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  1. I think the overwhelming consensus is Boeser > Toffoli due to age and higher ceiling. However it is not as simple as keeping one or the other. It’s quite possible we keep Boeser and Toffoli walks. However if we trade Boeser and get fair value back then we keep that value and in addition we keep/sign Toffoli. The trade would have to be for a player on his first year of ELC &/or picks and/or prospects. imo it could be a good idea to trade Boeser as he’s a good scorer but doesn’t have great defense (even though his D has been better this year). I have also wondered if the Canucks would get back more value in a Boeser trade due to him being a good scorer but not great all around. His speed and defense isn’t great even his shot hasn’t seemed the same this year. as with any trade it depends on the return. Having another really good player or two on rookie contracts 2 years from now when the Canucks can really contend could really help.
  2. Would you guys trade Demko and Eriksson for a 7th round pick in order to free up cap space? it would suck to lose Demko but it would give the Canucks more cap space to attempt to sign Markstrom, Toffoli and Tanev this year as well as Petterson and Hughes next year. I would do it because it also solves the problem of only being able to protect 1 of Markstrom and Demko in the expansion draft. markstrom has been great for 1.5 years and we also have mike dipietro as a solid G prospect.
  3. Who’s playing better MacEwen or Eriksson? who should come out of the lineup if/when Beagle is back. rhetorical questions. Green wouldn’t understand though.
  4. With everything that has been happening (injuries, tough losses) the Canucks could use some luck. They are getting luck but it’s been bad luck, not only the 1st period coyotes goal but Columbus blows a 2 goal lead and flames win in overtime. I never felt we were in danger of missing the playoffs because of our lead and I believe we are a good team but it’s a real possibility now. i still think we will make it but definitely not as convinced.
  5. All we have to do is fake two injuries in Toronto and he won’t even take up cap space.
  6. Stecher, Sutter(25% retained), OJ for barrie 3rd then we add a forward
  7. 5.38 million on Green this should give them no more cap space to work without freeing up more space. Detroit retained 50% but they still have nothing left.
  8. Hope this takes Edmonton out of any Barrie trade. Doesn’t seem like a steep price depending on what conditional pick that is but I don’t think Green will make a big impact. hasn't cracked 30 points in the last two year and not great defensively.
  9. Agreed the chemistry matters and that would be a tough trade for the players but if we could move Roussel and stecher id jump at that opportunity.
  10. Me too will be tough though Leafs have their own cap issues.
  11. The Canucks wouldn’t have the money to resign Barrie, or they’d have to let someone else walk so either way acquiring Barrie means we are letting someone go. This move would be mainly for this year if stecher is the main piece I’d be ok with it because I think he will be gone either way. But if he costs a lot more than Stecher I won’t like it.