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  1. Yah I agree with that combined with the less than expected cap ceiling, wonder why he didn’t sign a prove it type deal (1 year contract).
  2. For that price, for sure! Also I’d rather sign Nyquist for 5.5 then trade for Miller. i like Miller more due to physical play and size but .. Nyquist 1st & 3rd > Miller however, overall I’m happy with the off-season overall and excited for the season/playoff push
  3. Great move for the Devils, they will have a great top 6.
  4. Your quoting me from before Ferlund signed. I wanted an additional top 6 to cap off a great off season, I’m very happy with what he done and I had suggested JB sign a top 6 and worry about the cap space after, then Ferlund came in cheap I love it.
  5. The quote was from before Ferlund signed. I wanted JB to work on getting another top 6 forward which he did I’m vary happy with the Canucks off season.
  6. That trade could work if instead of the Canucks buying him out, he was traded with 50% retention. This would lower the cap hit to 3 million and not have the additional 3 years. Another team may be willing to take on Ryan at 50% considering his size and 42 points.
  7. If somehow we were able to trade Tanev and Sutter, then we could sign Gardiner and move Benn to the right side. Then I’d say this team is a playoff team for sure: Ferland-Petersson-Boeser Miller-Horvat-Pearson Baertschi-Gaudette-Leivo Roussell-Beagle-Virtanen Gardiner Myers Edler stetcher Hughes Benn
  8. I can’t get over 3.5, the cap not being as high as expected was a blessing. Building your team with UFAs is not ideal but this is a bargain not only does he put up 40 points but he plays physical and is only 27. This deal makes the Beagle contract look bad as Ferlund brings a lot more to the table.
  9. Very happy about signing Ferlund! Back around the trade deadline people were guessing he’d sign for as high as 6 million. Also I have zero concerns about the Canucks cap space I have floated the idea of signing Ferlund now and dropping cap later. We don’t need Brock signed until October but preferably September. Also as Johansson Ferlund, and soon to be Dzingle are signed there will be opportunities for trades. I’m just glad we added a top UFA while we had the chance. 3.5 million? Very surprised by that considering every thing he brings. Excellent deal!
  10. I’d do it but doubt Edmonton would. Maybe with Goldobin or a prospect or a pick.
  11. I’d love to add a top 6 but if it is Tanev that we move out to clear cap space I’d rather add Gardiner for same contract as Myers. Gardiner will Probly cost about 1.5 million more than Tanev but I think there is room once you send players to Utica. We can also move Rousell to IR for a few months.
  12. This isn’t speculation JB has said this and Nyquist likely would have been the guy. Shouldnt be any excuses though im sure he could find a way to clear space & sign 1. Not being creative enough and/or working hard enough.
  13. Great signing. would have been perfect contract for the Canucks if we could move Sutter. I would give up an asset with Sutter and or retain some contract. Then johansson could have played top 6 or if Gaudette struggles moved to 3rd line Centre and then move Baertschi to top 6. Hurry up Benning and clear some space! The Canucks can do the same principle if they sign Dzingle or Ferlund except JT Miller being the backup center.
  14. Meier had a better year than Boeser with 30 goals and 66 points. Border isn’t great defensively. IMO on a 4 year deal it should not be higher than 6 million per year.
  15. Disagree I’d do that trade for even less of a return like a 7th round pick. with Eriksson, 50% of Tanev and Goldobin out the door that frees up over 9 million. you could then sign: Gusev -4 million after a trade Gardiner -6 million then play Benn on the right side. Problem is no way Ottawa picks up all that salary when they are close to the cap floor right now.