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  1. They also have McEneny at 6'3" and 215. He played in Kalamazoo last year and played well - plus 17 - he played well in Penticton in the Young Stars in the single game they gave him.
  2. Management are fans of performance. In Penticton, Subban was a major disappointment in a year in which he needed to step up. Stetcher, on the other hand, took advantage of every opportunity.
  3. I was at the games in Penticton - every defenceman had a problem with pucks bouncing over their stick at the blueline on that side of the ice, when going that way - nothing more than badly manicured ice. The best defensive defenceman out there was McEneny - never out of position, physically very strong and always taking his man - nobody walked away from him - controlled traffic in front of his net. He made one mistake on the boards at the hashmarks in his own end when he flubbed a backhand up the boards - but he got back in the play and eliminated his man. He also had a nice assist on a long pass to Carcone. Unfortunately, he only got one game. He had a great year in Kalamazoo last year, being a big plus defenceman - plus 17 in 39 games and 25 points (he played very well, along with Cederholm) on a very poor team.
  4. You know a guy? Sounds like gossip to me.
  5. I dislike the new web page intensely, it looks like is is built entirely for viewing on a cell phone, I don't use a cell phone for viewing the Canucks site, because I use a computer. In addition, the site is taken up with great big picture blocks, and essential information is buried out of site. Very difficult to find the message board, it doesn't announce on what media the current game is being broadcast, or even if it is. The big blocks for videos do not need to take over the site, they could have stayed in the place where they were, which was clear enough to find the videos. The site is not just about ONE thing - showing videos, it is about ALL things Canucks. The new site sucks - it looks like it was composed on an iWatch.
  6. He's being played as a number 1 D man because the rest of the group is so weak. It is no accident that we finished 28th overall and that our PP was 29th - a stat with which Edler had a lot to do. So, yes, he is being overpaid compared to current performance, but not compared to the promise he showed four years ago - unfortunately, he hasn't lived up to that promise... not even close. Then there is Sbisa at 3.6 million with term - now that really was wishful thinking on Benning's part. One of the reasons that Tryamkin is not being hyped is probably that outrageous contract - how bad does it look, if Sbisa is not in the top six - it looks really bad... so Tryamkin pays the price so that Benning won't look bad on the trade for Sbisa and the lunatic size of his contract.
  7. More than anything, Edler needs to be both fit and healthy - he really looks like he limped into each season since the run to the final - after being a promising stud, since then he has looked lost, frail, lacking in confidence and vulnerable. A longer preparation to get fit and the opportunity to get his head right might do wonders. There was a time, not that long ago, when he was one of the most promising young D stars in the league - he has fallen miles since - maybe being snubbed will light a fire in his belly again.
  8. As for the forwards being very weak, I'm not sure of that - unheralded, yes, but many of them just flew under the radar - we'll see when they play Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg in the Young Stars, how they compare to some elite talents. I think Daoust is going to be a very interesting guy - one of the top scorers in the QMJHL - and he has good size. Carcone will be an intriguing player, as well - very, very smooth and with great hands.. Both of them can score and make plays, they might make great additions in Utica. Hopefully Valk can make the move up from the ECHL into Utica this time. I'm interested in seeing McEneny at the Young Stars - he was a stalwart for his junior team - their top scoring defenceman, who played over 30 minutes a game, in all situations. He had a very good season in Kalamazoo - he was a big plus player on a not very good team - and he has something we have not had in abundance in Vancouver in a long time - a defensive prospect with both skill and size. The question is, does he have NHL skill and size - maybe one day a very sound #5 or 6 on D. I agree on your assessment of the D and in goal - a very promising group.
  9. Thanks for posting - quite the highlight package for a 6th round pick. He has amazing acceleration going from fast to fastest in just a couple of steps - that kind of shift in speed is major league. He'll be a fun guy to watch at the Young Stars in Penticton this coming weekend. Yahoo, I've got great seats!
  10. Actually, I did watch the games and his -30 was well-earned by being ineffective in his own end. When he learns how to turn the -30 into a +30, then maybe he could be considered for captaincy - right now he shouldn't even be considered future captain material because he hasn't proven anything. That would be kind of like giving the Nobel Award to some guy who hasn't accomplished a damn thing... oops... Al Gore, ...Obama. We don't have to make the same mistakes as the Nobel Society.
  11. Doug Gilmour "bull in a china closet"?? Don't get me wrong, Gilmour was a fine player and tough as nails - but I don't think 'bull in a china closet' is an apt description. More like a hungry rat in a pantry.
  12. -30. Leaders are supposed to lead by example - that is not a good example.
  13. I don't think so, I think they rate defensemen strictly on the number of points they get. Or they give Edler a plus for each set of opposition shin pads he blasts the puck into before it bounces back out past him and he does one of patented Edler stumbles.
  14. Larsen may get in as the right hand shooting PP specialist on our 29th rated PP, while Tryamkin takes Sbisa's spot simply because Tryamkin outplays him in pretty much every aspect of the game. Pedan over Biega because Biega can be sent down - that is if we keep 7 D instead of 8 - the health of our D will determine those numbers. Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Tryamkin Larsen Sbisa Pedan (if we keep 8 D) - with Pedan, Gudbranson and Tryamkin in the line-up, we'd sure be a lot tougher to play against. and that might just keep our aging forwards healthier, and MIller might be able to get run over a heckuva lot less - which might help his play. As for a dark horse - Subban in Larsen's spot. It will also be interesting to see if McEneny and Cederholm move up to Utica this year - both were big plus D's in the ECHL - both are big, tough and physical and McEneny is quite skilled. He was a 30 minute plus D man on his junior team. Hope to see these guys in the young stats tourney in Penticton - it will be really interesting to see how all the young D we have been drafting are progressing.
  15. The point in tanking is not a guarantee, it increases the odds of getting a star player dramatically. The only star player we have ever drafted at centre - wow, that happened when we had the second and third overall picks. Let me repeat that for the hard of hearing in Vancouver - in forty years we only ever had one star centre worthy of the name - drafted second overall. We have had forty-six years to get one by other means, and never succeeded - which says all you need to know about the value of tanking.