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  1. Actually, that should be a 'farmed' salmon.
  2. Absolutely NOTHING lucky about that shot, he cut in to get that shot through the defenceman's feet to use the D as a screen - that is a pro play all the way.
  3. Boeser's goal was a goal-scorer's goal, for sure, made that nice inside cut off left wing to improve his angle and gain the screen through the defencemen's legs. Bet the goalie never picked up the puck till it was halfway there. Other than that, I thought he had a slow start till he started to get used to his linemates. I was not a fan off Gudbranson, but ifhe is going to play like that I sure could become one. Holm was steady until the third - I did not like the play where he skated past his man, Brown, I believe, and didn't put on the brakes to recover - maybe he got away with that in Sweden - we'll see if he is a quick learner. But he does look calm in possession of the puck and made decent passes. I didn't mind Pedan, he is raw, but a very good skater, and when White took that hard hit, he stepped in to protect his team-mate. He had Green as a coach last year, and maybe he knows what Green expects in that situation. Horvat was almost invisible, but if I recall correctly, he is notorious for slow starts. I hope that is not a continuation of last year's finish for him. Markstrom looked terrific and really into it - he looks like the guy who WANTS to be numero uno. Liked Burmistrov - very smooth, Goldobin was making the effort, but sometimes looked a bit lost defensively - not sure if he has the cure some more in the minors, or if he needs experience at the NHL game to cure that. Man, Stetcher has energy and try, and a decent dose of skill - I do believe he will just get better. Granlund looked like the NHL regular he has become from beginning to end - Baertschi did too, in the third period. Biega was what he is, an undersized D with energy and try. Del Zotto had a very shaky first period, and didn't much help our PP, his puck-handling improved as the game went on, chalk it up to veteran rust, I suppose. I think the thing that disrupted the Canucks game the most was the endless penalties - but, if that reduces significantly the amount of slashing in the league, I'll take it; but everybody knows that in the last twenty games of the season and in the playoffs, that is probably not going to be called. Nice to see Don Nachbaur on the LA bench, he played summer hockey with us in Prince George in his draft year. He was a big, strong, skilled guy playing with us, he got drafted by Hartford and I think they wanted him to be a goon. We saw him again after he came up tp lay with Hartford, and he told us a story about his first NHL game. He got into a fight, and when he got to the penalty box, a teammate skated by to give him his hlmet, stick and gloves. According to Don and my fading memory, he said, "See all the blood on me, I guess I sure beat on him (or words to that effect). His teammate looked at him and said, "That's YOUR blood rook, that was Al Secord."
  4. Seems like Jake is making history, an eighteen year old doesn't stick with the team right away... his career must be over!!! Only two guys have not made the team right away and made the team again later!!!! The sky is falling!!! Okay, he might NOT make the team, but this is just ridiculous, it is way, way too early to tell. Virtanen's problem the first year, was the guy who got fired, plus the fact that he left Vancouver with No idea what kind of player he was supposed to be. That seems to be a problem for young guys with size that come to Vancouver... cough (Tryamkin). Oh yeah, we didn't like Neely, either, well at least not enough to keep him over a guy with a tumor on his arm the size of an apple.
  5. Our problem next year is going to be places available in the top six, even in the top nine - unless a couple of the young guys step up and make the selection obvious - if they do, that would give us assets to move that may have value. It looks like Baertschi, Horvat, D. Sedin, H. Sedin, Granlund, and Sutter are there and that the young guys have to play well enough to take their jobs and push them out of the top six: candidates for that are Boeser, Goldobin, Rodin, possibly Virtanen (because he brings a needed ingredient that the others don't possess), Boucher?, and our first pick (we may have an u Canuck-like good fortune and get Patrick (who might be ready)). I'd love to think Dahlin is ready, but that was not the top tier of hockey in Sweden that he was playing. Sadly, unless our first pick is a wondrous anomaly, we will be very weak in the middle). The reason I say they have to push the existing forwards out of the top six spots is because we just are not good enough at the top of the lineup - and we won't get anywhere other than the bottom of the league until we improve at the positions that consume the greatest portion of the ice time. After a year like this, no veteran player should think he has a secure job,not the Sedins, not even Horvat. What to do with Erickson? Is the problem that he had no-one to play with? That seems to have been the problem with Vrbata - who scored again once he changed teams. Or was that also coaching? With the decline of the Sedins to the point where they were almost entirely incapable of getting out of their own zone, too slow in transition, incapable of puck recovery in the offensive zone, and no longer capable of handling the puck or completing a pass, we have really been left without a creative centre (I don't think that is Horvat's forte - he doesn't seem to be a great playmaker - Sutter certainly is not About the only thing that improved this year was faceoffs and goal tending - I guess that means Malhotra and Cloutier should keep their jobs - and maybe Jarvis - because puck recovery is part of winning faceoffs. I will be going to the Penticton tournament again this fall, it was very revealing last fall - the dearth of prospects available to move up was ominous (pretty much the available prospect was Stetcher). I'd love to see more surprises there again this year (and I think we are very likely to), especially if Boeser, Goldobin, and our first pick are there. Last year, Stetcher, Juolevi, and especially McEneny really stole the show on D. Of the forwards, only Valk (again), and Carcone were really surprises (Carcone did pick it up at the end of the year in Utica). It would be interesting if Benning can find another defensive surprise out of college - like Stetcher (or like Gillis found in Tanev) - we could sure use the help. Other prospects for the fall camp to measure the progress of, will be Brisebois, Neill, Olson, Zhukenov and McKenzie.
