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  1. That's a pretty low bar.
  2. Funny how often people throw out "the kids" in these discussions, but like "the core" it is completely subjective and ambiguous without specific names.
  3. Tampa vs. Winnipeg...hmmmmmmm
  4. You'd think the clubs would provide them with some sort of PR/media training once drafted. Too many kids seem to get into a bit of trouble just by saying the wrong things at the wrong time. It's unfair as the Interweb blows everything everything out of proportion but it is unfortunately reality these days.
  5. Tilly hats are overpriced and dorky, but they do work
  6. Apparently Bieber can play.
  7. I wouldn't walk away from his paycheck until I absolutely had to. Would you?
  8. Stability for your family.
  9. That version with his body inside the V makes it look like someone is disposing a body in a wood chipper and its just the head left to go.
  10. If he's been given, and follows, good advice, he shouldn't be reading every piece of press about him nor following boards etc. so no matter how much noise there is, he shouldn't be paying attention. Talk to management about what's needed and if and when the press asks you questions, you give professional answers (even if the are stock substanceless ones). There is no benefit to him to follow news or get caught up in anything other than focusing on what his club is asking him to do.
  11. That was his best stretch for sure regardless, yes.
  12. Not that many of those points were actually with the Sedins though if I remember correctly.
  13. It counts for Vancouver, but not the Canucks. Victoria and Seattle have one too!
  14. Something like where he'll be going for the front of the net, feel a stick on his jersey, execute a full dive, have the puck hit his butt, then deflect off the d-man's skate into the net?