does he actually do to these girls that make them hate him so?), Hartnell (overpaid; slow), others(?) are not something we need to add to our nearly-set roster. I think we will probably go to camp and see if Etem can be effective at 2LW or 3LW (behind Baertschi); also Gaunce may be able to hold down 3LW or 4LW with Dorsett or Burr filling in for now.
  4. Pu Ching - ancient Asian martial art mixing grappling with one hand and punching with the other; most effective on ice versus a multitude of opponents.
  5. Probably quickly become the ROAD KILL. Prefer dangerous, native to the area creatures like: Lions (mountain lions, cougars we call 'em here) Bobcats Scorpions Bighorns (bighorn sheep; state beast). Obviously I prefer names that don't make the players sound "goofy". Somebody asks the player, what are you? I'm an Avalanche, I'm the Heat, I'm a (Maple) Leaf, I'm a Storm, I'm Lightening, I'm a Duck, I'm Wild, etc. Just sounds stupid, imo. Of course all the great gambling names are barred. Like the Vegas Odds. ("I'm an Odd" still doesn't work for me.) Las Vegas Losers. (That's 'what happens' in Vegas.) The Vegas Vig. Las Vegas Hookers. etc.
  6. I agree, he most likely will be on the team. But we may want to pencil him in a little lower in the order than #5 or #6 until his body catches up to the NHL. Who knows? He may have resolved those issues already and he might be able to start every game. He is a huge young man and may require some TLC; we wouldn't want to burn him out.
  7. Unless JB uncovers something irresistible, I don't think we will see much change if any before camp. There are so many questions: - How many minutes can Tryamkin handle (see bandages on knees and ankles comment in other thread)? - How good is Larsen? - Can Hutton repeat last year's fine performance (he looked exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of the season)? - Can Pedan hold down a spot (because I doubt he clears waivers)? - Can Biega knock anyone off (e.g. Pedan)? - Can Stetcher knock anyone off (because he can be sent to Utica)? - Can Subban knock anyone off (because he too can be sent to Utica)? If no changes before camp, and no real surprises at camp, I foresee (yes, I have a crystal ball): Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Sbisa - Larsen Tryamkin - Pedan With Biega possibly clearing waivers and joining Stetcher and Subban in Utica.
  8. Latest bait? I'll bite. Bieksa was past it and one of the reasons Anaheim wasn't good enough to go to the final this year. We now have many young defenseman competing for positions on the team. Welcome to now. No need to throw more chum in the chuck responding to me. I won't see it unless someone quotes you. CDC: Please ignore kingofsurrey and please don't quote him.
  9. Right on, oldnews. Posters whining about the loss of players like Shinkaruk or Corrado better get used to it. The Canucks have a number of players competing at all positions, including Utica positions, and a much improved prospect base. We are going to lose some of these players. We are going to lose some of these players for less than desired compensation. The stronger the push from below, the more players fans like are going to be lost. It's a good thing. It means we are becoming a contender.
  10. That's some mighty fine dancin' right there.
  11. No to Kane whatsoever after reading the transcripts or police reports. Once those reports are backed up by the video, he should do time. Landeskog is just too expensive in terms of players/prospects/picks that we would have to relinquish. Krejci is not good enough to deserve that outrageous contract. When I look at clips of Hartnell taking penalties to back up teammates, I like those penalty minutes. He's not a penalty magnet, he's an experienced pro, and when he decides to take a penalty, he makes it count. Pirri you can keep, but I am curious to see if we can somehow land both Hartnell and Vermette.
  12. Well thanks for not tearing me up as usually happens to my trade proposals (and rightly so). Perhaps a 4th then and that would make it all the more palatable for their fans. I think where I differ from most on here is that I think Sbisa is worth more than Hartnell straight up.
  13. The least Botch could do is give some credit to CDC. The other thing he should do is identify himself on CDC if he is a member. I know he's not the only one, but he's making a living off this, and as a professional journalist, he should credit his sources. Personally, I still think Hartnell is a very good fit who can be had for minimal expenditure. I like Sbisa, but we do have a bit of a glut on D that we can't protect from waivers and the expansion draft, so here's a basic framework for the deal: Hartnell, 2nd round pick, for Sbisa and a 5th. Justification for Hartnell + a 2nd: CBJ is stuck with a long, high contract for an aging player, so they need to add if they want us to take him. Justification for Sbisa and a 5th: Sbisa is a former first round pick with good NHL experience but still young; he has size and speed and can hit and plays with a bit of an edge and who saves CBJ a fair bit of money, fills a hole in their lineup, and D are more highly valued at the moment; the 5th is a throw in for CBJ to mollify their fans. (I could see more players/prospects/picks added to this deal from both sides to make it palatable and to sort out some players/prospects in both systems.)
  14. Gotta agree with peaches5 on this. It was retaliatory, vicious, causing serious injury, not at all within the rules of the game, he knew he was cross checking an official, et cetera. No matter what the Department of Player Stupidity says, this is beyond the game, and should attract criminal assault and battery charges as well as civil charges for loss of income, personal injury, etc. Should not be allowed to play professional hockey again. The officials should take a stand and refuse to officiate any game until he is charged.
  15. Corrado wasn't good enough. We might have used him in Utica but he had to clear for that to happen. Corrado isn't good enough. He will play in the AHL even as a member of the Lowly Leafs.