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  1. Kesler fought Iginla, Iggy broke his finger, missed most of the first but came back for the second. Hansen scored from centre ice off Charas stick Booth Sniped one on a half breakaway
  2. You would never know it if you saw a Go Daddy site, they don't brand anything, They are B2B, so I know I deal with them but people who visit my website will have no idea who built it, who hosts it or who directs the address to the hosting location. You can check by going to WHOIS.com and searching domains, you can see which company is hosting / redirecting the DNS
  3. They're a huge company, I use them all the time to reserve web domains, and I have used them for hosting, but I've never had them design a website for me. They probably host hundreds of thousands if not millions of websites. One thing about them, their customer support is freaking fantastic, and always instant, I've never been on hold with them. In fact, they often call me to check in and make sure things are working, or that problems we've solved haven't popped back up.
  4. Thornton Suspension is posted on TSN 15 games
  5. [GDT]Vancouver Canucks @ New York Rangers Nov,30,2013 SNET-P

    Cam Talbot starting in goal for the Rags according to team twitter
  6. [GDT] Panthers @ Canucks - 7PM

    Anyone else notice that the score line was temporarily COP vs JUV (Copenhagen vs Juventus???)
  7. Nope. vannered is the first member of CDC, and he joned in January, 2003

  8. Nah, CDC was around for a couple of years before I joined, my account was just maintained through 2 or 3 remakes of the entire site, so while many people made new accounts, I kept the old one.

  9. Wow...you're one of the first members of CDC.