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  1. Agreed. He can skate well for a huge guy, adds size(obviously). Right side D which we need. Perfect D partner for Hughes. Hughes Myers Edler Tanev Hutton Stecher Schenn Not too shabby especially the 3rd pairing which can move up when Tanev &/or Edler are hurt. If we could add another D-man that's great(maybe to replace Tanev or Hutton) but this actually doesn't look bad. Myers will likely have to be over paid though, which i think i'm OK with due to being one of the only good right side D-men available.
  2. This might be a good idea the oilers could be giving up on him, also they have cap issues that we won’t for a couple years. i wouldn’t want to give up a 1st though so you could only offer 4 million which might not be enough. 4 million for two years might be ok.
  3. take away Hughes and Kakko. you are left with at least 1 or 2 of these guy at 6 or 7: Byram podkolzin Cozens Dach Turcotte I would also expect Zegras and Boldy to go at 8 and 9 Which leaves you with a very risky D-man pick or risky forwards like Newhook Krebs Kaliyev Caufield The odds of us getting a "game changer" would increase significantly at #6/7 compared to #10. The difference in that first group of players is NOT negligible to the remaining draft eligible players. In fact it could easily be the difference between a star player and a Virtanen level player. Trading for the 6'th or 7th spot would be an excellent strategy but I think you would have a hard time getting Detroit or Buffalo to move them.
  4. I would trade Virtanen 2019 3rd rd pick & #10 overall for 6 or 7 + 2nd round pick I think there are 7 great players in this draft. This would allow us to get a higher end player and if we draft well in that second round we can replace virtanen but we can also replace Virtanen via free agency. Virtanen is a solid player but expendable simply due to not being a game changer and being a winger(easiest position to acquire).
  5. If I’m gm I’m picking 1 of these 9 at #10 if they are available: hughes, kakko,pudkolzin, cozens, byram, turcotte, zegras, dach, boldy if all 9 are gone I’m looking to add a draft pick and trade down to about 15 or 16 and then draft one of krebs, kaiiyev, harley, soderstrom, caulfield, broberg, Newhook or Lavoie. With Kaliyev being my favorite
  6. Juolevi #10 for Hall but we would need to sign him to a new contract, free agent after next year.
  7. I would slightly prefer Boldy as well. A lot of these guys look like they will be great players but for whatever reason there’s always guys in the top 10 that don’t work out should be interesting. wouldn’t be completely against trading the pick for a proven player just to avoid that risk.
  8. Kreb’s is tough to judge because his team has been so bad but I just feel if you are truly an elite level player at the CHL level you should dominate almost regardless of your team but of course having good players around you would make at least a little difference.
  9. I think these rankings which came out today from Sam on Sportsnet are excellent rankings: interestingly enough the one spot I don’t really agree with is #10 as I don’t really want Krebs. However chances are at least one of those top 9 will be available which would be excellent. If not I’d be happy with #11 kaliyev and his 51 goals and 102 points. Wouldn’t mind a Swedish D-man either.
  10. Wouldn’t be against trading the pick but instead of trying to land a top 3 pick which we’d likley have to overpay for just get a proven player. Maybe a package the 10th with other assets for Brayden Point or Marner who will be hard for TO or Tampa to afford.
  11. How is Gaudette gonna help us win the lotto?
  12. I’d like Turcotte more than any of these players Petey can also play wing. Petey/Turcotte Boeser would be be a very nice line. I hope the Canucks don’t avoid drafting a center just because of Petey and Bo
  13. I missed Green and Benning. I there any video of that? I can only see the players on twitter
  14. What’s the strategy gonna be to keep him from going over 10 games? I hope there is 1
  15. Gudbranson was really hurting us and it wasn’t gonna get any better. At least there is hope for Pearson. At worst he’s an overpaid 3rd or 4th line player. At best he returns to over 20 goal and 40 point player and earns his keep. i like his shot and that he goes to the net you can really see this in highlights.