  6. Argh! Senility strikes again!
  7. When Hutton came up, he didn't get a game with Green until injuries let him in in the playoffs, he got a game, scored a highlight reel goal on an end to end rush, and next game was back in the stands. That sure taught Hutton a lesson.
  8. Sounds like you have written off Virtanen, McEneny, & Demko. Much too soon to write off any of those three. Of those, McEneny took advantage of playing in the ECHL last year as a spring board to this year. Once Green finally played McEneny, he was steadily moved up in the lineup until he was on the first PK unit, then was always on the ice for the last minute of games and periods, and lately he has been on the PP - I believe he now has 9 points in his last 10 games (he was first star in Utica's last game, as I recall). Juolevi, Brisebois(5 assist night two games ago), Neill, and McKenzie (as a two way third or fourth line centre) also show some promise. Looking at McEneny's development, the ECHL might be a good place to bring on defencemen and goalies - both of whom seem to take more time in development. Valk, the Comets highest scoring centre is also an ECHL grad. But yeah,the Canucks depth up front is far from good, even a fair ways away from adequate - Benning wasted some high picks on Vey and Dorsett, and may have really screwed up on the Gudbranson deal (a first (McCann), a second, and a fourth for the defenceman with the highest minus on the team at the time he got hurt. On the plus side, he did score on Stetcher and Tryamkin, and made good trades on Granlund and Baertschi. Erickson looks like a major bad deal that will hurt us for years. If ownership can get their heads around the fact that this team needs a rebuild, then he has the opportunity to load up on picks at the trade deadline: might as well trade Hansen, Burrows, Edler and MIller - so that we can at least get something for them Too bad nobody would even take the Sedins off our hands even if we paid them, and even if the Sedins were willing to leave their comfortable retirement home in Vancouver. The performance out of those guys died the day they got their long-term deals. If we could get rid of the other old farts on the team (Edler, Hansen, Burrows & Miller, and move Tanev because he is probably worth something pick wise), we might even manage to get to the third overall pick. So long as Benning doesn't waste that pick on another guy with a bad shoulder to start his NHL career - we might gain a valuable forward at the draft.
  9. A goal and assist tonight, in a Comets' 5-2 win. This guy is legit. He's been effective on the PP for the past few games, too. He has obviously gained the confidence of the coaches, expect to see him get a long look this fall when we likely lose a defenceman in the expansion draft.
  10. Salo was 215 pounds quite a bit bigger than Juolevi, I just hope Juolevi is as smart - and I hope Juolevi is luckier health-wise!
  11. I saw him (Juolevi) this fall in Penticton. He is a very smart player, great positionally, great outlet pass, he'll be a guy with lots of 'third' assists' on great breakouts - if he gets strong enough. The second best Canuck defenceman in Penticton, was McEneny - he is already big and strong enough, and has a very good shot. Utica plays him in the last minute of each period, first unit on the PK, and last minute of the game on a team laden with experienced defensemen. Hopefully, one day our next Willie MItchell, but who can shoot the puck.
  12. Looks like the coach is not arguing with you, he is out there at the end of each period and in the last minute of games, as well as first unit on the PK. When I watched the Canucks propects last fall, he was the best defenseman after Stetcher - even though McEneny only played one game. He is a big guy and a strong skater. His positioning is very good, and his gap control, excellent (best of all the prospects, actually). He reads the attack very well and is rarely out of position. It took several games before he broke the Comets lineup, but after that he just kept getting more and more time. He also plays either side very well. For Green to use a 22 year old defenseman the way he does, really says a lot about McEneny - Green uses a lot of veterans on D. McEneny a great year in the ECHL last year, and he used that as a spring board to crack the Comets line-up this year - Canucks D prospects should keep that in mind next year if they don't make the Comets. It will be crowded on the back end in Utica next year - and Green has a habit of relying on vets. McEneny is showing that some time in the ECHL to get up to speed playing D in pro hockey is not necessarily a bad thing.
  13. Stetcher plays much tighter to his check than Subban ever has. He is quick to close at any hesitation and at any opportunity - you will see him tight to his mark and using his leverage from low pushing up and into the man he is checking. Subban really doesn't get great leverage when he checks people, gives way too much gap (which gives the offensive player far too much time and opportunity to get position and leverage on him), Stetcher makes the decision to close very quickly and moves in at the optimal moment most often. That said, the defensive game is learned through diligent application - hopefully Subban has the patience and focus to apply himself to that part of the game - either he does, or he never advances - which would be a shame - he does have great offensive skill and instinct. Still, he is a young D, and small guys have to have better skill and judgement to play at the same level as bigger guys - who knows... in a couple more years? He is a pleasure to watch on the attack, that is for sure - sure hope he can learn to love playing the defensive game as much as he loves to move up the ice. I really like the way he can escape his own zone.
  14. He has another good reason to rave about Green, Green plays him - WD benches him. He has rewarded Green with 4 goals in his last 8 games.
  15. I liked his game better in his previous year's youngstars - he was much more noticeable then, especially when he pushed up the wing - he appeared to be a very strong skater, but did not assert himself physically. He did have a slow start, but has really come on. Anybody know if he was unfit, or was injured early?