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  1. I don't think so, I think they rate defensemen strictly on the number of points they get. Or they give Edler a plus for each set of opposition shin pads he blasts the puck into before it bounces back out past him and he does one of patented Edler stumbles.
  2. Larsen may get in as the right hand shooting PP specialist on our 29th rated PP, while Tryamkin takes Sbisa's spot simply because Tryamkin outplays him in pretty much every aspect of the game. Pedan over Biega because Biega can be sent down - that is if we keep 7 D instead of 8 - the health of our D will determine those numbers. Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Tryamkin Larsen Sbisa Pedan (if we keep 8 D) - with Pedan, Gudbranson and Tryamkin in the line-up, we'd sure be a lot tougher to play against. and that might just keep our aging forwards healthier, and MIller might be able to get run over a heckuva lot less - which might help his play. As for a dark horse - Subban in Larsen's spot. It will also be interesting to see if McEneny and Cederholm move up to Utica this year - both were big plus D's in the ECHL - both are big, tough and physical and McEneny is quite skilled. He was a 30 minute plus D man on his junior team. Hope to see these guys in the young stats tourney in Penticton - it will be really interesting to see how all the young D we have been drafting are progressing.
  3. The point in tanking is not a guarantee, it increases the odds of getting a star player dramatically. The only star player we have ever drafted at centre - wow, that happened when we had the second and third overall picks. Let me repeat that for the hard of hearing in Vancouver - in forty years we only ever had one star centre worthy of the name - drafted second overall. We have had forty-six years to get one by other means, and never succeeded - which says all you need to know about the value of tanking.
  4. If you are saying that Henrik is still a number one centre on a playoff team, you are dreaming in technicolor. If you are saying Sutter is a number two centre - his play so far in his career makes an iron clad case against it. If you are saying Horvat is, he just isn't - not at -30 - centres have to have good skills in their own zone and he doesn't.
  5. None of Juolevi, Demko, or Boesser play centre, and I don't see any of Sutter, Horvat, Gaunce , or Granlund as ever being one - nor do we have any help for a number one, or even a number two centre on the horizon. Tank, take Patrick Nolan, or some equivalent, and get on with it.
  6. I think this year's D will be missing one of the same elements as last years D - offence. Hutton will probably be better, and will almost certainly be better than Edler - if he is given Edler's wasted opportunity on the first PP unit. What Subban brings is quickness, cleverness, the ability to skate the puck out of his own zone (he has a very quick first three steps and good top end speed), he has very good vision, he has excellent lateral mobility ( which enables him to walk the line in search of better shoooting lanes), he shoots hard, accurately, and often. Given a fair shot, he makes the team. His problem is he has highly paid guys that suck ahead of him. With Gudbranson, and Tyampkin (if he makes the team), of what use is 3.4 million dollar Sbisa who gets hurt every time he does what is needed of him? Oh yeah, he makes 3.4 and Benning's decision to give him that money will have a great big light shone on it. The other problem for Subban is his size - can he compensate for it with positioning, strength, and anticipation? He will be a very interesting guy to watch this year - but I think I might have to buy the Utica games to see him - too bad. Of course, there are injuries, and their is the chance that Larsen may flop just like he did with Edmonton - I watched quite a few of them last season, and he was a highlight real by himself. Pairing him with someone like Tryampkin would be really interesting.
  7. When I looked at the first part of your claim regarding the Canucks with regard to the Canucks first line 'probably being in the top five in the league', I felt a twinge of doubt - you know, since we had the 29th worst PP. So, I checked some numbers. Now first lines combinations may change many times during the year, so what I did was to take the top scoring LW, the top scoring C and the top scoring RW on each team and added up the points and the goals for that combination for each team for last year. Vancouver's combination - which happened to be Daniel, Henrik, and Hansen turned out to be 24 in points, and 25th in scoring. I used NHL.com for the stats. Which quite simply establishes what anybody not looking through rose-coloured glasses already knows - the Canucks deserved to finish where they did, and their 'best players' are quite simply, not very good. I'm not prepared to write down a raft of numbers for anyone, but everyone is free to check NHL.com for the bad news.
  8. Because Benning is more awful?
  9. There are some clips from training camp that show Carcone and D'Aoust making some very sweet moves. I'd love them to sign D'aoust as well. Both were big scorers in the Q, and D'Aoust has the advantage of having good size, and he playes centre - a position we are thin at in Utica. Very intriguing guy. Good call.
  10. Yeah, but teams only win by finding those kinds of gems in those picks - almost all players come into the league via the draft. If you are not keeping your picks, you ultimately have no assets to play or to trade.
  11. Sedin Sedin Eriksson Rodin Sutter Hansen Baertschi Horvat Virtanen Burrows Gaunce Etem Granlund Dorsett Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Tryamkin Larsen Sbisa Biega Markstrom Miller Here's hoping Rodin is our next Naslund, Virtanen our next Stan Smyl, Tryamkin our next Bob Daley, Gaunce our next Malhotra, Hutton our next PP quarterback - failing that, here's hoping we can be nicely placed in the Nolan Patrick sweepstakes. My greatest fear is that the decline of the Sedins is permanent and ongoing. If it is there should be a lot of movement at the deadline.
  12. The reasons our D gets so few shots through are numerous, and Edler, by the way, is the worst at getting them through. The primary reason is that none of D seem capable of moving laterally across the line (walking the line) in order to open a shooting lane. Part of the reason for that is because we never have our forwards screening the defenders from closing on the point men. Another reason is that the Sedins in particular set up so low on the sideboards that they do not draw the high defender to them. Playing deep on the side boards also closes down the available angle for a pass to the near point, so the the defender is too close to the boards - the high defender of that side easily closes on the defenceman and takes away the shot. Earlier in their career they would move up and down the side wall - moving toward the point cause the high forward to engage and the angle to the near point opens up. Playing higher on the sidewall also expands the space between forward and defender in the slot for cross ice passes (remember those) and for slap passes (remember those). Whether that is poor coaching or play by the Sedins is moot at this point. Mostly, I am just used to watching them kill the first minute and forty-five seconds of every power play for the opposition. There is a reason our PP is so bad, and they are the guys who monopolize the PP time. If the D can't get through shots, it is primarily because they never receive passes when they are in open lanes, and they don't seem to know how to create them. That is something at which Ehrhoff was a master in Vancouver - of course the Sedins (namely Henrik) used to change his position on the side boards - now they mostly stand around until they give the puck away.
  13. Wonderful. I'll take you literally, you'd trade a future Karlsson for Sbisa any day.
  14. Tanev doesn't shoot the puck that much because he has watched Edler blast the puck into the defender's pads so often and seen the shot blocker skating up ice past a stumbling then falling Edler. Tanev is defensive minded - he'd rather fire the puck in the corner than take that risk when Edler is on the other side of the ice just waiting to fall down and give the opponent a 2 on 0 opportunity.
  15. Tanev is the guy feeding his partner or making a short pass because he is usually the first guy back retrieving the puck and taking a hit, and has his back to the play - giving his partner, who is facing up ice the puck to make a play. For crying out loud, try to watch the game without your pre-formed opinions.