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  1. It does amuse me that 1 key piece that no one has addressed when talking about why certain teams will win is that its the playoff...things change. Having played at a reasonably high level of hockey I know that your chemistry with your linemates changes when the intensity ramps up its hard to play a little faster and retain your game flow, also likewise your opponents intesity changes your flow. Sooooo hard to say that X will win based on A, B and C. But this is why this is fun... For example we all know the refs change the way they make their calls and the level of committment to a shift increases by most. The Flames imo have worked at close to 100% effort every shift almost all year which may give them an advantage BUT what if that level of output is now matched by the Canucks and as a result the Flames cant get their mojo going? Hence why the biggest advantage the cancuks have is their experience, its HUGE. Well thats my VERY rare 2 bits...love reading tho..GO NUCKS! FYI people are welcome to follow my lead and add a canucks flag to their vehicle for at the start of each round (i have all 4 primed and ready to put on the truck!)
  2. one does have to wonder how the no trade clause that Kesler has come into play on a "blind" trade. Say we deal with Philly and they turn around and move Kesler to Chicago, I'd think Kesler would have to approve.