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  1. I would love to man but I really can’t this time, dealing with some heavy stuff. I will be back one day though, love you all. even you @SixFootFiveAndJackedAF. Love and light
  2. The dark underbelly of the mafia world where loonies are won and lost, I am exaggerating of course but you get my point, sometimes people bet on mafia. Playing in the underground circuit takes patience. She is like a fine, well-aged prostitute... it takes years to learn her tricks... heh... she is cruel... laughs at you when you are naked... but you keep coming back for more, and more... why? Because she is the only prostitute I can afford.
  3. Or maybe it’s your body’s way of telling you to make sure to lock your door at night. I mean I didn’t see any weirdos or anything while I was staring at you sleeping but I was only there for like 3 hours so who knows who just waltzed in when I wasn’t there.
  4. Just wanna point out that little gem... you do realize it is based off of things you have previously typed right?
  5. The Spanish is a very well written book but the other two is a very good thing about that and the other one is in a very good way of saying that she was not a very well and a student and I am so happy that you were gonna she is so much better and I would love you more and more of you I love her you so very well I hope she can do that and I love her and you can make it all her and her baby you have to go home with her you know she was just fine she just got home from the house she is just so very good I just wanna is that I am so happy I have a lot to say to her and she just wanna was that she just wanted me and I was just fine she just told her you don’t want her you don’t have any good friends you know you wanna was a very well done to her and I just wanted you know I love her and she is just so happy I love you so very well you are my love you love me I gotta was a very very well I love her you and her baby love her and I hope she gets her baby and she will let you know that she was gonna she is so happy she is doing well I hope you are having her and she will let you know I gotta is a very well thank you so much. - mashing the word predictor on iPhone
  6. Yah you’re probably right the reality is I have no recollection of any game except for the last one I played. I have no memory of posting the $&!#e I posted in these games you bring up from years ago. I have a very specific mafia amnesia man.
  7. Or wait wasn’t it AV who gave a breakdown on how lynching him as scum would make the town lose. He even worked out the math? The tone of that post was very similar.
  8. He got confused by all the erection gifs and now works as a leather clad cage dancer in a nightclub called the meat locker.
  9. Yah and in WW chat only doggiestyle sexting is allowed
  10. Also though you have to take into the willingness of the players to go all in... in a championship game the scum team, one would hope would be so deeply invested they would make very few mistakes. So from that POV it is more balanced but on here I think people get to a point where it’s not worth their while and time to argue as to why they are not scum. So it’s hard to use championship mechanics balancing for casual hockey forum players IMO. ie if everyone is invested and committed it’s an almost perfectly pretty balanced game.
  11. I think mountainous would have been more fair for the scum but just my opinion. With this setup the scum should have had something to balance out the JOATs not so much because of their powers but just because they had the ability to become town cleared.
  12. Brutally scummy, that was a clinic he put on on how not play as town.
  13. Oh Aladeen with 2/3 scum in the first round suckas
  14. He made a mistake, he made a dikcok which is the same as tiktok but for dik vids. DikCok is a registered trademark of Aladeenis Heavy Industries all rights reserved.
  15. Ok guys listen up I’m gonna be straight up with you all, something in my business life has come up. It’s going to require quite a bit of my time for the next few days. Now I am able to somewhat follow along and maybe certain times can get into some back and forth with some players but my activity is going to be lower than usual. I have asked ceres for a sub if he can find one if not I will do the best I can and make the best vote I am able to. If he isn’t able to sub me out know I am TP and if you feel my decreased posting is worthy of a lynch you can find that out for yourselves.
  16. Ok I will leave it there for now since I actually still am working, but in my experience only scum deal in absolutes without investigations. Even as sure as I was in fetch's games with my reads, doubt always came into my mind, and that is evidenced at my last minute vote switching. As town I am never sure, so from my POV it isn't a townie trait being so confident in one's reads, especially when town reading.
  17. So I have some amazing ability no one else has in this game is what you’re saying? I think you overestimate my ability and drastically underestimate your own and everyone else here for that matter. I have played worse scum games than Zfetchs last one and I have played brilliant games. For me it’s not an ability it’s how dedicated I am willing to be to that particular game. Time consideration, who I am on a team with, how determined are they? Each game is different and comes with a different dynamic, meta is useful in the context of tendencies but for you to be so decisive especially after fetch’s scum hunting post tells me that either you are slipping in your ability to find evidence pointing to scum or you know fetch is town because you’re not.