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  1. similar has been done. Sundin 10 million. Doesn't mean everyone has to get a contract like that.
  2. retaining his RFA status would be huge as he could then sign long term the next year.
  3. again the 9 million is only for 1 year and it's designed as a tool so that the Wild can not match. Even if the wild are planning to resign him and Nino they couldn't if he signed this offer sheet. obviously the chances of this happening are like winning the lottery but i doubt you would find many Canuck fans unhappy about it if it did happen.
  4. This was mentioned by bad guys
  5. 9 mill but only 1 year.
  6. Usually I roll my eyes at RFA signing proposals because it seems to be an unwritten rule that gm's don't use this tool as part of a code or something. He's been awesome this year, arguably the wild's best forward. 21G 39A 60P 25 years old. Canucks sign him to a 1 year 9 million deal. After this he retains his RFA status and can sign a more reasonable long term deal with the Canucks. Why Granlud does it: Beautiful city, his brother and 9 million dollars! The Canucks will be able to take on the extra cap space and the wild could never match that cap hit. The canucks were trying to trade for a bad contract to add a pick which shows the willingness of the team and ownership to overpay. The Canucks would have to give up a 1'st, 2'nd & 3rd in order to do this but This would definitely speed up the rebuild and hes the perfect player for the team. Also the Canucks must sign Horvat and Tryamkin before making this move. If someone offer sheets Gudbranson, then let him walk.
  7. The positives on Loui Eriksson I wasn't expecting a long read.
  8. 2018 would be good or even a 2017 3 I'd like to get Kapanen, the Leafs need a D-Man and the Canucks need to trade an expansion eligible defensemen to maximize asset management and to capitalize on this market because after the playoffs the prices will be much lower. losing Dorset, Gaunce or Biega will not hurt the team
  9. Could Sbisa land kapanen from the Leafs? Normally I'd say no but the prices on these trades has been very high.
  10. Edler to the Leafs for kapanen and a 2'nd makes a lot of sense for both teams IMO.
  11. Especially if he's tough, fast and can check. Bending is pretty selective with his waiver wire grabs and I think he's done a good job. We now have a couple new guys coming into the lineup. I'm glad ownership ok the much needed rebuild I for one will probly go to more games now and you can clearly see the market is happy.
  12. Guess this means the Sedins won't be traded next year as retaining salary you would think would be a must. Trading them would be best for the future even compared to them re-signing for less money.
  13. I hope the sharks make another move tomorrow would love a Sbisa or Edler trade.
  14. Trade One of Edler, Tanev, Gudbranson, or Sbisa plus sutter and Miller and all my dreams will have came true.
  15. How can we help the sharks win the cup? You guys want a goalie and a d-man too?