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  1. Green jersey with (St.) Patrick on the back..
  2. Glad Green is being given the opportunity; imo he has earned it. Now who is going to be the right coach for all our yutes in Utica?
  3. Any Glass fans care to educate me on why they like him so much? I watched him as much as I could in the tournament and did not see anything that made me want to use a 5th overall pick on. Thanks in advance.
  4. 2 out of 3 Norris candidates...
  5. -AJ- : Maybe he learns from others' mistakes; for example, look at all the negative responses that rained down on Yakupov for his first goal celebration. Goldobin is exciting to watch and excited to play; I don't understand how you can misread this. He's super-talented and has swagger and maybe Larionov's taught him to rein in the over-the-top celebration and ego stuff. I think he'll get more than 20 goals next year whether he plays on the Sedins' line, or Sutter's line, or Bo's, or whatever; if he gets his fair share of ice time, he will score, lots.
  6. If we finish 29th: There will be about a 10% chance (12%) that we win the first pick and we would probably take Patrick or Hischier. About a 15% chance we win the second pick and take the other between Hischier and Patrick. Another 15% chance we win the third pick, maybe picking Vilardi. About 30% chance we pick fourth: Mittlestadt perhaps? Last 30% chance we pick fifth and maybe take a Right Defenseman, Liljegren. There is about a 40% chance we win one of the top 3 picks and therefore about a 60% chance we pick fourth or fifth.
  7. One tactic to lose this game without being too, too obvious might be to take a lot of penalties, especially if we're on the power play. Settle some scores; my preference would be some payback to mangy curs like Vrbata and Hanzal. This game already has UGLY written all over it.
  8. In keeping with NHL's traditional treatment of the Vancouver Canucks, they will announce that the Canucks won the draft lottery; then Toronto will phone in with the results from their review and actually the Canucks lose their first round pick(s) for 2017 and 2018 because, well, just because. Or the newly completed deal with Buttman is that we will do China, but we get to win the draft lottery this year.
  9. Better book some time with the trainer that helped Horvat's skating.
  10. Thanks for posting. Laplante show good hands (seems to score at will), good speed, physical presence, strong net presence, and sticks up for his teammates by not just getting in fights but winning them too. Looking forward to his development in Utica; hope he earns a call up.
  11. Canada and Sweden look stacked, weird though to not see Lidstrom on Team Sweden's roster. I like the Canada jersey; too bad they're gonna muck them up with advertising. I think it is going to be fun, even though there is a lot of baloney, and we're gonna get a sneak preview of the twins with Eriksson.
  12. Just because we have a "hole" on LW doesn't mean we have to acquire Hudler; no thanks imo. We're pretty well good-to-go but of course we could use a top 2 LW. JB may be adding pressure for the youth to take the 2LW spot just by saying he wants one. But, if the right player became available, at the right price, I believe he would close the deal. This basket of left-over, over-priced, small, soft free agents holds nothing of interest. The problem children of other teams, e.g. Kane (what does he actually do to these girls that make them hate him so?), Hartnell (overpaid; slow), others(?) are not something we need to add to our nearly-set roster. I think we will probably go to camp and see if Etem can be effective at 2LW or 3LW (behind Baertschi); also Gaunce may be able to hold down 3LW or 4LW with Dorsett or Burr filling in for now.
  13. Pu Ching - ancient Asian martial art mixing grappling with one hand and punching with the other; most effective on ice versus a multitude of opponents.
  14. Probably quickly become the ROAD KILL. Prefer dangerous, native to the area creatures like: Lions (mountain lions, cougars we call 'em here) Bobcats Scorpions Bighorns (bighorn sheep; state beast). Obviously I prefer names that don't make the players sound "goofy". Somebody asks the player, what are you? I'm an Avalanche, I'm the Heat, I'm a (Maple) Leaf, I'm a Storm, I'm Lightening, I'm a Duck, I'm Wild, etc. Just sounds stupid, imo. Of course all the great gambling names are barred. Like the Vegas Odds. ("I'm an Odd" still doesn't work for me.) Las Vegas Losers. (That's 'what happens' in Vegas.) The Vegas Vig. Las Vegas Hookers. etc.