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  1. Maybe Juolevi, the rest of the D and the goalies deserve some credit.
  2. Ancient Alien DNA.
  3. You mean Zack MacEwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-unnnnnn, don't you? I know I do. We need the new Zack Attack.
  4. Irony, a delicious mix of laundry and humour.
  5. Sure are a lot of Negative Nellis in this thread. Please start another thread like "Hating on Jake" or something and take it over there. Your fake "realism" and "facts" are extremely tiring. You didn't, you don't, and you won't know more than anyone else, so quit pretending. One thing about Jake that I think needs to be reconsidered or at least not stressed so much is this "power forward" thing. Jake isn't going to scare anyone. He doesn't seem to be a fighter. He's not that big; Getslaf and Carter are the new standard for big power forwards. There are a lot of NHL players that are bigger and scarier than Virtanen. I don't think we should hold him to this standard as it holds him back from giving all that he can give. Get those shoulders healthy so he can resume his clean hard-hitting without taking penalties or losing his cool. Threaten to shoot or score with that great speed instead of just racing down and wondering what to do now. Quit pretending you're some tough guy and make the other team take penalties on you with your speed and drive to the net. You know, when Neely started popping 50+/year, Boston didn't want him fighting or taking penalties anymore anyway, he was too valuable. And Jake's not going to be Cam Neely anyway; not at 20, 25, or 28. But he could be Jake Virtanen, a good-sized Vancouver kid that burns up the ice every shift and threatens mayhem in front of the net, in the corners, and along the boards. And Jake could be at least as good as Torres, and he could learn to change the tone of a game. He's gotta get his nose busted trying to drive the play, not finding out there a lot of players tougher than him. He could probably learn a thing or two from trying to play like Geoff Courtnall, fast, gritty, and effective. And Geoff put up a goal or two for us.
  6. And Gordie: C'mon Olli, aim for the top. Hang with Palmu in the gym and Guddy & Gadget in the ring. Bring it when you're on the ice; even Orr was tough. Put muscle on that Scandinavian frame and bring out your inner Thor. We all know the talents you have now, bring out something new and add to the package. Get angry at anyone who wants to keep you out of the show and take it out on your competition on the ice. Ditch Mr. Nice Guy and bring on an all-pro top-D with attitude and even a mean streak. Take every penalty until you've got a rep like Pronger who could get away with almost anything. Mow 'em down with your slapshot until they're afraid to block it and aim for the goalie's head on your first slapshot of the game. Make room for yourself cuz nobody's gonna give it to you. Etc. Look forward to that rat Marchand pulling that $&!# he did on Salo.
  7. Palmu is certainly a very exciting prospect and already well-grounded and doing the necessary to be a pro. Do we now have so many good prospects that we can't keep them all in Utica and have to spread them out onto other leagues like the KHL and the SEL? I cannot remember a time when we had so many young players to be excited about. Thanks to Trev and Jim and company; this is so much better. And we now have multiple players in every juniour tourney and even some on Team Canada; I used to hate that when we didn't have anybody. I also noticed Palmu is wearing a "C" or an "A" in many of these clips and he seems like a determined leader even in things like the rafting and the grind. Great kid! I can see him making it to the NHL.
  8. ******************************* 3 hours ago, oldnews said: Ekblad's concussions or Chychrun's knee have nothing to do with being "rushed" into the NHL. Injuries happen, period. Ekblad scored 39 pts as a rookie in the NHL. 1st overall - he was ready to play in the NHL, plain and simple. Juolevi should make the team when he's ready and earns it - "holding him back" beyond that point makes no sense - that's what should dictate when he makes the NHL, not tangential concerns about injuries. ******************************** [You two are like Hockey Zen, every person has different paths, truths, etc.] I thought Juolevi was very good last year, and he was clearly disappointed himself that he didn't make the team. Admittedly, he was too young and I agree it was correct to send him down. But he has come back with even more this year and talks very determinedly about making the team. He is an excellent player and has filled out his good size. Not saying he is Bobby Orr. But would anyone have held Orr back?
  9. Juolevi thinks he is ready. I'm with Olli. (Pronounced Aw-Lee, not Oh-Lee you 1040 dimwits.) He'll not only make the team, but will very soon be our best D. IMO, of course. Also, I think the old Detroit model of letting them stew in the minors is now refined to, if they're ready, play 'em. After all, what has Detroit done since Lidstrom retired, stew or no stew. We just need to ensure we have the beef to back up the kids when the stew hits the fan.
  10. Unfortunately, you completely missed my point. That was nowhere near a speed bag routine nor did it hurt in any way. I objected to your tired cliche. I also said it should have been handled differently by Danny, the refs, and the rest of the Canucks. Moving on, I like this thread. I am a dinosaur and miss having a team no-one would mess with unless they were willing to go "all in". Just when I started to relent, when the Penguins were winning cups, even they went out and picked up very tough players, and paid dearly for them. I think JB said he wanted to get the skill guys first and would build the toughness around them later.
  11. Did you watch that game? Far from "treating 22's face like a punching bag", Marchand had a handful of Dank's sweater, and was just pulling it back and forth so the fist (covered in fabric) was bouncing off his chin. This is why (taking off my tinfoil hat now), the refs didn't call it; it wasn't serious enough. Imo, Danny should have taken matters into his own hands, win or lose, but he held the team line, which was 'put up with almost anything, we'll get 'em on the power play'. It was an important moment in the finals, it should have been handled much differently, but to say he was treated like a punching bag, or to intimate that any of that hurt at all, is disengenous.
  12. Putting him on Ignore doesn't stop the proliferation of threads he has created.
  13. Just what you want to see, another Hortankin thread. Please stop.
  14. How many threads can a Hortankin make, when a Hortankin does make threads? Way too many, imo. That praise Calgary one even had Deb (mod) and Kaner (mini-mod)(Patsy Kane fan) chiming in! I thought they were gonna wrap it into the appropriate thread, but Nooooo, Hortankin has been "Approved". It's ridiculous. He's made about 5 new threads since. Uhmmm, Jake; yeah, content: Jake is good (Hortankin, not so much).