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  1. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    If the Patriots were going to lose to anyone I'm glad it was Seattle. Two of my favourite teams going head to head (still like Patriots more), was a good match up.
  2. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    What a toss by Wilson to Rice. Come on, Patriots! Wow, what bad plays. 77 tackling his own QB Brady
  3. Canucksbiggestfan

    OMG Rain?

    This weather is awesome, we haven't had this much rain since June! I think we have had enough sun in the past 3 months, now it's time for a lot of rain and hoping for a nice amount of snow this year.
  4. Canucksbiggestfan

    CFL Thread

    Was at the game today, it was one heck of a game. Canucks players were there too... Bieksa, Kesler, Edler, Schneider, Garrison, and Raymond were all there standing on the sidelines.
  5. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    Hahaha, that's a good one! Lol
  6. Canucksbiggestfan

    The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    The best WWE video game was... Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain! I don't really watch wrestling anymore, but it was great from like 1998-2008.
  7. Canucksbiggestfan

    OMG Rain?

    Holy crap! It hasn't rained in so long, I have forgotten what it feels and sounds like. Hopefully we get some solid rain for the next month or so.
  8. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    At least they are having a NFL season, I would take the crappy refs if it meant there would be NHL hockey.
  9. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    This Patriots vs Ravens game is a good one. Edelman is playing great tonight, Brady is playing way better than last week. Go Patriots!!
  10. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    Patriots signed Kellen Winslow!! Thank god, the Seahawks let him go. Hopefully he can make a big impact.
  11. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    The Seahawks Fans are probably one of the best fans in the league, if not in all of sports.
  12. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    What a game by the Seahawks, eh?
  13. Canucksbiggestfan

    What are you listening to?

    Feel Again by OneRepublic These guys don't get enough appreciation, OneRepublic is one of the best music groups out in the industry!!
  14. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    I mean the Raiders field looks like crap compared to other teams, the A's definetly need their own field.
  15. Canucksbiggestfan

    NFL thread

    I never knew that, why don't the A's have their own field?