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  1. Well, if he really wants to come to Vancouver, he can prove it by offering his services to the Canucks for much less than the market is offering right now. He is a heck of a talent who has had little success on the ice and considerable difficulty fitting onto a team. This is not a risk-free opportunity and it does limit our ability to try other prospects at his position. I think I would still offer the absolute minimum we are required to offer, and if he is serious about being a Canuck, he can be given a chance to show us. Once players prove themselves worthy, the team has shown considerable generosity, understanding, and loyalty to players under contract. Win, win, win IF he turns it around, plays well, fits in, helps the team, resurrects his career, and EARNS his next contract.
  2. I agree, Gaunce is in tough. If he really wants it, as he says he does, he better get after it. Vegas didn't take him... Some people were raggin' on Willie for Megna and Chaput but I thought Chaput played well for us, is more effective, and plays bigger than Gaunce (and looked good with the Sedins). To finish that thought, I think Megna was meant for Utica but the big club was so decimated, we needed his professional play (even if AHL). Even though we've lost Burr and the Badger, there is lots of competition on the wings (and pretty well every position on the team). This is what we want. I can't wait for prospects camp, training camp, etc.
  3. Thanks for this.
  4. Just use their negative comments to identify candidates for the Ignore List. Board just keeps getting better and better without these clowns.
  5. I'm with you on this. Hague might make the team in a couple years and until then will provide some protection for our young prospects too. We can't leave all these talented little guys to fend for themselves while they learn the heavy pro game. We lost Tryamkin and Sbiza and even when we had them we were considered a powder-puff team to play against.
  6. With JB saying (something like): he "won't trade up but might trade down, depending on how the first four go", it makes me think he has a deal lined up with (is it Vegas?) the team picking 6th, as 5th and possibly 6th are the only picks he can control by trading down. In other words, if the players JB has rated 1st to 4th best for the Canucks all go before our pick, he may trade it down to 6th, so Vegas can take their guy at 5th, and we take our guy at 6th, plus hopefully something like Vegas' 2nd pick (34th overall, maybe Hagger) (or even better, something mid first round like Liljegren or Foote (but I don't think we'd get that much, maybe Foote.) By trading with the team right next to him in the draft, he can be sure both he and George McPhee get the first first-rounder they each want. Might be the basis of a good trade right there with both sides getting what they want. I am still hoping JB and GM find more common ground and options for the upcoming draft and beyond and develop a good long-term relationship between the cities' teams.
  7. You're right! Praise the lord, for the Ignore function. Commentary from Screw is something nobody should have to read.
  8. Wtih McPhee running a protection racket in exchange for draft picks, maybe JB will trade an asset like Tanev to Vegas for a package of these picks they have acquired. See what picks George has, and where Jim wants to pick in the draft, and maybe we can have our cake and eat it too. I think at 5 we will be picking a center even if all 4 before us pick centers. One of these 5: Patrick, Hischier, Vilardi, Glass, or Mittlestadt/Pettersson. I would like to add a defenceman or two like Liljegren and Foote, sort of a one two punch of talent and truculence. Whatever Jim wants, that is what we should receive, from Canuck Alumnus George McPhee... (Who is currently gleeful with this expansion process.)("Time to share, George.")("Think of how hard all those old Canucks worked and tried to win.")("We deserve a break.")("This could be the beginning of a long and fantastic relationship.")("And, can we please have some 2018 first-rounders too?")("Thanks George.")
  9. higgyfan: I agree, Rasmus Dahlin is incredible. Maybe we win the draft lottery next year for going half-way 'round the world to a War Zone (!) before we start the season. Dahlin will be our #1 D behind no-one in our lineup, and probable Calder Cup winner on his way to a string of Norris Trophies. The Canucks should do anything to land this kid. Ooops, 2017 draft, at 5th overall: Vilardi or Glass, imo.
  10. Should have named him "Dude" not Cale.
  11. Trade down and pick (Heiskanen..if he's still there), Liljegren, Foote, and Hagger. Load up on D. Keep the mule train coming.
  12. Dave Babych cuz he would bring his 4 or 5 brothers and they were all tougher than him (according to him). I once met them at Carlo's and Bud's (along with Trev and Marty and a dozen others) and the one brother (I forget his name) was shorter than Dave but almost twice as big, black leather jacket, huge mustache, seemed like a nice guy (and I wasn't there to argue). Gino. Kurt (enbach and Fraser). Hair-Old. Chief. Cox. Brash (if it wasn't for Domi calling him out for lack of power). Rip (pound-for-pound the best, but, well, you know that). Shark (Hunter). Dirk. Diduck. Tiger. Dr. Hook. Neely. McIlhargey. What fun, tryin' to 'member all my faves. Top 5 for me? Gino. Harold. Fraser. Brash. Rip. On or off the ice. In the rink or behind the rink. In the bar or out in the parking lot (where the Babych Brothers just showed up). This reminds me of another time, a few decades ago, when we weren't living in this grandmothers' society where you gotta put on a helmet to ride your bike. Anyway, rant aside, I got in a wee tilt with a taxi driver outside the No. 5 Orange, and before you could say McIlhargey, a dozen taxis converged on the parking lot like seagulls to a gut pile. Barely got out of there alive. There used to huge fights in the parking lots, usually started inside with the bouncers rounding everyone up like cattle and forcing them outside, the cops would show up and wait for everybody to punch themselves out a bit. One time at the "O" in North Van, this guy came in on crutches and walked up to a booth where some stud had a couple babes on each side and more droogs at each end of the booth and across the table. This crutch guy came in demanding revenge from the guy but the guy was laughing it off. So the guy leans over the table and just drills the chick next to him right in the gob. It was on, big time. One guy hid a pool ball in his fist, and when his opponent ignored the jab cuz it couldn't get there, he opened his hand and the cue ball took out top chicklets and twanged his nose but good. Some of the bouncers down at the Coach House (old name of hotel by 2nd Narrows - oops - Iron Workers bridge) were BC Lions, Nick "Orange Shoes" Hebler, Wilson, and others I have forgotten. Big guys, fun attitude, kept the place cool even in the midst of the big biker gang wars of the day. It was always neat to talk with these guys about just about anything. Another time (and if you're still reading this, you probably don't mind too, too much) up-Island at the pub in Port Alice, where I was working, we had a chalk board for the very busy pool table. Put your name up, pay for the game, side bets encouraged, and see if you could unseat the last winners. Remember "holding the table"? Well, this bar was very busy on weekend nights and the pool table was front and center. Sometimes the board would just be crammed with names and you only dared erase anyone's name if you were sure they had left and weren't coming back. Well a half-dozen or so BC Lions came in, all linemen from the look of them, and walked over and swiped/erased the whole board and ripped the cues out of the players hands. I don't remember much after that. Ok, I'm out. Thanks for the thread.