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  1. Corrado wasn't good enough. We might have used him in Utica but he had to clear for that to happen. Corrado isn't good enough. He will play in the AHL even as a member of the Lowly Leafs.
  2. Give it to the ref!
  3. The last Team B player to touch the puck? Maybe the last one before the faceoff?
  4. "The Detroit Model" imo is mis-named because it does not properly consider "The Bowman Family Effect" that contributed greatly to their success and continued into Chicago.
  5. I thought all the tankers had slithered off under the overwhelming evidence against them, but, nooooo, here they are again spewing goo. In addition to the erudite counter arguments supplied by highly credible posters like theminister (above), it seems to me that the tankers have totally forgotten, or ignored, or never considered, that all the other teams get a draft pick too. That is to say, and regardless of what teams choose to do with their draft picks, like trade them for example, not only is all this tank nonsense not worthy of even discussion, let alone implementation by management, that even if all the stars align (excluding McDavid-like generational talents), and the tanker gets his "necessary to win The Cup" draftee, that pick does not stand alone. (Even with TO's shameless tank, they only ended up with a 20% chance of guaranteeing that they could draft #1 overall and take Matthews.) Any pick, let's say it is Laine for example, is only marginally better than the next pick. It is not a comparison in a vacuum. It is all this tanking nonsense for the implied difference between Laine and say, Puljujarvi. It is not just Laine instead of No Other Player. For another example, we did not tank but finished 3rd anyway (before the lottery), which is a somewhat expected result of tanking (if we had purposefully tried to tank). If we had not "lost the lottery", but picked 3rd, we might have taken for example PLD instead of Juolevi. There is plenty of room for argument that PLD and Juolevi are equal or Juolevi turns out to be the better pick. But even if PLD turns out great as expected, it is still only the difference from how good Juolevi turns out to be. These marginal differences, when amplified by the uncertainties of the draft lottery, multiplied by the uncertainties of each player developing into their potential at the draft, and considering how many draft picks do not live up to our hopes, make up such a small margin of differentiation that strategies like tanking cannot be given any serious consideration when the consequences of such a strategy are very probably severely damaging and actually reduce the chances of Winning The Stanley Cup. ******************************************** On another note, that we see a lot of in these threads, is the "JB keeps wasting all our 2nd round picks", or "I like JB but I wish he would quit throwing away 2nd round picks", or "I like the team JB has put together, or I like such and such a player, but JB shouldn't have given up a 2nd round pick, or "I wish JB would use his superior scouting abilities even more by keeping his 2nd round picks", etc. This is total compost! JB uses his exceptional talent evaluation skills exactly to determine when he would rather trade a 2nd round pick, for example, for a slightly older player we could use on the team right now. Only in hindsight can it ever be put forward that a certain draft pick was "wasted" on a player (such as Vey) because it didn't work out. The Vey example is especially grating because we got a couple years of decent service from Vey, something that a 2nd round pick in no way guarantees. JB does use his skills and uses his picks very well. Just because he doesn't use every draft pick to actually draft a prospect does not mean he is not using the pick and definitely does not mean he is under-utilizing his skills and techniques for evaluating potential draft picks and in fact, every prospect and player in hockey. Long rant, sorry. I just get so fed up with this nonsense and just when you think it might be dead and buried, a bunch of new(?) posters (at least posters that haven't had this bashed into their heads yet) start up all over again. It makes it very difficult to sift through the chaff to get the daily wheat. My new strategy is going to be, whenever anyone posts any of this nonsense in the future, I will immediately put them on "Ignore" and will only see their inane arguments when somebody chooses to quote them (and that is usually for a bashing).
  6. Where's the track suit?
  7. I realize you are just spit-balling here but I think NY would want some "futures" if it was a Pedan + Gaunce type package. That is, something like a 2nd round pick (everybody's favorite throw-in, the Torts 2nd). Thanks for suggesting another player. I tried to embed this video and it ended up in your quote, sorry.
