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  1. That is good news, maybe we can finally get to see the best that this kid has to offer.
  2. I’d agree that he can add a lot to his game. The question is, how much does he need to add to be a very useful player (by which I mean capable of deserving to take someone’s job)? If his growth continues, he will be more than ready in another year.
  3. At 26, it’s hard to believe that his game will be any better than it is now.
  4. I saw that very differently - he had just turned 18 in June - very young, I saw Podkolzin playing chess while the rest of his team with one exception, were playing checkers. I saw Podkolzin creating a lot of play on which his teammates did not capitalize. He defended well, but his sense of the game really showed on the man advantage. I guess all of us owns his own perception and estimates. After the WJHC his KHL coach, not noted for using young players, dramatically increased his icetime - it would seem that he saw something too.
  5. I think we are far more at risk of losing Demko than a defenceman - we don’t need to protect Hughes, wouldn’t protect Edler his age and contract are protection enough, we would protect Myers, we would protect Tanev if we still have him, Stetcher, Benn and Fantenburg we would be willing to lose, and that leaves one or two spots depending on Tanev, to protect one or two of Rafferty, Tryamkin, or Juolevi (does he even need to be protected?).
  6. That is just the banks boycotting their customers. They are mad that the customers come attached to their money, which they would like to separate from them - customers being an annoying inconvenience. As for Facebook, I hope it stays neutral - censorship has never served a useful purpose, remember that the views you subscribe to today, people in the past have tried to censor.
  7. The terms will be interesting. Do you think there will be a pandemic clause?
  8. One should remember that if the players get more money, the fans that attend games will pay for it. All economics works on the margins. If costs increase without corresponding increase in revenue, marginal teams will fail. Since players are paid in US dollars, many of the teams that could get in trouble are Canadian - granted the exchange rates.
  9. Wow. I thought I was the most negative guy on cdc regarding a Juolevi! Guess not. My argument is that injuries curtailed his development - but argued that a specific issue was the problem - his injury hampered his pivot to the left, which meant that it affected his gap when defending and his acceleration and general mobility. However, after his being brought to Vancouver for some treatment last year, I thought his play had markedly improved - and that was without a year of training while healthy. For me, the jury is still out, I want to see him 100% fit (or as near to it as possible for a pro hockey player - they are almost always nicked up one way or another). I think this long layoff - if he has put in the work - could really tell the story on him. My argument has always been that as he is, he is not ready because he was not healthy. He just turned 22 a month ago - definitely not too late for a defenceman.
  10. I think it would be an interesting line with Virtanen and Podkolzin on the wings and Gaudette in the middle. As a third line, it could be a killer.
  11. Yeah, we have great promise among the forwards, but we have to rebuild this defence to win a cup.
  12. A lot of the responsibility for a centre is more complex than for a winger, and I haven’t much seen Lind perform those tasks. I do note that the Utica staff has used both Jasek (almost exclusively) and MacEwen (to a lesser extent) as centres, I’m uncertain as to their reasons, whether it is primarily team need, or to broaden the player’s utility in case of call up, or for whatever reason. So, back to your question, Lind made great progress during this year, his development reminds me of Gaudette, and I see him as a similar player. That said, looking at what stands ahead of him in Vancouver, if we re-sign Toffoli, that makes the wingers Miller/Pettersson (they kind of share the centre/winger roles), that would be the first line, with the second line likely to be Horvat with Boeser and Pearson. Is there a spot there for Lind to take (apart from injury)? Well, maybe - if not this year, maybe next. But... I see Podkolzin as a superior player on the wing in two years (he will learn enough in the KHL to step right in), and there is the possibility that Hoglander too is a top six type of forward in another year. This might push Lind to the bottom six to break in kind of like Gaudette, but depending on who we lose in expansion, he might have both Virtanen and MacEwen ahead of him. Nice problem to have if one or more of these guys outplays a vet - having excess valuable assets is how you fill needs that you haven’t been able to meet through your development system. And now your question, for me, if Lind continues his development in the coming year, he has the look of an NHL player - maybe with the Canucks (he might be an inexpensive replacement for a vet that we move on for another asset), or maybe elsewhere.
  13. Oh yeah, just thought of something while thinking about Tryamkin’s active player thread, once he got out of what’s his name, the coach’s doghouse. The comments on Tryamkin got more and more positive and glowing up until the where he decided not to come back and be badly coached. At that point he suddenly became substandard, without talent, too soft for his size, a lousy passer, couldn’t skate, didn’t stand up for his teammates, and on and on and on... ‘Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned’ - describes about half of cdc at that point. As far as I can see, nobody knows what went on between player and management, all I care about is can he play.
  14. Too covid isolation...gets to the best of them.