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  1.   Full marks for creating something somewat different. Usual jersey ideas are recombinations of existing designs.
  2. Where would Kassian have fit in this rebuild?

    Too many variables. If he turned himself around with the off-ice stuff, who knows? If he didn't, he would have not been a part.  
  3. A new coach

    Wow, a coaching thread. This will be fun, I've never seen one before.  
  4. Statistics can be interesting

    Those stats can't really be compared between forwards and defense though.  
  5. Loser Points (Discussion)

      Why not just simple: 2 points for win, 0 for loss regardless of regulation, overtime, or shoot out. That way there is clear motivation to win at any point in the game, and the standings would be clear. The only reason to not, would be if the games were allowed to end in a tie (hence two points being split). No matter what scenario, 3 points don't split accross two teams  
  6. King Makers or Pan Handlers?

    My bad - sorry  
  7. King Makers or Pan Handlers?

      Maybe. It would be nice to get at least a couple of additional second round picks out of the existing assets though (vs. nothing).  
  8. King Makers or Pan Handlers?

    Other than that "Nuck" should be "'Nucks", it seems pretty clearly expressed...???  
  9.   Though in toady's NHL they would be called for cross-checks, holding, and roughing. Which is why we see those huge 11 player dogpiles in the crease these days.    
  10. King Makers or Pan Handlers?

    Yes, they are not going to get any immediate game changers for either of those pieces. No one would make that trade. Picks or at best prospects. but that is a good thing for the future.  
  11. Canucks 3 on 3

    I really don't see this as any great reveleation moment for WD and that he had no idea what 3 on 3 meant. I think there was a time of giving vets and proven scorers the opportunity while not exposing rookies to making mistakes with huge consequences.  Players have developed and so does the strategy.  
  12. King Makers or Pan Handlers?

    It's really hard to imagine any of the management sees that the team is a piece or two away from being a cup contender. Playoffs, yes, cup no. So, any movies would be more strategic and based on building to be a cup contender in say 3 years. As such, no matter what happens the tank crowd and the go for the cup crowd will likely be equally disappointed at the deadline.
  13. I do get that a lot of people here grew up watching the team with this jersey so have a soft spot for it but it really is ugly. Like it for nostalgia reasons, but let's not preent its a great jersey. AIDS joke not funny or appropriate BTW.  
  14. Loser Points (Discussion)

      Hasn't this been beaten to death enough times already? Until the NHL actually entertains change, can there really be anything left to say?  
  15. [POLL] Age Demographic of Canucks Talk

    October 28, 1756