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  1. That is why I thought picking Juolevi over Tkachuk was the right choice. The team's issues are not going to be solved with a single draft pick, though, so yes, we'll need to see what else management does between now and puck drop.
  2. Hard to say with the complication of the expansion draft on top of everything
  3. My view is that there only is one pick worth talking about it. The later picks are so far down that anything or nothing could happen with them (like on every other team). How may 64th picks play 20 games in the NHL? Never mind 140s. I feel better about picking Juolevi over Tkachuk but it will take years to truly evaluate.
  4. Didn't they try to trade Higgins already with no interest?
  5. No way Burrows is fast or effective enough to be on the first line anymore. Sure, maybe a few shifts and the odd powerplay, but not permanently.
  6. Leafs talk about the Sedins = tampering Canucks talk about Subban = league conspiracy against the Canucks by calling it tampering. Rules is rules.
  7. I put it in quotes as it wasn't quite the right word. Goodwill is better - thanks.
  8. One hopes that management at this level doesn't take things like that "personally". Its all just business.
  9. I don't recall how long he was out for, but yes, at the time, they didn't know if he was going to play again or how effective he might be. The club took the safe bet. In hindsight keeping him was likely the better choice, but only in hindsight.
  10. I think it is often the case that people like the jersey that the team had when they first started watching or during something memorable like a cup run. It is part of the personal preference aspect. I grew up with the stick and rink and still like it for it's simplicity, but prefer the Orca. I was never a fan of the flying V nor the skate (hated them when they first came out and they never grew on me). Johnny Canuck is far too cartoonish and for me, since it was never used by the NHL Canucks, it isn't something to return to. I don't mind it as a shoulder patch as a nod to the larger history. If they really feel a need to redo the jersey, either tidy up the Orca or go in a completely different direction (which I am not in favour of). Bouncing back to older jerseys is worse than changing for something new IMO.
  11. At some point, it is more about who isn't playing than who is in this scenario. I doubt anyone wants to just dump Burrows like last week's trash, but that is the nature of the beast (and why they are paid so well when they are playing).
  12. If so, get rid of George but hire someone new! Ron is a step backwards and I personally came to dislike his "I know better than everyone" approach to everything. He thought he was bigger than the show and it showed.
  13. I think the panel is generall better under George. Ron just tried to talk over everyone because he thinks he's right about everything. George let's people express views and I think Kypreos in particular is better for it.
  14. " In 1932, the NHL let grain merchant James E. Norris, who had made two previous unsuccessful bids to buy an NHL team, purchase the Falcons. Norris' first act was to choose a new name for the team—the Red Wings. Earlier in the century, Norris had been a member of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, a sporting club with cycling roots. The MAAA's teams were known by their club emblem and these Winged Wheelers were the first winners of the Stanley Cup in 1893. Norris decided that a version of their logo was perfect for a team playing in the Motor City and on October 5, 1932 the club was renamed the Red Wings." This is the logo from the Montreal team with the MAAA logo. Pretty easy to see how it became the Detroit one. But yes, there was a nod to the motor city which I forgot about. Never mind playoff beards, let's see 'staches like these make a comeback!
  15. Playing pick-up hockey in Australia, the Orca is one of the most common jerseys I see (and this is a group from Australia, Canada, US, Finland, Europe, etc.)