  8. I liked Jim Nill when he played for us, and I used to think he was smart building the Stars back up. But that was before he said Hamhuis could be a top-pairing D this year. He has certainly built an offensive juggernaut, but for a guy who was a good defenseman, his defensive corps is AHL-Quality at best. He is going to be very disappointed if he thinks Hamhuis is still the player he once was. Let's face it, Dan was great for us, he isn't anymore, and he's gone. Even if you forgive his one-goal-a-year production and his tendencies to give the puck away in the slot or even score in his own net, he is often injured. These injuries are sometimes his own "fault", e.g. trying to body slam Lucic when the hip check was good enough and the mass of Lucic crumpled his back. With his age and vulnerabilities, Nill will have difficulty even keeping him in the lineup, let alone top-pairing. Just as Hamhuis is not good enough for our team anymore and we are unable to offer him an honourable contract, Sbisa is unfairly criticised on CDC because he has a contract and has potential value moving forward with the team or in a trade. No team would give us anything for Dan yet some here still hold on to memories of past glory. Sbisa is under contract exactly because JB saw value in bridging him through a period where he could have sought an even larger contract. I like what Luca brings to the team, physically and in his attitude. He plays his heart out for us and is constantly improving. He has given very good value for his contract so far when we were extremely thin on D. Now that we have shored up the D Corps, he stands out as a guy we may not be able to protect in expansion. He stands there as a 4-5 D with physicality and speed, not to mention experience for a young guy. We would definitely receive something in trade for Sbisa if we did not want to lose him for nothing in the expansion draft. He is also a Canuck! He is under contract and that contract is at market value. He doesn't deserve to be constantly bashed on CDC.
  9. The other team must decide whether to put their top line out against the DHL EXPRESS or sit them and put out a checking line. Then out comes their top line and they are met by, New LW - Sutter - Hansen. When that switches up, Baer - Bo - Rodin/Virtanen/Etem Et cetera with the 3rd and 4th line permutations. That's rolling 4 lines and difficult to shut down. (At least I got Anton Rodin's name in there.) (Where are the twins? Eriksson? Rodin? Eddy? Marky? - chillin' lakeside back in Sweden?)
  10. The top line is going to be on the ice more often than any other line. Load it up and put up some points. One more big, scoring left winger and we have four lines that will not be easily shut down. Crikey! We've waited almost 20 years to see the Sedins play with a really good right wing. Let's not break it up before we even see it! I know, I know, not about Rodin, but, if, I, could, just, get, one, more, comma, in, it, would, be, allowed, under, the, Oxford, Comma,. Really, I read through this whole thread hoping for the latest on Rodin. Does anyone have any pictures, stories, anything about his current medical status, training schedule, even pictures of his girlfriend at the beach! Where is Anton? And, what is he up to?
  11. I think Eriksson is there to get the most out of these last 2 years of the current Sedin contracts. After that, if the twins re-sign, I think all 3 of them will be headed towards 2nd line status, but still together as a unit. And I don't think Louis is anywhere near as much at risk of not fitting with the twins as that little snake Vrbata. I still get mad whenever I think of his pouting poor performance last year, what a jerk! These three know each other very well and I would not be surprised if the twins had some input on signing Louis. There is no need to go looking for balance by splitting them up. Vrbata was right about (at least) one thing, that is that training camp should be used to build chemistry on set lines. We should hit opening night with a running start where line-mates know where each other are and what they are up to at all times. It should be easy enough to do with the first line but 2nd and 3rd will be much more difficult, and the 4th may be juggled all year. We could still really use that big, scoring left winger for the second line, to add to Sutter and probably Hansen. Baer and Bo should be kept together trying Etem, Rodin, and Virtanen on the right side. Oops, should have put this quote at the start:
  12. I don't think JB signed Eriksson to play on the second line. Just can't see Hansen being better than Louis, no way, imo.
  13. Vrbata doesn't deserve a contract from anyone. His lack of effort and disdain for the team last year is indefensible.
  14. Burr needs to come back hard. He needs to get back up to speed. Great guy, love what he's done for the team over the years. Right now though, without improvement, he is borderline even making the cut. And then, what do you do with him? If he can't perform this year, perhaps he should consider retirement. That may be the classiest way we could handle this. Injury is a gruesome, horrible idea, but may produce value on the injury reserve list. Cutting him is not really very classy for a guy who has given his all. Buyout may work even if it is not the most frugal management decision. Trading will probably not work for various reasons (NTC, who would he waive to go to, what team would we like to push him to, high $ and cap hit, etc.). Trading might work for something like Hartnell, and we haven't pushed Burr into their faces in any playoff games. Waiving, AHL, et cetera, do not seem to me to be viable options for this heart and soul team player. If he can show up for camp absolutely pumped, he can stay out of the press box. If WD puts him back on his natural left wing, maybe he can squeeze out a good year, and we are weak at LW. Main thing I think is, he has to get back up to speed.
  15. Yeah I just read a post in another thread which mentioned Lee and NYI probably keeping him. Oh well, learned a bit about another player. Edit: I think that poster was Canucklehead73.