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  1. Hello there how's it goinh how are u doin.How's your summer been.

  2. No Problem. Alyways glad to have canuck friends=) Go nux Go<3

  3. that's awesome...have tons of fun!!.. and np =)

  4. Dealing the Cards - FEB.13.08

    Dice and Ice sounded fun, i saw a bit of it on tv. Not much of a dealer eh?...ur best quality is dancing!? haha, nice try. How about playing hockey? Congrats with the baby and all. We all love you..
  5. Settling In - FEB.12.08

    so since the Dice and Ice is over, how'd u do in the dance-off!?! heard that u looked nervous haha.
  6. Superskills - JAN.04.08

    yay! congrats kes! enjoy being a daddy.
  7. I want to believe. But I think we'd better wait and see first.