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  1. Putting him on Ignore doesn't stop the proliferation of threads he has created.
  2. Just what you want to see, another Hortankin thread. Please stop.
  3. How many threads can a Hortankin make, when a Hortankin does make threads? Way too many, imo. That praise Calgary one even had Deb (mod) and Kaner (mini-mod)(Patsy Kane fan) chiming in! I thought they were gonna wrap it into the appropriate thread, but Nooooo, Hortankin has been "Approved". It's ridiculous. He's made about 5 new threads since. Uhmmm, Jake; yeah, content: Jake is good (Hortankin, not so much).
  4. Labate would show better at the camps of the old days. All the scrappers would go, whether they were defending their turf as established guys, or young guns proving themselves. It was part of camp. And it was looked forward to by the young guys even if with considerable well-founded respect. Anybody else remember Harry's first fight? Big smile. Almost disbelief. Yep, he wants to go... The Pens just gave up a bunch for Reeves. We should respect prospects like Labate and Pedan more, imo. The old camp, we would have seen them all go against each other (although in a pecking order, of course). If "tough guy" was on your resume, you got a chance to prove it.
  5. (Stamps feet.) No! No! No! I want Rasmus! I want Rasmus. Just feel such a fool. I want Rasmus.
  6. Instead of this feeble sarcasm, you could learn from what people are saying and doing in response to your actions. Seriously man, it seems like you're making half a dozen threads a day, and as previously pointed out to you, they could go in existing threads. I know it is fun to be on these boards but maybe take into account what others are trying to help you with so that we can all enjoy them. I put my first post in its own thread because I didn't even know what a thread was back then and it should have been in the Prospects Camp thread. Everybody straightened me out but quick I tell ya, but I learned from it, and I don't catch near as much flak as I used to. IMO, Jake is ok and getting better, no matter what Corsi & Company say one way or the other.
  7. All the 2018 picks (so the lottery can't stop us). I know, I know, shouldn't gush over these kids, but this one... Man, oh man.
  8. Your first sentence is supposition, I suppose as I do not know what McPhee has tried to do with, nor what his plans are, for Luca, do you? IMO, Sbisa could be a good 5/6 D-man for Vegas and provide some grit for an expansion team; he is also a good teammate and positive attitude kind of guy. Again, the relative value between Sbisa and Gaunce is not proven nor established by these first few days since LV acquired Sbisa. We know for sure that McPhee chose him over Gaunce at an equal opportunity. Shall we agree to wait past training camp, when the teams have to make their final cuts, to reassess this relative value? If some movement happens before then, perhaps we will get further information. Why trade a 23 year-old? Why trade any asset? Most often because you prefer the return to the asset(s) given up. I would trade Gaunce if the return was right, and I think he would make a good addition to a bigger deal. I think we have a lot of worthy players vying for that 12/13 spot, and if Brendan keeps it and plays even better, we can keep him or we will get even more for him.
  9. Over-react much Wink? I said I like him, you said "a total bust and write-off". My opinion is that we have a lot of competiton for the 12/13 forward position and he is going to have to perform to get/keep that spot. I also think that he has considerable trade value and could form part of a decent trade. I do not think he would clear waivers, that's why I said nothing about sending him down. I have been watching this team since before they got into the NHL, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!
  10. Goldy's got everything except 'humbility'. He's gotta show deferrence to all the players who have already made the team and develop a classy understated celebration. He's gotta keep his head in the game every second of every shift. I really think working with the Sedins and playing on their line could be the answer for all 3 of them.
  11. I give more credit to McPhee than you do. The fact that Sbisa hasn't been traded proves little as there is still plenty of time if they don't want to keep him. Whatever Luca's current market value is, it is greater than Gaunce's value as a guy that can't score and can only hope to land a fourth line spot on the second-worst team in the league. In a different thread, I put my opinion that Gaunce is in tough to even make the team this year. He might make it as others are not quite ready and can be sent down without fear of losing them. I like Gaunce, but he always seems out of place as a hockey player, big but not tough, skilled but ineffective, kinda like Taylor Pyatt. I would not be surprised if, even if he makes the team and improves his results, he is not traded. Opinions, we all have, but where LV goes with Luca, and where we go Brendan, will show who has higher value. For now, we know that at least one (real) NHL GM thinks Sbisa is worth more than Gaunce.
  12. You wouldn't get Sbisa for Gaunce straight up in a trade, imo and that is why LV took the more valuable player. With Goldobin and Dahlen, this year's draft and FAs, added to JB's previous repairs to the Prospect Pipeline, I cannot remember any training camp ever with this much legitimate competition for spots on the starting roster. Every position has quality talent knocking on the door; I can't wait to see which prospects kick down the door. NHL GMs and coaches will give the jobs to proven veterans they can count on, and send down anyone that can be sent down without exposure to waivers etc. I think Goldie has the talent to knock down the door, but (imo) he has to play whistle-to-whistle without stopping to show his disappointment when things don't work out as hoped. For example, when he loses the puck on a breakaway or something, he doesn't go right after it, he stops and demonstrates his frustration. Maybe put Ryan Johnson on him to show that non-stop motor, Dorsett too. Luongo used to do that too and it really bugged me. The most egregious example was in the Stanley Cup Playoffs when The Diva called an off-side but the linesman didn't. LaGongo (Don Cherry) was half-way to the blue line with his arms in the air complaining about the call while the puck was put in the goal behind him. May have cost us The Cup when added to other factors. Point is though, you gotta stay in the game between whistles; there'll be plenty of time to discuss objections once play stops. Along with others above, I thought Goldie and the Sedins looked real good and maybe he can help them attain the success they stated they want to rekindle this season.
  13. Elias Pettersson reminds me quite a bit of Thomas Gradin. Head up, slowing everything down around him, super aware, super skilled, sublime passing and receiving, and the puck is in the net before the tender realizes what's been done.
  14. Just go back through the thread until you find the link. Worked for me; watched the whole thing long after it happened.
  15. Darling will probably save the show; he's smart and he is a really nice guy. (Pratt & Idiot are lost in the 80's; 60 years old and pretending to play the field; they're both in bed by 8:00 cuz their show starts so early.) But I agree with previous posters, get Donny on the show, and B-Mac, and maybe Scotty Rintoul. If they are careful, they could build a winner; key is the Canucks content rights, of course. Also, stay to the Nux and Lions, all that baseball, basketball and NFL stuff can be left to others. Save a lot of money not catering to that content; it just cuts into the Nux and Lions time anyway. Keep it at home, and add the WHL and BCHL and CJFL if they need more local content. Plus, of course, anything Canucks, can cover the world, from the preseason Orient, to European prospects and draft possibilities, and across the pond to American Academia, AHL, ECHL, back up to the rest of the CHL, just keeping up on the Canucks will be plenty. And all over the world includes all the time zones; and radio is cheap! Couple guys can cover a lot over radio. We could access Petterson's games live, for example, and that would give them at least 3 hours content at a "dead air" time of day, and please a huge audience of diverse but dedicated fans. Regardless of what "some posters" would have you think about our fan base, we are great fans, and we follow everything Canuck from every imaginable place. It would be great to go back to where you could have the radio on all the time no matter where you were, and it would be all about the Canucks or the Lions.