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  1. if we retained salary on Loui I could see it possible.
  2. we have a good quantity of prospects now, we need to work on the quality. A Pastrnak trade would be a great move for our rebuild.
  3. Instead of Gudbranson and Virtanen, i think Hutton and Virtanen would give us a better shot. Boston can see Huttton is cheaper, younger and a RFA after his contract runs up as opposed to a UFA like Gudbranson. If Vancouver can't or doesn't want to re-sign Gudbranson he can be traded at the deadline. Id throw in as high as a 2'nd if needed to try to get it done.
  4. Could potentially add that Juolevi added size and strength and would need to go back to the OHL if not in the NHL. The quote from Benning regarding needing a d-man back was before he signed to UFAs so I'm not convinced we still need that in a return as it would be smart to simply get the most value possible. Liljegren would be a perfect fit coming back. Really makes no sense not to make the deal for both teams. Hope vancouver doesn't wait until Tanev loses value.
  5. This is the lineup I'd like to see but I know we won't: Bear - Bo - Boeser Sedin - Sedin - Goldobin Eriksson- Sutter - Granlund Rodin -Gagner/Burmistrov Dorsett Gaunce not much grit or size but more offence
  6. Montreal has 5 LD on their roster and 2 RD. if Alzner plays with Weber I don't see any reason why Petry and Tanev could not be split up. Also their is many ways to win what is wrong with being the hardest team to score against in the league? Cap wise it works for Montreal who still has a lot of cap space and would be getting 3 players for less than the two they are trading. Montreal gets a younger cheaper C than Plekanec who scored more points on a 29'th ranked team, they also get Baertschi who can fill in most of the void from Galchenyuk and Tanev. Montreal would have more flexibility (3 roster spots for less money) to add another centre or winger who can score after this trade. In Vancouver Galchenyuk could play on Horavt or Petterson's wing in the future as I think he's better suited as a winger.
  7. Hope so. With our newly acuried depth it would be nice if we could come up with a package for some higher end talent. Our depth isn't the issue any more it's top end talent imo.
  8. Tanev & Sutter for Galchenyuk and 2'nd. That is certainly more plausible as it is a simpler deal. I like the idea of Plekanec as he potentially has negative value at the moment with less than 30 points and 6 million contract but I believe if we retain 2 million at the deadline we could turn him into possibly a 2'nd depending on how he plays. Then Montreal has more cap flexibility. I like both deals though. Montreal needs a centre and right side D-man.
  9. our major weakness is scoring and he has potential for 70 points in the future
  10. to MTL: Tanev -main piece for Montreal Sutter - Fills in for Plekanec plus cheaper and younger. Canucks lose the long term commitment. Baertschi -fills in some of the scoring in montreal from Radulov and Galchenyuk 3'rd round Pick To Van: Galchenyuk -main piece for Vancouver much needed scoring Plekanec - Cap dump for montreal(6 million). Only 1 year left for Vancouver can flip at deadline and retain some salary. Allows Montreal to make other adds. 2018 1'st - Montreal is in win now mode so trading a 1'st to a rebuilding team makes sense. Main pieces are Tanev and Galchenyuk, Vancouver gets a 1'st because of adding Baertschi, and eating Plekanec's contract.
  11. 8 team no trade list shouldn't be a deal breaker. With Marleau the leafs are trying to win now before Mathews Marner etc come off their ELCs What about: Lupul (negative value) & Nylander for Tanev. or Lupul Liljegren 2018 1 for Tanev or can Toronto just keep Horton and Lupul on IR?
  12. Compared to last year: Burrows Hansen vs Goldobin Gagner Burmistrov Sbisa tryamkin vs Del Zotto Wiercioch & Holm Miller vs Nilsson seems about the same. again season comes down to bounce back from Erickson & Sedins and goaltending IMO
  13. I'm assuming no one was given a no trade clause however I noticed on capfriendly they do not have details yet at this point. Anyone know or have thoughts about this? i would love to see the following lineup which admittedly doesn't have a lot of size or grit but I think gives us the best chance to win. baertschi Harvart Boeser sedin sedin Goldobin Granlud Sutter Erickson -plays against other teams top line Rodin Gagner Burmistriv Gaunce Dorsett this gives us 4 lines which can score. We no longer have an elite top line but with this balance our scoring should go up. the key to the season will be rebounds for Erickson and the Sedona as well as our goaltending
  14. Great post and love the lineup. Same lineup I want with Gange getting pp time and moving to the sedin line if Goldobin struggles. I'd like to give Goldobin the chance to score in that position though. Also wouldn't mind moving Gange to the third and moving Sutter to the 4th. With the depth we're creating a Sutter trade would be nice. Some decent depth like Virtanen Rodin and Dahlen outside the top 12.
  15. Would love it if The Canucks could sign De Costa! He finished 2014-15 5'th in League scoring 2 pts behind Panarin in 8 less games. He also finished 3'rd in goals(14 less games played than the 2 guys ahead of him) that year. The last 2 years he only played in 24 games each season. If he doesn't pan out it's not a problem with our team's expectations but he has high upside. Signings i'd like to see are: Nilsson Del Zotto Da Costa & depth d-man & then a Tanev Trade