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  1. High stick to Boeser no call then oilers get power plays to tie and take the lead then refs put away the whistles and no call on Neal taking Tanev to the boards from behind, accident or not it’s a penalty. This was a brutal game to lose time to get rid of Eriksson enough is enough
  2. We don’t deserve to be losing we don’t deserve Eriksson either
  3. Boeser get all bloody from a high stick with no call but we get two high sticking penalties
  4. What about the other time any have that? He took him out twice
  5. Exactly we had the puck in our end with no real pressure some how they get that chance? They gotta clean that up
  6. Another game we out shoot the opponent but lose. We need more offense but let’s leave one of our better offensive players in Utica... stupid!!
  7. Our so called first line looks horrible. Waiting for a chance to blast a puck in an open net not trying to create anything
  8. I like 1 small change for me though Pearson Peterson Miller Baertschi Horvat Boeser For next game obviously. for this game I’ll rock with your line or move Leivo to Ferlund spit remind Ferlund we didn’t sign him because he’s Gretzky
  9. Baertschi is not the missing piece but he is a missing piece 100%
  10. Me too I hate Louie but that’s B.C. his contract and expectations, they both can kill penalties but at least Eriksson can chip in a bit.
  11. I need to GM and coach this team too many mistakes. too many men Ferlund plays like Markus Naslund minus the offense Baertschi not on the damn team