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  1. As long as it doesn't overlap with the game before, who cares?
  2. It was just the second pre-season game but definitely some positives.
  3. I can see them in for a one or two later in the preseason. They do need to work with the rest of team in game conditions at some point.
  4. Yes, I wouldn't read too much into it. I will be more interested in how he looks next year.
  5. Will be a good test with the forwards the Oilers are dressing.
  6. Forsberg's 1.25 ppg is amazing, especially considering his injuries towards the end.
  7. Better than last year but still missing post season (but closer than last year).
  8. "It was beautiful. Trust me".
  9. Thanks. Hopefully precautionary
  10. Same shoulder as before?
  11. Painful loss in the first "must win" game of the year.
  12. A very poor man's Karlsson?
  13. Still just a business though. And in terms of sacrifice, how many millions of dollars have they been paid over the years? They aren't exactly sacrificing or suffering much, they've done very very well for themselves while living a stable family life in one city. Not may players get to have that luxury anymore..