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  1. A guy that plays like Podkolzin can play with anyone and make that line better.
  2. Interesting viewpoint, Burrows and Kesler were both initially deployed in the NHL on a checking line and PK pairing. That definitely was a pathway to greater things.
  3. A view, apparently, not shared by his agent. See above.
  4. I really like the way both Lind and Gadjovich have progressed this year. They have both advanced so much that it is now actually more difficult to judge where their top end is - and that is a good thing.
  5. Conditioning and training are not the same thing. A person can be in fine condition but not trained appropriately to a specific task or purpose.
  6. I'm not usually a guy that is over optimistic about Juolevi, but in fairness to him, that was not why he was put on the second pairing. His story is like Rathbone's in that regard. Juolevi's junior team had a young player with strong offense but weak defensively, so they used the young guy on the first pairing, and put Juolevi on the second pairing to look after defensive responsibilities - and at the junior level, Juolevi excelled at that role. He pretty much maintained his offensive output, but also took on the enhanced defensive responsibilities. The next season, he went back to Finland, and after a tough season start went on to have a fine season that included leading the Finish team in the world junior series. The next season he came to Utica and began the season putting up strong offensive numbers, but struggled defensively. About a dozen games in he tweaked something, but continued for a few more games until they diagnozed his knee problem. This year he came back more focused on his defensive game, he was given much more defensive responsibility, like PK and defending against the other team's top unit. His offensive production dropped off, but then he had less opportunity considering his role - but the team thrived. The last game he played, as I recall, ended early after he had blocked a shot. In my opinion, staying healthy at sports is a learned skill that is prefaced with sound training. Looking at Juolevi's injury record, I have to question his training - or perhaps his has the misfortune to be unlucky or to be fragile. Houston, he has a problem, pick a cause or identify something that hasn't been considered.
  7. I think he has just had his first or second game back from injury.
  8. I kind of see Woo as a right-handed Hamhuis. A very good defensive D that can be very physical ( Hamhuis brought down some big men with that hip-check) and in the right circumstance bring some decent O - at best a strong number 3, but at least a good third pairing guy that can play higher when called on. He did not have a strong start to this year, but started last year the same way, then kicked butt after he was rejected by the national juniors - kind of like Lind last year.
  9. Two assists midway through the second for Rafferty today - helpers on a shorty and on a PP. Leads all AHL rookie D’s with 2g 14a 16 pt in 22 games.
  10. I like his swagger, too. There are lots of guys who think they can and can’t; but before you can you have to think you can - maybe Hogs can both think and do. Bure was like that.
  11. I am looking now. Yep, goal today for Gadjovich, and a goal and an assist for Jasek, end of the first. Rafferty with an assist, too against Toronto. Is your audio working?
  12. In fairness, sometimes one can’t look at Edler and think that the same player is playing that played the game before, but in fairness to Edler, he plays hurt a lot because we pretty much need him to play every game. He blocks a ton of shots and takes (and delivers) a ton of heavy hits. In a perfect world, Juolevi would not have missed so much development time through injury so that he could be ready to take over Edler’s role when Edler is not 100% - good for Edler and good for Juolevi’s development.
  13. Yeah, I recognize that it’s true, I’m wondering what it is specifically in his case that makes it so. As for Baer, I wasn’t wondering, his concussion problem i# an issue, but I’d venture to say that his risk is pretty much the same in Utica as in Vancouver, especially considering there has generally been more mayhem in the minors than in the NHL. My thought process in regard to why he is in the minors, is that he was marginal as a top six guy in the NHL in any event and he isn’t suited to a bottom six role in a ‘traditional’ deployment - and Miller and Boeser take away two of those spots leaving Baertschi fighting for one of the others with Pearson, Leivo, and Virtanen - who each bring other attributes such as the ability to work up and down the lineup and more of a physical nature.
  14. If we are so enviable in terms of depth, why are we 3-6-1 over the last ten games while Sutter and Beagle are out?
  15. Strong start in Utica for Baertschi today nice goal and great assist in the middle of the second period. Roussel getting in game shape in Utica, also. Boucher unsuccessful on two in cold breakaways so far. Boucher does it all in Utica, PP, PK, successfully - hard to figure this guy can’t find a role in the NHL.