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  1. Green is trying to be safe.
  2. It is if your only talent is on offence.
  3. I don't think it is a Jake problem, I think it's a coaching problem. In pre-season, jake and boeser were both producing at about the same rate. To start the season, Green benches Boeser and Virtanen (at least marginalizing them) - as soon as he starts playing Boeser, he starts producing again. In my opinion, so would Jake - if given the same opportunity to play quality minutes. To confirm that, when Burmistrov was given quality minutes tonight, guess what... production. All it took was Erickson being hurt and cutting back on the other old farts, the Sedins. That said, the Canucks weren't the only team not getting value out of their young guys. Pouliot and Nilsson looked very good tonight - when Stetcher and Pouliot were paired it changed the entire pace of the game for Vancouver.
  4. Del Zero is -6 in four games, at that rate he could be -120 by season end - a mathematically prodigious season in anyone's measure.
  5. Well, that's a plus. Still rather have an offensive defenceman who can make the team right away. But probability is that even if we are bad enough to finish last, the earliest we'll pick is fourth - I believe that was written into the NHL charter by Bettman along with his instructions to the supervisor of officials. No, I am not paranoid, I only have a single noid.
  6. Maybe this team should sit a Sedin that is no help on defence either, and play a guy that might score and won't be any worse defensively.
  7. Will he go whining back to Russia if he doesn't get 59 minutes of ice per game?
  8. The Sedins need Hansen or a young Malhotra, someone who can carry them to the bank with their big, heavy pay checks.
  9. With a good playmaker on his line, he could do that - he has the speed to get around people, he has a very good shot, he is strong enough to assert himself around the net,and he can bounce defencemen off the puck - with a wee more experience he might make an interesting penalty killer, too - the strength to pull past a defender on a turnover, and the speed to not see him again.
  10. Funny, isn't it, some people just hate seeing others succeed. It reminds me of a lot of people's politics - they'd rather have the country go to hell than have someone else do better than them. The Age of Envy.
  11. Rick Girard was close. Second round pick had 71 goals and 141 points. Never played a game with the Canucks, but did have a long career in Europe. Moe Lemay, a 5th rounder, had 138, including 68 goals. He played parts of 6 seasons with the Canucks - had 21 goals one year.
  12. You do know that while Boeser is the top preseason scorer in the NHL with 6 points in three games, Chatfield is fifth with 5 points - in TWO games. http://www.foxsports.com/nhl/stats?category=SCORING
  13. He would haveto play entirely differently. Boeser's game is adapted to exactly what he is - most guys who don't make the NHL don't make it because they don't know what kind of player's they are and what their game should be.
  14. His shot is unreal, but I like his lateral move across the front of the goal that preceded it - the goalie has to move with him, and that opens up the five-hole - exactly where he shot.
  15. Demko had an ailment in his last game vs Vegas; he was suffering from an awful case of defence.