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  1. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Interesting to see if it will outdo the 1979 draft - 940 career goals for Vaive, Ashton and Graham. The tragic thing is, Graham never played for the Canucks, Vaive played 47 games, and Ashton played only 124. Hopefully we keep the talent from this draft.
  2. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    I was looking at the prospect points tracker all the way down at the bottom, and noticed: If Forsling ( Gillis pick, I believe) could transfer himself and his points to Vancouver, he would be our highest scoring defenceman at 2g 5a in 17 games compared to Del Zotto at 1g and 6a in 20 games played. Apparently, he was traded for, along with a 2nd round pick, for Adam Clendenning and Brandon Sutter, in order to get rid of a guy who went on to win two Stanley Cup rings. In PPG, Jarred McCann with 2g 3a in 8 games, would be our second highest scoring C. Thankfully, Benning is better at drafting that at evaluating NHL talent.
  3. Jordan Subban | D

    If you can't play defence, you shouldn't play defence - which is Subban's problem. No he hasn't, he has been terrible all year long until the TEAM beat up on another team. The puck wasn't in the Comets end long enough to test anybody defensively. The reason he hasn't been playing much is that he didn't earn a spot. The only thinkg that got him back in was the injury to McEneny - who outplayed Subban in both ends of the rink and on special teams. To get into the line-up, Subban had to be better than somebody, and he wasn't better than somebody until there was an injury - and this is in the AHL, not the NHL. The problem with Subban is not his size - Stetcher is small, and it's not that management hates him - after all, Stetcher won a job - the difference being that Stetcher can play a modicum of D - unlike Subban, and that Stetcher sees the ice better and passes better. Subban will get a shot at being in the best six D at Utica, when he earns it. He'll get a shot at the NHL if and when he earns that.
  4. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    And acquiring all those picks for veterens was how they stayed that way. That is how teams have built - with very rare eceptions. And it still is the way, trade guys at the ends of their careers, trade guys that appear to have peaked but still have good rubber on their tires, trade young guys that appear they won't excel for another kick at the draft. If then you develop them properly, coach them properly, give them a shot where they can succeed, and eventually you own a contender. Lots of teams' ownersip (or management) can't stand the pain of the journey and quit before the job is done and trade of their young promising guys for 'proven guys' - manage to get all the way up to mediocre for a couple of years, before they revert to being almost terrible - the story of most of the ownership in the NHL. Then you get the perrenials that do it right and they have the rafters full of banners. Historically and hysterically, there has been precious little patience among the ownership or the fans in Vancouver to do anything more than excel at mediocrity or less. Maybe this is the time, but I think not - not when they spend money and draft position to acquire the likes of Gagner, Vanek, Ericksson, etc., and keel old hasbeens like the Sedins and Edler. Hard to get betteer when you keep striving to be mediocre. You can't get bad enough to get a shot at getting the can't miss guys often enough. And by keeping the old, overpaid guys - you don't have the cap to reward the young guys, and you can't acquire other team's assets to fill in the hles in your lineup. Every once in a while, a great talent comes to the market, and you don't have the surplus assets to pick it up.
  5. Jordan Subban | D

    Subban invisible defensively is a good thing compared to what he was. Unfortunately, McEneny had to get hurt to get him back in the lineup. Maybe he needs that kind of pressure to make him better. We have a lot of young talent in Utica this year. In previous years they tended to use a lot of veterens on the D. Last night, Subban (22), Sautner (23), Holm (25), Brisebois (20), Chatfield (21), and Sifers (34) - Sifers the only vet. Hurt: McEneny (23) - probably our best D in Utica. Also up, but watching: Cederholm (22) - nice problem to have. They won 7-1. Demko was good. Megna and Chaput were good, Boucher and Goldobin stood out skillwise, Cassels is much improved. Carcone is a tough little nut. Archibald injured. Rodin hurt.
  6. Jordan Subban | D

    Best thing about Subban's game tonight was that defensively he was invisible - that is a big improvement. I watched the game, the whole team played well. Chatfield, defensively was very visible- Sautner and Holm were visible in both ends of the rink.
  7. Jordan Subban | D

    As a defence man being able to play defence is not a "little issue".
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    Without Virtanen that line wandered back out to the periphery, where they slowly dawdled from place to place so they could better figure out who on the other team to give the puck to. Ownership only pays 20 million a year to allow us to watch that. I guess they have to get something for their 20 million. I know , I'm supposed to be grateful for all the Stanley Cups the Sedins have given us in the past, and for another five years of Ericksson. Wasn't Benning with Boston at the same time as Ericksson? Who else was on Ericksson's line in Boston? I won't even mention how many times Edler shot from the point and hit the defender's shin pads, so just ignore this sentence - oops, sorry, I should have put that last bit at the beginning. I would have sent you money, mom, in this envelope, but I had already sealed it and put it in the mail.
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    Because we wanted to score a goal.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    We always like to lead at something.
  11. Jordan Subban | D

    Their website is indeed awful. The problem with Subban is that he is in his third pro year now and sadly has not improved. McEneny draws the big defensive assignments, so minus three is more understandable. By comparison I imagine Subban is protected in that manner, so his minus is far less justified. Chatfield is very interesting, both in the young stars and pre-season, he excelled - to me, he looks to have very pro game. I think one day he is likely to play in Vancouver.
  12. Kole Lind | RW

    Uh, Lind is a right wing.
  13. Jordan Subban | D

    Don't know why you lol, Subban has but one point in 7 games. He is responsible for 20% of the Comet's team minuses at -4. If you had seen him at the young stars you would have seen just how little interest he has in defending. His gap control is awful and his side to side setup is even worse. He can't or won't separate anyone from the puck, and because his positioning is so bad, he also has a poor stick. In addition, he is not a good passer, and does not have great vision. On the positive side, his has good wheels they enable him to escape his own zone - if and when he can get the puck. He can get his shot through and on the net, he moves up well following the rush. But he is a defence man, and if he can't play defence he will never get an NHL job. With the improving talent in Utica, he will be lucky to keep an AHL job. There is a reason he has never had a shot in the NHL - he hasn't earned one.
  14. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames

    I think that is true - last year being a bad sample offensively for Gaunce with bad shoulder. His last healthy stay in Utica he had 17 goals and 38 points in 46 games - toward the end of that season he was a dominant player, and Green was his coach. Hue didn't hurt himself with his play tonight - he was strong, physical and in position - his board play is particularly good. What will be more interesting is what happens when the six million dollar man returns - especially if Gaunce finds his AHL scoring touch - will Erickson play no matter what, or will he have to knock somebody out of the lineup?
  15. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames

    That's a good read explained by the observation that they complete when they are not pressured but fail under pressure now. That's not unusual, players have often said it's the hands that go first, but really it's that super quick automatic judgement that instructs the hands - reactions slow down with age. Today, the twins face much more pressure and make more mistakes - on the two on one the were not pressured buy the defender - and they made the play, and they made it look pretty. Be interesting to see how they look forty games in. Hopefully, with reduced ice time, they will be fresh enough to still be effective. I think the matchups on the road don't hurt them, either.