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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    -958 for the OP has to be some kind of record or something.
  2. Banned the user above you

    You're all banned for being tools.
  3. Fin Wins! - JUL.30.08

    LOL @ Carlton after he lost the joust. He seemed pretty ticked. Good fin, way to represent Vancouver!
  4. Name That Goalie!

    LOL. Oh man that was uncalled for. That was the suckerpunch of insults.
  5. Name That Goalie!

    Oh god, don't tell me it was Felix Potvin. This guy was the worst goalie the Canucks had in the last 20 years for those who have been around long enough to remember. Before anyone asks, yes, he was worse than Cloutier.