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  1. Banned for banana phone.
  2. అసహజ భాషలు ఉపయోగించి కోసం నిషేధించింది
  3. איר גייז זענען רוינג דעם טהררעאַד מיט פראנצויזיש אַדפדאַספאַסדפאַסדפאַסדגאַסדפגפג
  4. Banned for ruining this thread.
  5. is on edge
  6. Thread is officially ruined...
  7. Since he can't spell in english he switched over to french.
  8. Banned for not being able to spell.
  9. Banned for never having an eggo.
  10. Banned for keeping up.
  11. Banned because this is going no where. :D
  12. Banned for using a nonstandard, informal contraction of "should not have"
  13. Banned because I knew that comment was coming.
  14. banned for spamming