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  1. Montreal took a run at Methot so they could attempt a deal as well. The Canucks should sign a UFA d-man or two which would allow for Botha Tanev trade and reduce the available d-man market.
  2. From Toronto I'd be happy with Lilgren and a 2'nd or prospect.
  3. I think Honka and a 2018 1 for Tanev and a 3 would be fair. keep in mind vancouver will likely pick in top 10 and Dallas could pick in the bottom 10 with Tanev Bishop and Hitchcock
  4. Palmu vs kailer yamamoto 98 points vs 99 points differance is palmu is 20 in July and jailer is 19 in September but round 6 vs round 1
  5. I'm actually more excited for Gradjovic than Lind. I think Gradjovic could be with Utica as soon as next year.
  6. Dipietro at 38 on Craig Button's list and 41 on mckenzies's not bad for #64
  7. at 33: D Hague LW Robertson D Timmins At 55: LW Popugaev - 51 points in 40 games 6'6 217 lbs
  8. Too steep lots of good players left and wouldn't be surprised if one of them is available. 0nly 3 picks before us.
  9. Kostin please! Imo he's the bpa and maybe he brings tryamkin with him.
  10. Agree 100% Tanev is an injury away from losing a lot of value too. Keeping Tanev is like an attempt to not get a good draft pick next year. Can't let these kind of opportunities slip, who else can we trade for an impact future piece, there's not much there.
  11. It makes no sense thar Benning wants a player for now back. He can sign a D-man or trade for one separately we just need a stop gap and possibly someone we can trade for more future assets.
  12. I agree, I don't think we should trade the 5th pick to move down. pick Makar, Glass or Heiskanen in that order. Yes we have OJ playing the same side as Heiskanen but a top 4 with these two would be great and the trade possibilities are good too.
  13. Benning saying he needs a d in return for Tanev is disappointing. Doesn't he have the imagination to make a trade with Vegas or sign a free agent? Need to sell Tanev while his value is highest( now). The Vegas market is different they are not on Tanev's level
  14. #5 assets for Tanev and a top pick next year sounds good to me