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  1. I remember Scotty Walker was a terrific offensive defenceman in the OHL, but ended up playing forward in the NHL. - Same with Wendell Clark - of course both of those guys were also undersized tough guys.
  2. Contending teams pick lower in the draft. If we are making a trade to take away a Buffalo headache, and we are giving up Tanev, then we also need a high pick from them.
  3. The Sedins are NOT top players (their point totals would only be decent on a half dozen bottom feeding teams) - they are supposed to be our skill guys, but have you seen our PP? They get something like 80% offensive zone starts, and yet they are still minus players. The Sedins are on pace for about 40 points - barring injury or weariness due to missing their naps and their geritol. They are still expensive at half the price. That said, you might find somebody insane enough to give up a 7th round pick for the pair - if the Canucks assume their salaries. These guys are way past the best before date. Dallas would NEVER do this trade, if the GM wanted to commit career suicide, it would be easier to just boot the owner in the gnarlies.
  4. I don't think college development equals minor pro development.I do wish that Subban was better defensively, though, because we could sure use a guy who can create goals on our D and run our PP - though I don't know how much that PP would improve so long as the Sedins play catch around the periphery - killing off every opportunity - it does like their style has been neutralized by other teams extensive scouting.
  5. And the owners work for the fans, and the fans should remember that fact. If you want your voice to be heard, stop buying tickets - that is capitalism's way of getting the message across to businesses that just aren't getting the message any other way. It is amazing how fast ownership listens when the bottom line turns red.
  6. How about we actually let Jake play, and keep Boeser.
  7. That would probably be a guy we don't have yet - Patrick Nolan sounds like a good fit - unless, of course, the NHL decides that the Western Canadian teams and only the Western Canadian teams, should all be bumped down like in the last draft lottery. No wonder they didn't hold the draw in public, but only announced the results.
  8. Sure, Stetcher has a future, Daniel only has a past - the same past a lot of Canuck fans are living in. Though, to put it in perspective, Kadri was raking guys in the head with his stick all game with nary a whisper from the officials - who could even be slightly surprised that the game escalated into a line brawl. Kadri is just about as big a weasel as Matte Cooke was (including when he played for the Canucks). In addition, the correct response to the beating Stetcher was being given, was to kick the crap our of Mathews, and the correct response for the head shot to Hansen was to head shot Mathews, and the correct response to the head shot on Sedin, was to head shot Mathews. Exactly the worst response was to go after a weasel or a thug - that is just stupidity and gets you nothing - they try to hurt your guys, you go after the other team's talent - Mathews, Marner, and Nylander. Doesn't take long for the coaches (and the league and referees) to figure it out - when they see what happens when they hand out cheap shots, they soon learn to police their benches. The alternative to that is for the NHL to abolish the instigator rule - when there is an attempt to injure like the shots on Sedin and on Hansen (and I mean that for any team) - deliberate attempt to injure, like those, you are on your own - then you would see who is truly brave. Pieces of crap like Kadri would learn to behave in a heartbeat.
  9. If Boeser is to play on the Canucks we need a play making centre - don't mention the word Sedin. The Sedins are now so slow that their speed is measured in millimetres per hour - and that goes for Erickson, too. Painful to watch. No wonder they can't start shifts in their own zone.
  10. Stetcher is playing for the Canucks right now because he can play defence. He has great gap control and gets great leverage for his size. Subban is not great defensively - Canucks would probably love him for their PP, but they couldn't play him on D any other time. Maybe bring him up as a forward who plays the point on PPs.
  11. I disagree with you. The skill involved in getting a shot through also involves seeing the play not from where your eyes are, but projecting where the gaps are from the location of the puck on your stick, it also requires moving and processing the visual field in front of you for an opening from the location of the puck on your stick to the net, through numerous players. The same thing plays when in close to the net - picture the openings from where the puck is on your stick, not from the perspective of your eyes. If you are a player, try it - if you are a left hand shot, there is a lot more room on the goalie's stick side than you think there is - your eyes tell you there is nothing there, but from the location of your stick - several feet to the left, if you are a left shot, there is an entirely different angle. This was Morrison's, Messier's, and Coffey's favourite shot coming in off the right wing - left hand shot, low stick side goal - on a goalie with a left hand glove. High skilled players have automatized that thinking method, so that it is an automatic, subconscious process, guys like Edler don't do it at all, which is why most of his shots hit someone's pads and too large a percentage of those cough back out behind him - so that we have the pleasure of watching him stumble as he tries to turn and chase. Sadly, it's a teachable skill, too bad nobody bothered. That skill has to be combined with walking the line, to change the angles, and to find a lane to shoot through. If you don't think those aren't high hockey IQ plays, why don't more players do it?
  12. Well, either we drafted badly or developed badly - either way, it sticks on management.
  13. And how heck do you know he is NOT injured? You are just a jerk trying to lay blame on a player for something that MAY not be his fault. Big, aggressive, fast-skating players don't suddenly become mice for no reason.
  14. Agreed regarding Larsen - particularly useless when we play a heavy team like Anaheim - Tryamkin should have had his spot - he attracted a ton of Ducks attention last year when he played them - they were totally frustrated and off their game because he pounded the crap out of them and was playing for a team that they usually ran right over - their best players were totally distracted trying to get at him because he threw their big guys around like paper dolls, and they just couldn't handle it. Sbisa has not played that badly this year, but against heavy teams like LA and Anaheim, Pedan should also be brought up to play in Sbisa's spot and give protection to Tanev - the last guy to run over Tanev when Pedan was in town got the crap beat out of him - it is the only way to keep guys like Tanev healthy playing heavy, aggressive teams. The reason the Horvat's line is taking so many own zone starts, is because the Sedins are too damn slow and pathetically weak to get out of their own zone - like in tonight's game's first shift. But hopefully we keep them in the line-up as much as possible so that we can get that pick that comes with being last over all. Yeah, I know lots of guys think high draft picks aren't up to much, but then all I can say is, McDavid, Mathews, Crosby, Hedman, I could go on all night. Virtanen was actually one of better guys tonight, but then Skille was skill-less playing where Jake should have been. WD lost me last year, but his line selections are wonderful this year - depending on what you want, and if he keeps it up we can get Patrick Nolan. I do like, though, that we have improved tremendously on the draw (Malhotra?), and in neutral zone play... until tonight. I hope Jarvis has more in his strategy bag, because tonight either our old guys were too exhausted and beat up to play, or what we were doing has been scouted. Gudbranson has alllowed us to have some presence in our own zone, and so far Edler appears to still be healthy - but I wouldn't count on that lasting if we don't put some more size and muscle to help out back there - Sbisa is not skilled enough to make it as a skill player, and not rugged enough to be an effective tough player over the long haul. Larsen needs to go back to Europe where players are kinder and gentler. Stetcher looks very good - in one game - good enough for us to get to see more of him - but we are spending too much money to keep Sbisa and Larsen here, so cross that off the list, unless it is to cover for injuries.
  15. They also have McEneny at 6'3" and 215. He played in Kalamazoo last year and played well - plus 17 - he played well in Penticton in the Young Stars in the single game they gave him.