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  1. nvrmnd
  2. The average fan likely doesn't pay that much attention to anything other than what they see on the ice , so don't really know or care about what management says about long-term strategy anyway.
  3. Like a player has never taken a while to adjust to a new team, or have a slump, or a hidden injury, or struggling with moving family and other adjustments, etc., etc.
  4. What the players do on the ice matters too. These are professional hockey players not little kids - they shouldn't need to look to the coach to know what to do while watching a team score six goals against them.
  5. Except teams still need some experience and leadership to help "the kids" learn the game properly. A team of rookies is not generally a good recipe for development.
  6. There may be a few more wins that a different coach could pull off, but in the grand scheme, so what? It isn't likely to change their position in the standings or their longer term strategy (which isn't the job of the coach). A new coach won't change the roster.
  7. That's a pretty low bar.
  8. Funny how often people throw out "the kids" in these discussions, but like "the core" it is completely subjective and ambiguous without specific names.
  9. Tampa vs. Winnipeg...hmmmmmmm
  10. You'd think the clubs would provide them with some sort of PR/media training once drafted. Too many kids seem to get into a bit of trouble just by saying the wrong things at the wrong time. It's unfair as the Interweb blows everything everything out of proportion but it is unfortunately reality these days.
  11. Tilly hats are overpriced and dorky, but they do work
  12. Apparently Bieber can play.
  13. I wouldn't walk away from his paycheck until I absolutely had to. Would you?