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  1. brian42

    [Signing] Canucks sign Quinn Hughes

    What’s the strategy gonna be to keep him from going over 10 games? I hope there is 1
  2. Gudbranson was really hurting us and it wasn’t gonna get any better. At least there is hope for Pearson. At worst he’s an overpaid 3rd or 4th line player. At best he returns to over 20 goal and 40 point player and earns his keep. i like his shot and that he goes to the net you can really see this in highlights.
  3. Glad we can hear this from the Canucks perspective, will be interesting to see how it turns out. i really don’t understand this from Dahlen’s perspective though. The Canucks are struggling to find responsible scoring wingers trading for guys like spooner who was in the AHL and playing him with Boeser and Petey. Yet he thinks he will have a better opportunity else where? Not to mention Horvat and Petterson as his centers when he does come up. He can’t do 1 year in the AHL? If he thinks he is soo good prove it in the AHL and then he’ll be here. If he he thinks he is as good as Petey that is hilarious. Glad we traded him if this is his attitude.